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Title: Enemies in the U.S. Government
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The niggers, mud races and race traitors of my government are always making comments and decisions to harm our White Brothers and Sisters. But this A.O.C. as they call her, is a real special kind of stupid. With the comments and policies this anti-White mud in trying to pass, I'm starting to think her IQ is even lower than normal for her species. Here's her newest f*ck White America statement/ request.


AOC Calls for Americans to Harbor Illegals From ICE

By Eric Mack
Sunday, 23 Jun 2019 11:46 AM

After calling U.S. illegal immigrant centers "concentration camps," Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., shared information on the Trump administration Immigration and Custom Enforcement raids, potentially putting ICE agents in danger of violent protests.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez tweeted Saturday:

"Warning: The Trump admin is expected to begin ICE raids across the country TOMORROW, targeting people for round up.

NOW is the time for us to come together:

- Check in w/ your neighbors
- Share "Know Your Rights" info
- If you see ICE, report to @UNITEDWEDREAM (https://twitter.com/unitedwedream) 1-844-363-1423"
Admin Note: Follow the link above to Twitter, and see who wants to seize the future away from White children

She added via Twitter:

"Please share this info widely & make sure your neighbors have it.

If your home can be a safe space or haven for others, let your neighbors and community know – even if it's just to relax in the stress of this time.

AOC potentially put the safety of ICE agents at risk by tweeting out information on the raids, which President Donald Trump has since postponed in order for Congress to work out a deal on immigration legislation, according to Acting ICE Director Mark Morgan on Saturday night.

"The media got a hold of some operational specifics, and they reported it," Morgan told Fox News' "Justice w/Jeanine." "It's egregious and it puts the lives of the officers and agents at risk. The men and women at ICE are true American heroes.

"The president recognized that. He postponed it to protect them, but also to give Congress another chance on a bipartisan method to actually get together and pass this supplement so we can enforce the rule of law, positively impact this crisis, and maintain integrity of this system."
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Pelosi says Trump census citizenship push aims to 'make America white again'

(CNN) — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Monday criticized President Donald Trump's continued push to add a citizenship question to the upcoming 2020 census, saying that it is part of an effort to "make America white again."

Speaking at a press conference in San Francisco on election security, Pelosi accused Republicans of trying to suppress the vote and gerrymander districts so that "just their people vote and not the general population."

"That's why they're fighting the census," she said.

Pelosi repeatedly called the effort "disgraceful" and invoked a phrase she had previously used to knock Trump's immigration policies.

"But this is about keeping -- you know, Make America, you know his hat -- Make America White Again. They want to make sure that people, certain people, are counted," she said.

The Trump administration has been pushing to add a citizenship question to the census, an effort that is still ongoing despite the fact that late last month the Supreme Court dealt a major blow to it by blocking the addition of the question for the time being.

After the Commerce Department announced last year that a citizenship question would be included the move sparked controversy and a high-stakes court battle as critics argued that asking about citizenship status will lead to an inaccurate count and intimidate noncitizens.

"What they want to do is to put a chilling effect so that certain populations will not answer the form," Pelosi said.

The Democrat-led House Oversight Committee voted last month to hold Attorney General William Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in contempt of Congress over a dispute related to the addition of a citizenship question to the 2020 census.

In the case of criminal contempt, however, the next step would be a vote on the House floor, which hasn't happened yet -- though Pelosi predicted it would.

"That's another place where you'll probably see a contempt action on the part of the House of Representatives on the Trump administration," she said.

Census data serves as the basis for decisions about how to allocate federal resources and draw congressional districts.

The Trump administration said last week that it would not ask about citizenship status on the census, appearing to back off the contentious effort to reinstate the question. But the next day, the President tweeted that the effort would keep "moving forward," creating uncertainty over what would happen in Washington.

Barr said Monday the administration would decide in the "next day or two" on which option to take on the census.

"What you saw on the part of the administration with the citizenship question, it's disgraceful," Pelosi said at her press conference.

"The Supreme Court did not rule in their favor because they said the administration did not give sufficient evidence as to why the census citizenship question should be there," she added. "So they kicked the can, and then the administration said, 'OK we won't put it on there,' and then the President injected himself into this."

