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Our Church Members in the Gulags Have Adopted Ranks


Imperator - A title we've used it for decades; it has been used by Church Members since the second era of Creativity. It was adopted by prisoners on their own for the head of the Prison Ministries. As for the rest of us, we'll leave that to the Prison Ministries, where rank and structure is important for survival. They use what they need.

23/23 R!

Head of Prison Ministries.
Rome Comparison: A great Commander/Leader.

Head of prisons for a state/region
Rome: The Legatus Legionis commanded a legion.

Primus Captivus
The Leading/Senior Creator of a Prison.
Rome: The Primus pilus was the senior centurion of the first cohort in a Roman legion.

Head of prison wing.
Rome: Representatives of the people and soldiers.


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