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Hello from NC

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Greetings my name is Christian. I'm from North Carolina and I'm 29. X military. I'm here to grow, learn and better myself by growing in knowledge, and strength. I want to learn and do my part. I'm tired of sitting by and watching I'm ready to start doing.  :rahowa

Racial Greetings Brother, and welcome.

You're not a Reverend until you've dumped the spooks and you're a Minister of Creativity.

Everything else is forfeit. That's how the RaHoWa works.

All the Christinsane want to link up with the Jew or the Muslim - Depending on their version of the Jewish Tribal Cult. We of the Church of Creativity dispense with all the Semitic spooks and the nonsense that goes with it. No other religion is like us.

Brother, explain "Ordained Minister" as it says in your profile.

Just a piece of paper through the courts that say I'm allowed to marry people -
"Ordained Minister"

No worries then.

That means you are American and have a little legal knowledge some younger or potential Ministers of Creativity could learn.

Racial Greetings from Illinois.

Please take advantage and learn from all the Klassen books on the C.A. website. I'll be looking forward to you joining the Church of Creativity and watching you grow as Creator. RaHoWa!


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