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Very little surprises me when it comes to my anti-White government, but I'm definitely disappointed about this. When you have government officials and propaganda media explaining to illegal muds publicly how to avoid I.C.E. raids without repercussions, you know J.O.G. is in full effect.


'Know your rights': Immigration advocates, attorneys ramp up efforts ahead of planned mass ICE raids

“People should understand that they have rights regardless of their immigration status,” one lawyer said.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reads from a paper called "Know Your Rights" regarding ICE agents and raids as she meets with reporters on Capitol Hill on July 11, 2019.Andrew Harnik / AP

July 11, 2019, 3:40 PM CDT / Updated July 11, 2019, 4:43 PM CDT
By Daniella Silva

Immigration advocates and lawyers have ramped up efforts to combat widespread raids threatened by the Trump administration by sharing information with immigrant communities about their rights.

The raids by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement scheduled to begin Sunday are set to target about 2,000 undocumented families in major cities across the United States, officials told NBC News. The raids were originally planned to take place three weeks ago but were postponed.

Many advocacy groups and some Democratic lawmakers have responded by sharing information, both in person and on social media, to immigrants in multiple languages, informing them of their rights and what to expect should the raids be carried about.

“People should understand that they have rights regardless of their immigration status,” Lee Gelernt, a lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union, said.

The material includes videos and social media toolkits covering what to do if an ICE agent shows up at their homes.

ICE raids on undocumented immigrants set to start Sunday in 10 cities

“They do not need do let an ICE agent into their home unless there’s a judicial warrant and rarely does ICE have a judicial warrant,” Gelernt said, adding that ICE usually has its own administrative warrants.

“We’re very concerned about how the raids will be carried out,” he said, adding the ACLU was talking to other groups and private law firms about monitoring the raids “to make sure excessive force is not being used or they’re not being conducted unconstitutionally. Families could be separated.”

The ACLU is also part of a pre-emptive lawsuit filed Thursday in New York in response to the planned raids. The lawsuit argued that “constitutional due process requires the government to bring these families and children before an immigration judge so they can have a fair day in court before they face deportation,” according to a statement from the New York Civil Liberties Union.

The lawsuit is asking for families ordered deported because they did not appear in court to be given a hearing before an immigration judge to determine if their order of removal should be rescinded. The suit said error and "widespread failures" in notifying families of their court dates could have contributed to their absence in court. Such errors include notices to appear in court sent to wrong addresses or receiving a notice just before a hearing or even after a hearing has taken place, the lawsuit said.

“The Trump administration’s threats against immigrants run roughshod over basic fairness and due process,” Donna Lieberman, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, said in the statement. “For the many families who came here as refugees fleeing violence, deportation is a death threat. We will fight to ensure no one faces this kind of peril without having their case considered in court.”

Bill de Blasio speaks potential ICE raids

New York City Mayor and 2020 Democratic candidate Bill de Blasio said on MSNBC Thursday that he wanted “to get the truth out to people” regarding the potential raids. He said New Yorkers could call 311 to find out information about their rights.

“We tell people their rights, we protect them,” he said, adding that the city also provides legal assistance to families who may be impacted by the raids.

“First it starts with trying to take away the fear and say we have your back, we’re going to give you real information,” he said. “Don’t believe the rumors, call a specific hotline, find out what’s really going on.”

Melissa Chua, associate director of immigrant protection at the New York Legal Assistance Group, said the group was handing out informational flyers and will be targeting families with outstanding orders of removal, which will reportedly be targeted in the raids.

“We’re reaching out to any families in the area that we know may be at risk,” she said.

POLITICS Thousands to be targeted in immigration raids set for Sunday

Domingo Garcia, president of the League of United Latin American Citizens, which is hosting a town hall with Democratic presidential candidates in Milwaukee said Thursday the 90-year-old Latino civil rights group will have legal teams in place in various locations to help people who may be arrested in the raids.

Meanwhile, other groups shared resources for lawyers looking to help immigrants who might be affected by the raids and lists of local raid response hotlines for the cities that may be targeted.


