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Hello from the State of Jew York


My name is Joe and I'm from New York State; Upstate, not the filthy cesspool down south.  My awakening?  I guess that was just from life's honesties and observations of my own.  I have read Nature's Eternal Religion and The White Man's Bible probably hundreds of times and find real honest truth within.  I'm new to the forum and don't give one * about Antifa, being "Doxxed" or whatever so many people are so afraid of these days.  I doxx myself and dare those commie shitbags to come get me. >:D  I figure I'll probably be a regular poster.\

Racial Greetings brother,

Welcome to Creator Forum. You've been a Creator since 2002 you said? Well, you've been around long enough to know all about the reds and their bullshit, so the choice is yours whether or not you want to use Nom de Guerre in public.

By coincidence, PM Joe is also from New York ... although he's from the filthy cesspool down south. Follow the link --> PM Joe and write to him. Join the Church and arrange for him to call you. At least you'll both have an accent that the other recognises.



Racial greetings,
      2002 was the year of my awakening, indeed.  As for the reds, their bullshit is the same as it has always been what has changed is the willingness of western society to deal with it properly.  Senator Joe McCarthy would have a field day in this day and age! The most humorous thing to me is the fact that none of these Antifa "Social Anarchists" realise is that in New York State, the promotion of violent anarchy is in fact a CRIME called Criminal Anarchy under N.Y.S. 240.10 of the penal code and is in fact a felony.  Wait until they figure this inconvienient part out!  We all know that they make their laws to suit their purposes however. 
     New York city is indeed a filthy cesspool filled wih the worst dregs of humanity.  The fact that PM Joe hails from a place shows his strength and tenacity in the face of adversity.  I  will indeed write him, and thank you for the link.  Overall accent means little besides world experiences.  It is the words behind the voice which hold the power.

Racial Greetings from Illinois. RaHoWa!

Aleister Adams:
Welcome to the forum.88/14


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