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To All my fellow Creators,

I don't believe I've ever wrote about the numerous issues I come across while running the Prison Ministry. Everything from all the hoops I have to jump through to send Creativity literature, like 5 page per envelope, mailing pictures separately, and many more depending on the gulag. All designed to waste money and discourage us from disseminating our wonderful religion of Creativity. To the most outrageous, the violation of our Brothers and Sisters First Amendment right to practice theirs religious belief. I'm constantly receiving mail room violations/rejections where sometimes our literature is returned and I can use it again but most of the time it is keep by the J.O.G. ran institutions. Rarely I get a letter, like the one attached to this post, with a  non acceptable excuse for the denial. Most of the time nothing is said and I just get a letter from a Creator asking if I'm alright because they haven't heard from me in a while.

The reason for me bringing this up now is that I would like to start a campaign to flood the J.O.G. ran Department of Corrections (D.O.C.) with as much Creativity Literature as possible. The muds and niggers get to receive Korans and bLM literature without any issues. The same should be said for our lawful, loving religion of Creativity. So any Creator interested in lending aid please feel free to reach out to me and I will supply them with addresses to help get them started. RaHoWa!!!

For a Whiter and Brighter World
Creatively Yours,
Reverend Dibbs

Perhaps if it said “We believe the White Race is under attack biologically and culturally from non-whites”, it’s more palatable to the Gaol system. Slurs like: ”mud race and Nigger“ we’re used. They won’t tolerate those words - the Gaol system is multicultural.


--- Quote from: Br.IanVonTurpie on 13 February 2022 at 13:07 ---Perhaps if it said “We believe the White Race is under attack biologically and culturally from non-whites”, it’s more palatable to the Gaol system. Slurs like: ”mud race and Nigger“ we’re used. They won’t tolerate those words - the Gaol system is multicultural.
--- End quote ---

Yes Brother that may work and we do sometimes modify to jump through the made up and ever changing hoops of the J.O.G. ran institutions. For example, we use different membership certificates for the incarcerated, since the Creator emblem is banned in many of the gulags.

Truthfully I hate that We, Creators even have to compromise, just so the 1st amendment rights of our Brothers and Sisters won't be violated. Our founder Ben Klassen told us to never compromise but I also have a burning desire to disseminate our wonderful religion of Creativity near and far. It leaves me stuck between a rock and a hard spot.
Racial Loyalty Issue 3 - August 1983

We will not compromise
More often than I can recall, well meaning friends have cautioned me with "I agree with everything you say, but you come on too strong. You turn people off. Why don't you use a more soft approach and use the art of gentle persuasion? Water it down somewhat. Compromise here and there. It is too much of a shock for the average White Man." And more of the same.

 There is a lot of merit in the above advice. The idea is to get people to see the light without really disturbing them too much. If possible persuade them without any shock and without making them feel uncomfortable. Let them keep their age-old superstitions about their favorite spooks. Don't disturb their favorite hang-ups. Don't point the finger at the Jews. Don't bring up that nasty race issue. Live and let live. People will like you a lot better that way. Business as usual. By the time these friends get through showering you with kind advice you are back in the good old rut, where you gripe about what is going on, you deplore and lament, but the total effectiveness of any opposition to the Jewish Juggernaut has been neutralized to exactly zero. There we are, right back into the ranks of the good old Kosher Konservatives.

At this point I am reminded of a ploy we used in the Florida Legislature when some Representative would drone on in a long-winded meaningless speech. When it was over someone would get up and say sweetly, "Your point is so subtle it completely escapes me." In contrast to the above I am reminded of another story about the tourist visiting the Ozarks. He was appalled when he witnessed a hillbilly hitting a mule between the eyes with a two by four. When the tourist asked the hillbilly "Why did you hit the mule on the head with a two by four?" the hillbilly replied "When you're dealing with mules, the first thing you have to learn is that you first of all have to attract their attention."So we have two divergent approaches: the subtle approach or hit them between the eyes with a two by four. Which serves our purpose better? Before we come to a conclusion on this question there is another little story that I would like to relate that might help us to clarify the situation.