NIGHTLY-NEWS-NETCASTNightly News Full Broadcast (July 10th)

The cities that were previously named as targets of the raids were Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York and San Francisco, but a source told NBC News that two of those cities may change.

Last month, President Donald Trump tweeted that ICE would soon deport “millions” of undocumented immigrants.

Trump later said he would delay the mass raids “at the request of Democrats” so that Congress could work out a compromise to an immigration policy, a deal that has so far eluded Trump. Officials told NBC News the delay was due in part because details of the plan had leaked to the media.

Ken Cuccinelli, acting director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, said on Fox Business News Thursday “the men and women of ICE are committed to doing their job” and that it was “really unfortunate that we’ve reached the point where them going about their business” is “somehow news.”

An ICE spokesperson said in a statement that "due to law enforcement sensitivities and the safety and security" of its personnel, it would not offer specific details on enforcement operations.

"As always, ICE prioritizes the arrest and removal of unlawfully present aliens who pose a threat to national security, public safety and border security," ICE said in the statement.

"However, all of those in violation of the immigration laws may be subject to immigration arrest, detention and — if found removable by final order — removal from the United States," the spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, prominent Democrats such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., have lambasted the planned raids and shared information from advocacy organizations about immigrant rights.

Pelosi read from a “know your rights” flyer at her weekly press conference Thursday and said she was going to ask religious leaders to appeal to Trump to stop the raids.

“Every person in America has rights,” she said. “These families are hardworking members of our communities in our country, this brutal action will terrorize children and tear families apart.”
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A muslim telling us to fear White Men and we need to be profiled and monitored. Let's take a walk through history to see which group is more dangerous.


In resurfaced interview, Ilhan Omar answers question on 'jihadist terrorism' by saying Americans should be 'more fearful of white men'

By Nick Givas | Fox News

Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar addresses her ongoing feud with the president at the Muslim Collective for Equitable Democracy event; Mark Meredith reports from the conference.

In a resurfaced interview from 2018, anti-Trump Democrat Ilhan Omar responded to a question about the "quote-unquote legitimate fears" some people have of "jihadist terrorism," by saying Americans should be "more fearful of white men."

In the interview, Al Jazeera host Medhi Hasan said some Americans feel justified in fearing Islam, not out of hate but for their own safety, before listing a number of radical Islamic terror attacks. Omar dismissed this suggestion immediately and laid the blame on white males instead, calling for the profiling and monitoring of caucasian men.

"I would say our country should be more fearful of white men across our country because they are actually causing most of the deaths within this country," she replied.

"And so if fear was the driving force of policies to keep America safe -- Americans safe inside of this country -- we should be profiling, monitoring, and creating policies to fight the radicalization of white men."

Here's some sats:

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Another jewish politician contributing to the destruction of the White Race.


Senator intervenes at border to help Mexican family apply for asylum


CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico —A pregnant Mexican woman suffering complications was told by immigration officers that they couldn’t process her family’s asylum claim at the U.S. border on Saturday before a U.S. senator intervened to persuade the officers to take the woman to a Texas hospital.

While visiting a migrant shelter Saturday, Sen. Ron Wyden Weidenreich (D-Ore.) [ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ron_Wyden ] grew concerned about a woman who was 38 weeks pregnant and suffering from preeclampsia and other complications. The senator and his staff decided to take the woman, her husband and 3-year-old son to a port of entry to make their asylum claim.

At the Paso del Norte Bridge linking Juárez and El Paso, the family approached two Customs and Border Protection officers, presented their identification and said they wanted to request asylum. They then heard the words that tens of thousands of asylum seekers have been told for more than a year at the U.S.-Mexico border: “We’re full,” a CBP officer told them.

Wyden, who had followed behind the family along with an entourage of staff members and friends from Oregon, then stepped forward and identified himself. He told the officers that Mexicans are exempt from the “metering” program CBP has used to strictly control the number of people allowed to request asylum at ports of entry. He also told the officers the woman was late term in her pregnancy and suffering complications.

The officers called a supervisor, who arrived minutes later, and allowed the family to go to the port of entry to make their asylum claim.

