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I recreated my account from the previous forum, White Nations Forum, and am going to re-post my thread. I am attracted to this movement because it revolves around the Creativity of White People which has allowed us to make most of the mathematical formulas, discoveries, inventions, and works of art in history.

I joined this forum because talking about White achievements in mainstream forums and social media websites is considered politically incorrect and the posts will be locked or deleted by the PC thought police that run those Jewish websites.

It just shows how marginalized our race has become because of these Jews.

We must keep spreading propaganda about the power of the White Race in forums such as these to awaken our people and join together for a greater America!

White Power! White Power! White Power! White Power!

Welcome brother.

Sure, re-post your threads from elsewhere. Add pictures to the Gallery in public or you can have a Private Gallery for yourself and friends. Set up your Profile however you want; by default the Profile is set to public view, but you can change that however you want. Link to pictures from the Gallery or outside the Forum for Posts and your Profile. Post embeded/playable video and audio from YouTube and other sources. Once you get used to it, you'll find Creator Forum is easier than most to post.

RaHoWa! and be sure to Spread the Creativity.

Certainly! It will be fun to post here because I finally have a space to discuss the greatness of the White People!

White Power! White Power! White Power! White Power!

Racial Greetings from Illinois. Welcome to the forum and the Creativity Alliance. RaHoWa!

It is great to be welcomed here! RaHoWa!


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