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P.M. Joe's JOG Captors Trying to Set Him Up Again - RESOLVED!

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Update - 7 March: Resolved - We Won! See the following Message in this Topic:

The Swine!!! Zionist Agents!!!

"Well, once again I'm being set up by my captors. I have been given a Discipline Report for something that happened 200 miles away in another prison. So I have no idea when i can call after Tuesday.

"And they made lots of mention of our Sacred Religion. I will send copies of their reports.


P.M. Reverend Dr Joe.

My humble reply ...

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: "This e-mail must be forwarded to its intended recipient without delay. This e-mail is confidential and/or subject to legal professional privilege. If you are not the intended recipient you may not disclose or use the information contained in the message in any way." LEGAL DISCLAIMER
I saw you rang this arvo. I was at my PO Box picking up mail. I'll make sure I'm available tomorrow.

Regarding this Witch Trial they are pulling on you, what your Captors - the Zionist Swine that they are - do not understand is that you do not run the Creativity Alliance incorporating all Churches of Creativity and Independent Creators. I am the Church Administrator for all of Creativity today around the world. In simple, easy to understand terminology, I AM THE SHOTCALLER.

I am responsible for the actions and the discipline of every Creator.

Tell your Captors to send me the forms and I will say as much in a sworn/affirmed Affidavit in front of a Justice of the Peace. I could do this with any JP anywhere - State Library, Post Office, local cop stations, however, I will go to State Police Headquarters and make my declaration as Shotcaller of Creativity there.

This is no mere blustering. Although I do not have a criminal record, and neither do I tolerate criminal behaviour from anyone, I am well known by the South Australian State Police as well as the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Security Intelligence Agency (like the CIA). I will be asked to take a seat; and once the purpose is known for why I am in State Police Headquarters, I will be ushered in for an interview with the Security Intelligence Section of SA Police (like a state FBI).

They already know what I do for Creativity as Church Administrator, so I don't give a rat's arse what they think, just as long as my Affidavit is processed, because from there it goes to the United States where I intend to cause a stink for the Swine that intend to make a Martyr of you.

Just a single extra day for you in prison for bogus charges, and the Church will declare you to be an official Prison Martyr. And believe you me, the JOG do not ever want us to declare you to be a Prison Martyr. For, as our Church Founder, Ben Klassen, said, "If just one of us ...." You know the rest. And with you being the most senior of all Ministers of Creativity, it would be a disgrace were we to do less.

We will detonate their bottom line. We do not follow anybody else's script. You know that the Zionist Swine have absolutely no idea how unbelievably Creative we can be.

Reverend Cailen Cambeul
Church Administrator - Creativity Alliance

Donations to P.M. Joe:

Let's all pull together for PM Joe and Rev Cailen, and donate what we can and give whatever support we can. 23 R.

A trial was held today, and temporarily dismissed due to lack of evidence that PM Joe had anything to do with the crime 200 miles away in another prison ...

The Accusation from the JOG:

 * A snitch was bashed in a prison by a group of prisoners with a prison gang (European Kindred) unconnected to the Church of Creativity
    - The Snitch is coincidentally listed on a CA Prisoner Information Portal
    - The claim is that PM Joe arranged the bashing

 * The claim is that PM Joe runs the Creativity Alliance
    - Yes PM Joe's title is Pontifex Maximus
    - He will assume all duties as PM after exiting prison
    - Until then I (Rev.Cambeul) remain in charge as Church Administrator

--- Quote from: Church History ---

43AC (2016CE): Having led the Church in one capacity or another since 30AC, Reverend Cambeul retires as Pontifex Maximus and accepts the temporary position of Church Administrator until a new Pontifex Maximus can be appointed by the Guardians of the Faith Committee.

44AC (2017CE): Reverend Dr Esposito is appointed Pontifex Maximus Elect. PM Elect Reverend Dr Esposito will assume all duties as Pontifex Maximus in due course. In the meantime, Reverend Cambeul remains as Church Administrator.
--- End quote ---

 * Another false accusation is that the Creativity Alliance is a prison gang

A prison gang lieutenant 200 miles away in a different prison has brought up these charges and has also indicated that he is greatly offended by our use of the title Pontifex Maximus. He claims that PM is a title only for his Pope. It seems to me like he is deliberately taking the opportunity of vilifying Creativity for his own personal use.

The claims made against PM Joe are of course categorically false. The best way to explain it is, I do not report to PM Joe. PM Joe reports to me, as do all Creators. We have our unique methods, our rules and regulations, our moral codes that must not be transgressed ... other than that, Creators know what they are doing and do not need micromanaged through their lives. However, somebody needs to take responsibility for overall Church Leadership in order to keep with Ben Klassen's vision. PM Joe is not in that position, and he and I both know that.

A founding rule of the Creativity Alliance is that Prisoners do not retain responsibility over Church Members or for decisions effecting the Church. This is a rule we do not often need to emphasise, as it is a rule that was implemented following the inglorious demise of the World Church of the Creator.

I advise PM Joe of major decisions I make that effect the Church as a matter of courtesy. I ask for advice from PM Joe because he is our most Senior Minister of Creativity, having joined the Church of the Creator in 1974, lived with Ben Klassen in Florida and on the former Church Property in North Carolina. I also ask advice from @Rev.WillWilliams who now runs the National Alliance, and used to work on the North Carolina property as Founder Klassen's Hasta Primus - along with a few others I also keep in touch with that also worked for or knew Founder Klassen personally.

In short, I ask advice from my friends that were once friends of Founder Klassen's - "What Would Klassen Do?" However, PM Joe is the only one that is an active Creator - the others are not.

Pontifex Maximus, the Reverend Doctor Joe Esposito will assume all Pontifical Duties in due course following his release from prison. Whereupon my role as Church Administrator will evolve from Church Leader to general administration duties and PM Joe's advisor when needed.

Reverend Cailen Cambeul
Church Administrator - Creativity Alliance
Church of Creativity

I can only speak for myself on this topic, in all my communications with Rev. Cailen the ShotCaller in no way shape or form has anybody in Our Leadership ever encouraged any illegal activity of any sort. If any new person has joined this Forum or our Church and has suggested any illegal activity, they are promptly booted from our Forum and our Church by Rev. Cailen, the ShotCaller.

We have Great Leadership in our Church.

Like I said I've communicated with Rev. Cailen, the ShotCaller for a few years now, and his Leadership has been great in encouraging only legal and lawful activities for the benefit of the Church of Creativity. This is my opinion and I've yet to be proven wrong. 23

@Br.Ryan-NZ Thanks for that. I shipped a copy off to PM Joe via the prison email system. By all legal rights, he should be able to use every favourable comment we send in his own defence. If the JOG can use our Website and Forum text out of context, then they are obliged to accept our complete and honest text as testimony. R! 23/23

Example Email

--- Quote ---Subject: 12/2/49AC #3 CONTAINS LEGAL & RELIGIOUS MATERIALS

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[LEGAL DISCLAIMER: "This e-mail must be forwarded to its intended recipient without delay. This e-mail is confidential and/or subject to legal professional privilege. If you are not the intended recipient you may not disclose or use the information contained in the message in any way." LEGAL DISCLAIMER
The following is an extract from Creator Forum - written today by Brother Ryan - Church of Creativity New Zealand:

Address for Prison Administration Use

Insert text or statement Here ....
--- End quote ---


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