Wyden was clearly shaken by his two-day visit to the border, which included a tour of CBP holding cells and an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility. At the Juárez shelter, he met a 3-year-old boy who had stopped speaking after being held with his father by the U.S. Border Patrol and then sent back to Mexico. Wyden spoke with families who were required to stay in Mexico for six months before their first U.S. immigration court hearing.

“These policies that I’ve seen are not what America is about. And in fact what we saw with respect to the woman who is here today is just a blatant violation of U.S. law,” Wyden said, referring to the pregnant woman. He said he believed the CBP agents would have turned away the family if he had not intervened, a sentiment echoed by Taylor Levy, an El Paso immigration attorney who took Wyden and his staff to Juárez.

“I feel very confident that if the family had tried to present alone, they would not have been allowed in,” Levy said.

A CBP spokesman said the officer would not have told the family that asylum processing was at capacity if they had explained that they were Mexican and that the mother was pregnant. However, the family gave the officer, whose uniform identified his last name as Loya, a folder that contained their Mexican birth certificates and identification.

Shaw Drake, the policy director for the American Civil Liberties Union Border Rights Center in El Paso, said he asked the officer afterward if the family had identified themselves as Mexican asylum seekers, and the officer said they had.

Wyden was also critical of a CBP officer who told the senator’s staff they were not allowed to take photos or video on the bridge. The ACLU’s Drake said the officer, whose name tag identified him as Castro, was wrong, and he told the staff they could continue to record.

“Certainly it looked like it had the potential for not going well. The ACLU folks talked about their legal rights to be able to record the [processing], and one of the officers said, ‘We have a situation,’ ” Wyden said. “So having done this for a while, those are the kinds of things that concern you and might suggest it’s not going well.”

Metering is used as a way to cap the number of people allowed to apply for asylum at ports of entry. Mexicans are supposed to be exempt from metering under U.S. asylum laws, Drake said. He said he had seen CBP agents turning back Mexican asylum seekers before.

“If someone arrives on our border and expresses a fear of return to their home country, the government is barred from returning that person to their home country until a process has been followed to determine whether they have the right to remain in the United States as an asylee or a refugee,” he said. “And so turning a Mexican away at the border, back into Mexico, is directly returning an asylum seeker to the country from which they’re fleeing persecution with no process to determine whether they have a fear of returning to that country.”

Wyden met the family, who asked not to be identified, at a shelter that houses about 250 migrants in Juárez. They were sharing a small room with 11 other migrants. They said they were from the Mexican state of Guerrero and wanted to seek asylum because they feared violence from drug cartels and their government allies.

“There’s a lot of insecurity, and the government is involved and corrupted with the cartels. There’s just no way to survive,” the father told Wyden.

The family showed Wyden their number for the metering list, which is kept by the Chihuahua State Population Council in Juárez. The number 17,647 was handwritten on a slip of paper. More than 5,000 people were ahead of them on the list, meaning they faced a four- or five-month wait before being allowed to come to a U.S. port of entry and seek asylum.

The family said they had not previously gone to a port of entry because they thought they had to get on the metering list.

Lauren Herbert, an Oregon pediatrician who accompanied Wyden on the border tour, said she became concerned when talking to the mother.

“She had a previous diagnosis of preeclampsia, which already places her at high risk,” Herbert said after the family crossed the border. “And then she described two days of leaking fluid,” which could indicate a ruptured membrane that threatened the life of mother and unborn child. “This is a high-risk pregnancy, and she needs to be seen by a doctor. Now.”

After Wyden met the woman and her family, Levy, the immigration attorney, and Drake urged the senator to push CBP to get the woman to a hospital as soon as possible.

“The U.S. government keeps saying that they don’t put Mexicans on the metering list and that Mexicans will always be accepted because they’re fleeing Mexico,” Levy said. She suggested Wyden approach the border officers along with an ACLU representative and lawyers.

“That’s what we’re going to do,” Wyden said.

About an hour later, the family was undergoing initial processing by CBP to begin their asylum claim. CBP officials told Wyden that the mother would quickly be taken to a hospital for evaluation. Their status was not clear Saturday night.

Ian Philabaum, program director for the legal group Innovation Law Lab, said the family’s plight would have been much different without Wyden’s assistance.