 A young insurance salesman was called into his boss's office and presented with a rather unpleasant task. "You know that nice young couple, John and Mary you sold that life insurance policy to last week? Well, we have just received word that John was killed in an automobile crash this afternoon. I want you to go to Mary and break the news gently to her so that it won't upset her too much." The young salesman was stunned. He thought about it for a while and then he asked his boss, "Just how do I go about doing that?"

This is a good question and it is one that confronts us Creators in our program of waking up our deluded and misguided White Racial Comrades who have been deceived, lied to, programmed and led down the road to slaughter for all these centuries. How do you go about breaking gently to them that their preacher wittingly or unwittingly, is part of this Jewish fraud? How do you reveal to them that even their own parents were caught in this vast Jewish lie and helped brainwash them into becoming traitors to their own race? That their "own" government is part and parcel of this conspiracy and is betraying the United States and selling us out to the Jews and mud races of the world? How do you "break this gently" to the well meaning but hopelessly naive deluded White Racial Comrades? The answer is YOU CANT! There is no way in the world you can expose this whole treacherous mess without shocking them, without causing pain, without many times even making bitter enemies of people who should be on our side. Yet, the job has to be done, and evidently no one other than the Church of the Creator is willing to tackle it. Oh yes, there are ten thousand other organizations (mostly Kosher Konservatives) that are doling out bits and pieces of the conspiracy, but somehow they never seem to get the whole picture together. Usually they CANNOT and they WILL NOT let go of some of their own pet hang-ups that they are saddled with, whether it be the spooks-in-the-sky swindle, or they have some Jewish friends (therefore all Jews can't be bad!) or whether it be some other idiocy. Usually these Kosher Konservatives end up steering you down a no-win blind alley. They invariably end up with a no solution program - just deplore and lament - and they will assuage your apathy further by frankly admitting they don't have a solution.

The Church of the Creator has been assiduously trying to avoid getting caught in this kind of a no-win, pointless self-flagellation. We say this: either we go all out and make the total effort to win, or we might as well throw in the towel and go fishing. Why waste a lot of useless effort if you don't have the PROGRAM to win, and don't know HOW to win? In CREATIVITY we are convinced the White Race now has the answer. In CREATIVITY we are convinced that we have the TOTAL PROGRAM, the FINAL SOLUTION, the ULTIMATE CREED. We are convinced that the design and the blueprint are now completed and finished. We need tamper with that no longer. We can now concentrate completely and devote our total efforts on selling it to our White Racial Comrades, on propagandizing, on proselytizing and organizing.

There no longer is a question of WHAT to do. We KNOW what to do. The only question is HOW do we do it best - how do we best use means and ways available to us to spread the word, to organize our supporters? How do we best utilize our resources? We MUST and we WILL use the organized muscle and the awesome power of a polarized White Race to get the Jews off our back and wrest our destiny back into the hands of the White Race. In this category, there is plenty of precedent and the answer is we will use all and every means available to us. We will use the technique of gentle persuasion where it is most effective, but we will not shrink from using the two by four between the eyes technique either wherever it is most effective. The point is we will also use a thousand different techniques in between and do whatever it takes. The point is we will use whatever means is most effective. The goal is so overwhelmingly important that it transcends all other values. That goal is the survival of the White Race itself. In a matter as overwhelming as this we do not quibble about niceties. As we have already gone on record in both our Bibles - we state categorically in the matter of life and death of our race - the end justifies the means - any means. We will therefore use any means that will accrue to the survival and benefit of the White Race. We will not be intimidated, we will not be swerved from our goal, we will not "water down" our creed, we will never compromise. We have burned our bridges behind us and there is no turning back. With us it is do or die - and with this attitude we will win - WE ARE BOUND TO WIN.

In conclusion, I repeat what I have already said previously: We will not compromise; we will not be intimidated; we will not be frightened off. We now have the weapons with which to win the war, and we mean to fight on to total victory come hell or high water. All we need is your unstinting help, support and effort. So do your duty. White Racial Comrades!


--- Quote ---So any Creator interested in lending aid please feel free to reach out to me and I will supply them with addresses to help get them started. RaHoWa!!!

--- End quote ---

I'll help distribute literature to those guys and/or gals. I can pm you my address. R!


--- Quote from: Br.FelixRex on 15 February 2022 at 16:20 ---I'll help distribute literature to those guys and/or gals. I can pm you my address. R!
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Sounds good Brother. RaHoWa!


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