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Greetings From Reverend Joel


"Cailen ... please send a Racial Greetings to my White brothers and sisters .... And how's things?"

Rev.JoelDufresne (P.O.W.) Michigan

I just sent Joel Dufresne a letter through JPay!

Note the stripped down style of the letters? For example, in my reply I only allude to the WHITE MAN'S BIBLE. That's the way it has to be for some of our prisoners. Also, anything personal has been removed from both.

--- Quote from: Rev.Cambeul on 19 June 2021 at 11:46 ---Good to hear from you again.

How's things? Not bad. Nothing's perfect of course. Too mundane and repetitive - but that's life when you're poor and can't afford to do anything better. I've been told that other than when I go to the shops and flyering, I live like I'm in prison. I'd say that there's a big frigging difference, but since it was ex prisoners that said that, I think I'll leave it to you to be the judge on what they said there.

Anyway, I'm not bitching. I learned patience a long time ago. When you live on a budget, you have to plan years ahead, and that's what I've done. My car is almost completely finished. Just what is a GM Holden VZ, but you'd call a Pontiac G6 painted Matt Black, mags, exhaust, body kit ... and I'm slowly making repairs so that I don't have to worry about it. Not much left to do on it. It just needs to look good for my tastes, sound good, and run good. Nothing flashy - I just hate family looking cars and wasting money buying another old car every two years like others do. I should be finished by the end of this year.

Next is the motorcycle, which I just need to buy custom parts from the US and I can do everything on that myself. I reckon that'll take me a full year to do on my money. Then when I've got that running, I save $$$ on petrol, and return to the biker world as an equal to recruit more from that source ;)

It's the middle of winter and pissing down with rain. Nothing grows in the garden at the moment, so finding things to do away from the computer isn't as easy as usual. Nevertheless, my house has improved inside and out. I'm at the stage of planning on repainting inside and out.

Our friend Joe is fine. He's looking at moving into a new home of his own in 22 or 23. Friends that he and others have met over the years have spread our dedication to W Bible studies far and wide as they move residence. I recall once hearing the saying "We take over bars." Well, that's good for some, but we prefer to take over Everywhere! If you'd like any Bible chapters to read, let either Reverend Dibbs or me know, and he'll send you anything you like.

As I told you some time ago, TCM no longer exists. The site continues, but it's run from England under the auspices of the English Police. A group called Task force SIGMA that investigate what POTUS Biden calls White Supremacy. So, send THAT SINGLE PERSON in England an email, and HE shares it with the Police/SIGMA, who share it with MI5 and the US alphabet agencies. Even the MSM is beginning to forget about TCM. Well, Logdog did it to himself, so we can all laugh.

Oh, I nearly forgot. I repaired my mother's garden tools last week. Removed the surface rust and painted them up. Replaced the wooden handles where needed, and oiled them all up with linseed oil.

I repaired a soap dish and a statue with superglue for my near 80 year old neighbour. And I set up a security camera at her home that she can monitor outside with her laptop.

Yesterday, I mowed my own lawn. Tomorrow I might mow the lawn of a neighbouring home that's empty. It really feels tremendous to live such an awesome and exciting life. It's a wonder why I typically forget to be grateful about the life I live.

And finally, I found Jesus.

PAUSE TEN SECONDS ... ... ....

I found him selling oranges by the roadside in San Diego. He also mows lawns and cleans pools, and apparently has quite a bit of money in the bank - because, as you've probably guessed by now, Jesus Saves.

Hoping everything's well with you, and I'll hear from you soon.

--- End quote ---
  * WARNING: The now defunct skinhead gang previously known as The Creativity Movement or TCM, is run by the English Police. See more information above in the letter.

  * A picture of my bike and car was included. If you're interested, you can find more than enough of them on my profile and personal gallery.


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