“If not for the presence of a U.S. senator, another asylum seeker would have been sent back to dangerous conditions in Mexico, the same country she is fleeing, and despite the fact that she is pregnant and in dire need of medical attention,” said Philabaum, who accompanied Wyden on his two-day border tour.
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New Mexico Refused To Give ICE Employment Records, Won’t Let Trump ‘Destroy Families’

By Gavrielle Jacobovitz, Arthur Delaney, and Roque Planas
08/09/2019 01:58 PM ET

New Mexico denied U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement requests for the state’s employment records, including records on residents receiving unemployment benefits, the state’s workforce director said. 

The workforce system ICE wanted to access includes the names, addresses and financial information of practically every working and unemployed person in the state, Bill McCamley, secretary of the Department of Workforce Solutions, told HuffPost. 

“This governor is not going to participate in the Trump administration’s efforts to destroy families,” McCamley added.

The development highlights the growing politicization of ICE operations as Democratic-led jurisdictions refuse to cooperate with what they view as increasingly indiscriminate deportation efforts under President Donald Trump. ICE had largely abandoned large-scale worksite raids in 2008, but the Trump administration has revived them, carrying out the largest single-state operation in the agency’s history this week in Mississippi. 

“It’s not a secret the information that ICE is asking for will be used for those sorts of things,” McCamley said in reference to the Mississippi raids.

“It’s bad for families, it’s bad for our communities, it’s bad for businesses, it’s just bad,” McCamley told HuffPost.

It’s bad for families, it’s bad for our communities, it’s bad for businesses, it’s just bad. Bill McCamley, New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions

An ICE investigator told the New Mexico workforce department that it already had access to Texas workforce data, as the Albuquerque Journal first reported on Thursday. The Texas Workforce Commission confirmed it had provided such access in a statement to the Las Cruces Sun-News. “This limited access only includes information related to wage records, unemployment compensation claim benefit data and very limited employer information,” the commission said. 

It’s not clear how many other states hand over payroll information to ICE. The agency has previously said it routinely issues subpoenas for such information to state and local governments, as well as private companies. Earlier this year, a Montana labor department employee said he quit his job rather than cooperate with such a subpoena.

An ICE spokesperson did not immediately offer details in response to a HuffPost request on Friday. 

ICE relies heavily on state cooperation and local laws to bolster its deportation efforts. A custody transfer from a local jail, for example, is more efficient and less risky for officers than attempting to arrest someone in public or at their home. Things like driving under the influence, driving without a license and marijuana possession are among the most common infractions that have landed unauthorized migrants in ICE custody under Trump, according to agency statistics released to HuffPost last year. 

That means migrants are less likely to face the prospect of ICE detention in a liberal state like California, where weed is legal, undocumented immigrants can get drivers licenses and the state restricts cooperation between local jails and ICE. The Republican-led state legislature in Texas, by contrast, passed a law in 2017 prohibiting local jurisdictions from creating “sanctuary” policies, and the state shares its labor data with ICE and prohibits unauthorized migrants from driving legally. 

After an employee of the New Mexico workforce department first denied ICE’s request late last week — from an ICE investigator requesting the data for its El Paso office — ICE reached out to other members of the office’s staff, according to McCamley. Staff members denied the request again. Then McCamley’s office sent out a department-wide memo to its employees indicating that if a law enforcement official contacted them, the communication should go through the department’s legal office. McCamley also informed ICE that all future requests would only go through the department’s chief legal counsel.

On Thursday, a lawyer from ICE in El Paso requested a written statement from McCamley’s office detailing its policy. McCamley said that if a law enforcement agency has a “targeted specific investigation,” the office would “consider whether to cooperate on a case by case basis.” For instance, the department is on a human trafficking task force, and by law, can work with law enforcement agencies on child support payment enforcement.

McCamley emphasized that the decision on whether to agree to requests from agency officials is completely within the office’s federal and state legal authority. 

There are two issues with ICE’s request, McCamley said. First, the workforce department isn’t going to provide law enforcement agencies “complete and unfettered access to the personal data of every person in the state,” which raises “a ton of privacy concerns.” Second, he’s from a border community — Las Cruces, New Mexico — and understands what the human consequences will be.

