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Racial Greetings from Australia.


Greetings all.

I 'm from Australia, I use to be a member of WCOTC, But I was away for a while.
Basically I left WCOTC because I could'nt stand a certain member, I think you probably know who I am talking about.
These days I am a member of the Hammerskin Nation, but I still strongly support Creativity. So I am glad to see an alternative to TCM. Anyway look forward to talking to you all.  :)

Welcome back to Creativity.

I knew of you back then but our common contact was keeping us divided.

How's Jason Nixon these days?


Never got to speak to him, he was in Isolation and probably still is. They seem to think he might be a threat to the abos inside , hahaha. Good to see your still going with Creativity, I see a better future for the Creativity Alliance in Australia than the Creativity Movement. I think we both know why. ;D

Welcome to the Forum.

I hope more of those Aussies that were interested in Creativity in the 90's will take the step to get involved again, now that they have an alternative.


Welcome back, White Aussie Brother !



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