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I am new to Creativity Alliance.  This is my first post.  I found this website this morning when I tried to access because Stormfront is still down and I had registered at whitenations as a recommended back-up.  After doing a little reading I felt comfortable that this new website is a White website, so I registered here.  My username at Stormfront is Elizabeth.  I made only one post, an introductory post, at whitenations.

Racial Greetings from Illinois Sister. Enjoy the website and forum. If you have any questions about the one and only, true and revolutionary, White Racial Religion of Creativity please feel free to ask. RaHoWa!

Racial Greetings sister,

Welcome to Creator Forum. I hope you'll soon be sharing some Racial News with us. If there's anything you want to know about Creativity, just ask. And as you are in Florida, @Rev.Dibbs (posting above) is your National Contact.


Aleister Adams:
Welcome aboard comrade.88

Welcome Elizabeth,
Glad to hear another racially aware comrade exists during these times of alien invasion! Next we all need to get together in real life and get off our butts and our computers!
Cheers! (but not with booze, that's just another trap set by the ZOG!)


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