“Two years ago, ICE came door to door in my town, with my neighbors, and took people away at 6 in the morning with no warning,” McCamly recounted. He was a state representative at the time. Later that morning, he heard from a middle school teacher saying a 12-year-old girl was crying because her father was taken by law enforcement officials.

“It seems pretty obvious that ICE was going to use whatever employer information they can get to do these sorts of things [like the raids in Mississippi] over and over again,” McCamley added. “It’s not a secret. And that’s not something we are going to participate in.” 
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Ilhan Omar Demands United Nations Take Over America’s Border Crisis

by Ryan Saavedra
August 28, 2019


Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) demanded this week that the United States bring in the United Nations to handle the border crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border, a move that would undermine the United States' national sovereignty.

Omar made the remarks on Tuesday while speaking to her constituents during an immigration forum in south Minneapolis.

Omar, who was accused this week of having an affair with a married man, lectured the audience about losing the "moral high ground" on the issue of immigration.

"We should do what any other country does by dealing with this situation in a serious way," Omar said. "So, we have to bring in the United Nations high commissioner on refugees, an agency that has the expertise and the training to handle massive flows of refugees humanely."

Before Omar made those remarks she suggested without evidence that the United States government was arresting and deporting illegal aliens because they were poor.

This is not Omar's first time making calls for radical moves that would make the United States weaker.

In February, Omar called for the elimination of the entire Department of Homeland Security (DHS) which is the national security apparatus that is largely responsible for protecting the United States. DHS was created after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which resulted in the deaths of thousands of Americans.

"When Democrats stood our ground last month, we proved that Individual 1 does not have the public support to ram his hateful wall through Congress," Omar tweeted. "Let’s stand firm: #Not1Dollar for DHS."

Last month, socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) joined Omar and called for the eliminating DHS.

"ICE is not under DOJ, it's under the Department of Homeland Security and so we have now —" Ocasio-Cortez said in an interview.

"Would you get rid of Homeland Security too?" Ocasio-Cortez was asked.

"I think so," Ocasio-Cortez responded. "I think so."

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^ The United Nations is all you bloody need! They are the bastards that ruined everything here!

:- Made us give Abos rights to be a “protected species”, let them have a free for all by robbing tax payers.

Judges pulling out Boong rule books just for them. They made us have this African problem we have now.

When we set up refugee detention camps they come over and boss us around!

They DO undermine a nation’s policy. Just a bunch of crap nations bossing the better ones around!

Australia signed all these treaties with them to “show pony” around we are a “civilised nation”.

Well we are becoming a “free for all” and we are “de- evolving” because of their policies and B/S political correctness.
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Now we're not even allowed to call the illegal muds what they are, since everything a White Person says that a nigger or mud race doesn't agree with is hate speech. So here's another law on the books to punish Whites and allow illegal mud races undeserved protection by our jewish occupied government.


City bans calling someone an ‘illegal alien’ out of hate

By Rich Calder, Julia Marsh and Aaron Feis
September 26, 2019 | 6:55pm

It’s now against the law in New York City to threaten someone with a call to immigration authorities or refer to them as an “illegal alien” when motivated by hate.

The restrictions — violations of which are punishable by fines of up to $250,000 per offense — are outlined in a 29-page directive released by City Hall’s Commission on Human Rights.

“‘Alien’ — used in many laws to refer to a ‘noncitizen’ person — is a term that may carry negative connotations and dehumanize immigrants, marking them as ‘other,'” reads one passage of the memo. “The use of certain language, including ‘illegal alien’ and ‘illegals,’ with the intent to demean, humiliate, or offend a person or persons constitutes discrimination.”

The directive goes on to list several examples of acts and comments that would run afoul of the restrictions, including harassing people over their accents or grasp of English, or wielding the threat of a call to Immigration and Customs Enforcement as a tool of hate.
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This mud can say this with little to no backlash,  but if a White said the same thing about any other race we'd be bombarded with the "evil White supremacists" narrative from the propaganda media. I'm so sick of the double standards


Rashida Tlaib, in contentious tour, tells Detroit police chief to hire only black analysts for facial recognition program

By Ronn Blitzer | Fox News

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., has never been afraid to voice her opinion. From her calls to shut down U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to her push to impeach President Trump, take a look back at her most controversial statements over the past two years.

Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib told Detroit’s chief of police that he should hire only black people as analysts to run their facial recognition software because, she claimed, non-black people think they all look alike.

The suggestion came Monday as Chief James Craig gave Tlaib a tour of the Real Time Crime Center, where the department uses facial recognition technology to find suspects. Craig was showing Tlaib how the software works, and how analysts use it to identify and locate individuals. But the tour quickly turned contentious as the freshman Michigan congresswoman made repeated requests that were shot down by the chief.

“Analysts need to be African-Americans, not people that are not,” Tlaib said. “It’s true, I think non-African-Americans think African-Americans all look the same!” She said she has witnessed people confuse Reps. John Lewis, D-Ga., and Elijah Cummings, D-Md., who both are black and bald.

Craig, who is black, did not go for Tlaib’s suggestion.

“I trust people who are trained, regardless of race, regardless of gender,” he responded.

This came after Tlaib claimed that “the error rate among African-Americans, especially women,” was 60 percent.

“I understand the technology real well,” Craig said. He showed Tlaib how his analysts examine the software’s results before making determinations.

“See if you can get some of our money back until they fix it,” Tlaib said, to which Craig simply replied, “No.”

When asked if defendants were prosecuted solely based on facial recognition results, Craig said they were not.

The tour, which was recorded and then posted by a reporter with The Detroit News, got off to a rocky start when Tlaib asked the reporter, “Are you facial recognizing me right now? I’m sorry who are you and why are you videotaping me?”

Afterward, the Detroit News reporter followed up on Tlaib’s assertion that only black people should be hired to use the facial recognition software.

“Are you saying white people are not qualified to --,” he said, before Tlaib cut him off.

“No, I think there’s actually been studies out that it’s hard for, you know, like African-Americans would identify African-Americans, similar, Latino same thing,” she said.

When asked if that would mean African-Americans should not be allowed to identify white people, Tlaib said, “Look it up,” and walked away.

The Detroit Police Department extended the invitation to Tlaib in August, after she described facial recognition technology as “bulls---.”

Craig made headlines in 2015 after he said more citizens should be armed. While in the past he supported increased restrictions on weapons and ammunition, his position changed after visiting Maine and Los Angeles, where permits for carrying concealed weapons are easier to acquire.

“I changed my orientation real quick,” Craig said. “Maine is one of the safest places in America. Clearly, suspects knew that good Americans were armed.
Title: Re: Enemies in the U.S. Government
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Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib told Detroit’s chief of police that he should hire only black people as analysts to run their facial recognition software because, she claimed, non-black people think they all look alike.

If she'd said that in Australia outside parliament AND she was White, she would've been sacked from the party, charged under racial anti-vilification laws and then thrown out of parliament. If she was White and had said it in parliament, then parliamentary privilege would have protected her from criminal charges, but she still would have been thrown out of the party. Of course it was a mud, so the treatment here is the same as the treatment there ... Black Privilege.

Addressing what it said instead of the tone of the anti-White rant: Of course we Whites are RACIST! We would have described George Zimmerman as a Wetback instead of a murderous White Supremacist.


How many innocent White folk died because Niggers, Jews and Libtards all falsely claimed Zimmerman was White?

Title: Re: Enemies in the U.S. Government
Post by: Hidden to Guests on 06 October 2019 at 14:22

AOC pushes national rent control, welfare for illegal immigrants in latest massive proposal

By Adam Shaw

AOC pushes national rent control, welfare for illegal immigrants in latest massive proposal

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., is promoting a new package of left-wing economic policies, including national rent control and expanding welfare to illegal immigrants across the country, as part of a massive new proposal aiming to achieve a “just society.”

The freshman lawmaker, who champions the multi-trillion-dollar Green New Dealproposal to combat economic inequality and climate change, has now proposed a package of bills aimed at solving perceived economic injustice.

