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Rev. Dr Joe Esposito: Letter Campaign to Defend Creativity in Prisons

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As Reverend Doctor Esposito has recently been transferred from Florida to Oregon, this topic has been locked.

Correct as of November 46AC - 2019CE
Always check for updates @
Reverend Doctor Joseph Esposito: Contact Details

Joseph Esposito #20315402
DOC Snake River CI IMU-D-20
777 Stanton Blvd
Ontario, OR
U.S.A. 97914

Reverend Doctor Esposito's Website

To send mail and funds via the internet

Log on to

Sender registers on the website and then follows the on-line prompts
Enter State: Oregon
Enter Inmate ID: 20315402


he said he wrote me on the 5th of may and this is the backup letter,
I never received that letter by the way
He says he wrote to you Pontifex, so he must've received my second letter with your address
He said he did not get your response.

he wants a letter writing campaign on behalf of all of us at CA
he told me to request that from you to write to his warden and the central office, because they have written him a disciplinary report because of him being a Creator (religiously) and because he is a CA member.

They state we (CA) are a gang.

He wants us to write and complain about assistant warden Calsen (or maybe Colson it is in handwriting can't tell) and Sgt. Koon.

He says he is in the process of  filing a notice of intent to sue for the theft of mail and he is writing a complaint to Mr George Sapp  asst. sec of FDOC about his harassment

I'm going to write him back when I get a chance, and his warden with a complaint.

all of us have no excuse not to write a few letters to try and defend creativity
I do not care what country you are in, if you're a CA member we need your support

I suggest in letters to his warden to state that we are not a gang, that we are a religion, we are international, have been around for over 30 years, everything we do is legal and that the constitution states that there is supposed to be freedom of religion in america and that the separation of church and state includes all state (govt) facilities and institutions including prisons

you could also mention black racial religions like the nation of islam which is widespread in american prisons is not persecuted and is just as racial as we are and the fact that they openly talk about racial violence and approve of it, whereas we do not advocate breaking the law, they are more extreme then us and are accepted

The warden's name is Mark Redd, might as well take this to the top.

Mark Redd
5964 U.S. Highway 90
Live Oak, Florida

Also, this form letter might be of help in composing your own response, especially the legal findings:


The Women's Frontier newsletter is sent to a number of Brothers and Sisters behind JOG bars, and at times it is censored by prison authorities. The World Church of the Creator will always actively fight against this infringement of our religious rights under the Fourteenth and First Amendment of the United States Constitution, and as such, we will always defend our right to have our literature read by anyone and everyone who wants to have access to it. One of our Brothers who has been very active in this area has prepared the following excellent form letter for use by any Creators or Comrades whenever the WF newsletter is banned by prison officials. We encourage other Comrades to utilize this form letter, print it out, and use in whatever way best suits your needs if you are experiencing this type of discrimination. Naturally, substitute the facts of your own case in the body of the letter (your name, prison officials name, etc) By utilizing all tools at our disposal, we will strike another blow for justice and the right for pro-White literature to be freely and openly read by our brethren. We thank our Brother for giving Creators and Comrades a concrete and powerful way to fight this oppression and tyranny so that our people will never be denied THE FACTS!


FROM: Your name and address

TO: Name and address of prison

RE: Censorship and subsequent ban of Women's Frontier Newsletter

Dear (Prison Official's Name)

Recently, I was contacted by (John Doe), who is an inmate at your prison. Mr. Doe subscribes to a monthly newsletter that I publish called The Women's Frontier (WF) and he claims that an official (or officials) at your prison have banned WF from entering the prison. Accordingly, I am exercising my rights, as the publisher of WF, to a written appeal pursuant to Thornburgh v. Abbott, 490 U.S. 401. 109 S.Ct. 1874 (1989), of the aforementioned determination.

First, all persons, incarcerated or otherwise, have the absolute right to whatever religious beliefs they wish. Because WF is a subsidiary publication of The World Church of the Creator (WCOTC), the WF newsletter is protected under the First Amendment as a religious periodical. WCOTC was incorporated as a non-profit religious organization by the State of Florida on August 16, 1973. On May 30, 1974 received tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service

In Cruz v. Beto, 405 U.S. 319, 321 (1972), the Supreme Court noted that even in prisons "reasonable opportunities must be afforded to all prisoners to exercise the religious freedom guaranteed by the First and Fourteenth Amendments without fear of penalty." The receipt of religious literature is another means of exercising religion in prison. Many prisons have attempted to censor material that is racist or racial in nature. Usually the explanations offered were that these types of publications either appeal to racial hostility or make claims of racial superiority. Prison officials, therefore, argue that these materials are somehow inherently threatening to the security of the prison. Courts that have considered this question have uniformly refused to uphold bans of religious publications that sweep so broadly.

Because of the First Amendment right to believe whatever one wishes, "prison officials have no legitimate interest in excluding religious books...merely because they contain racist views." McCabe v. Arave, 827 F.2d 634, 638 (9th cir. 1987).

Second, wardens may not prohibit a specific publication from ever entering the prison, and may not establish a list of prohibited publications. See Guajardo v. Estelle, 580 F.2d 748 (5th cir. 1978); Murphy v. Missouri Departmet of Corrections, 814 F.2d 1252 (8th cir. 1987).

Courts have determined that prisons must base a rejection on a very specific portion that is "so inflammatory as to be reasonably likely to cause or encourage violence within the prison. See Murphy v. Missouri Department of Corrections. Supra. Moreover, the Supreme Court also set forth procedural safeguards to ensure that prison officials would not arbitrarily exclude acceptable material. These rules provide that in making the decision whether to allow a certain publication, the warden could not reject it because its contents was "religious, philosophical, political,social or sexual, or because its content was unpopular or repugnant." (Bold emphasis added). Thornburgh v. Abbott, Id. at 1877-78.

Aside from the prisoner's right to receive WF, there is my right, as the publisher, to correspond with Mr. Doe, which you have infringed upon in arbitrarily banning WF. It is important for me to have my newsletter reach the people whom I send it to. The prison censors must take into account that I have a well-documented right to correspond, via my newsletter, with prisoners in your institution.

I hope you will reconsider the current ban of the WF newsletter. This would help to avoid further litigation.

L. T.,
Women's Frontier Newsletter
World Church of the Creator
--- End quote ---

I am sure he means santa rosa and suwannee prisons are messing with him, as I have not received his mail from both locations until now
so write both prisons

how many of you have wrote a complaint yet?
my letter isn't finished yet as I have been busy and I want them well thought out and well written for maximum effect

rev starb do you know who the warden himself would answer to for both prisons? I plan on writing several letters to several different places, anywhere that will listen basicly

I am going to write joe and ask for more info on that as well but since I can't guarantee he will receive it, I myself and hopefully some of you will hunt for info as well, I was on a florida prisons site that had no info at all
anyone with info that could help place it here


--- Quote from: Br.Mikey on 14 June 2010 at 10:09 ---rev starb do you know who the warden himself would answer to for both prisons? I plan on writing several letters to several different places, anywhere that will listen basicly

I am going to write joe and ask for more info on that as well but since I can't guarantee he will receive it, I myself and hopefully some of you will hunt for info as well, I was on a florida prisons site that had no info at all
anyone with info that could help place it here

--- End quote ---

Main Florida Corrections Site

Suwannee CI is in Region Two, the administrator is a nigger:

David Pridgen


Santa Rosa C.I. is in Region One, the administrator is a White Man:

Timothy Cannon


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