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Dr. Pierce wasn't referring to the Creators of Ben Klassen's Church of the Creator in this speech, but to Matt Hale's altogether different World Church of the Creator, not a successor to COTC ....

 Many Creators [are] surprised to see that very video clip of Dr. Pierce's speech on my profile page [here] at the Creativity Alliance site, but I [have] it [here] to drive home Dr. Pierce's sober message. We [have] to distance ourselves from the stereotype the Jew [has] characterized us to be!

My advice to the Creators: Cull & Cull Hard!

 So, the answer to the question ..., Dr. Pierce is alive and well, at least in the hearts and minds of those in the Creativity Alliance.

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Former Hasta Primus for P.M. Ben Klassen with the Church of the Creator at North Carolina and later the right-hand man for Dr William Pierce with the National Alliance.

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That North Carolina vanity license plate with the COTC battle cry RAHOWA! was mine. I think I purchased that in 1989 and drove around for about six years with it on my vehicle. I gave it Rev. Eric Hawthorne aka George Burdi, a Canadian Creator, in December of \'95 because he had formed RESISTANCE Records, had named his own band, RAHOWA!, and further spread the word, ensuring that this battle cry, coined by PM Klassen himself, would forever be a part of the White World's lexicon.

My Stihl chainsaw didn't appreciate much being used to clear that locust/multiflora brier patch and took two big hunks out of my favorite work pants to remind me. Close call, but missed my flesh.  

Ben Klassen's lovely home can barely be seen in the background. He has a fine resting place with the view he loved most.

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The Heretics Hour: Will Williams meets William Finck

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Former Hasta Primus for P.M. Ben Klassen with the Church of the Creator at North Carolina and later the right-hand man for Dr William Pierce with the National Alliance. Currently the Chairman of the National Alliance.

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