“A just society provides a living wage, safe working conditions, and healthcare. A just society acknowledges the value of immigrants to our communities. A just society guarantees safe, comfortable, and affordable housing,” the website for the package says. “By strengthening our social and economic foundations, we are preparing ourselves to embark on the journey to save our planet by rebuilding our economy and cultivate a just society.”

That “Just Society” proposals are made up of six different pieces of legislation that deal with issues including housing, welfare, poverty and human rights.

“The Place to Prosper Act” would prevent year-over-year rent increases of more than three percent. Meanwhile, “The Embrace Act” would allow illegal immigrants to claim the same welfare benefits as U.S. citizens and those immigrants here legally,

“Notwithstanding any other provision of law ... an individual who is an alien (without regard to the immigration status of that alien) may not be denied any Federal public benefit solely on the basis of the individual’s immigration status,” the bill reads.

A federal public benefit is defined as: “any grant, contract, loan, professional license, or commercial license provided by an agency of the United States or by appropriated funds of the United States; and...any retirement, welfare, health, disability, public or assisted housing, postsecondary education, food assistance, unemployment benefit, or any other similar benefit for which payments or assistance are provided to an individual, household, or family eligibility unit by an agency of the United States or by appropriated funds of the United States.”

A similar bill “The Mercy in Re-entry Act”uses similar language to stop the granting of public benefits based on whether a person was convicted of a criminal offense.

Still another bill, "The Recognizing Poverty Act," would direct the Department of Health and Human Services to update the federal poverty level by taking into account “geographic cost variation, costs related to health insurance, work expenses for the family, child care needs, and new necessities, like internet access.” Another bill would urge the U.S. to ratify the U.N.’s Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

It is unclear how such a radical package would go down in the Democrat-controlled House, while it would almost certainly be dead on arrival in the Republican-controlled Senate. However, it could still prove to have a significant influence on U.S. politics.

Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal was initially treated as something of an oddity by both conservatives and some Democrats. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., dismissed it as the "Green dream or whatever they call it."

But now a form of a Green New Deal is embraced by many 2020 Democrats on the campaign trail, although a test vote in the Senate on the measure failed during the summer. Other left-wing proposals such as "Medicare-for-all" and providing healthcare for illegal immigrants have also been adopted by some of those vying for the White House.

“I think the conversation that the Green New Deal sparked — like if I had to decide would I rather have the resolution passed or would I have rather preferred we start a national conversation about the urgency of the climate crisis — I would have chosen the latter every single time,” Ocasio-Cortez told NPR last month.
Title: Re: Enemies in the U.S. Government
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America is”We the people” ! Not “We the people outside our boarders”!

Sounds horrid! Turning into a “free for all” that the libtards think is a “just society”. Let’s see your taxes ascend due to the freeloaders?
Title: Re: Enemies in the U.S. Government
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Another law to disarm us and try to make us easier to control. Luckily only a handful states are pushing these laws for now, but our enemies are working hard to implement these types of gun laws nationwide.


California adopts nation's broadest gun seizure laws

By Melissa Leon | Fox News

California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsomsigned 15 gun-related bills into law Friday, tightening the state's already-stringent Second Amendment restrictions.

One of the bills, which expands a so-called "red flag" law to allow co-workers, employers and educators to seek gun violence restraining orders against firearms owners they fear are a danger to themselves and others, was vetoed twice by Newsom's predecessor, Jerry Brown.

Newsom also signed a companion bill allowing the gun violence restraining orders to last one and five years, although the gun owners could petition to end those restrictions earlier. The bill also allows judges to issue search warrants at the same time as they grant the orders. The warrants can be used immediately if the gun owners are served with the relinquishment orders but fail to turn over the firearms or ammunition.
Title: Re: Enemies in the U.S. Government
Post by: Hidden to Guests on 14 October 2019 at 00:58
That's basically a version of the same law in Australia. To obtain a firearms licence in Australia, you must be of good merit. If you already have a firearms licence and the police determine that you are a Nazi - perhaps due to something innocuous you wrote in jest on Facebook - they can and will rock up to your home and confiscate all items deemed to be weapons or to appear to look or be able to be used as weapons.

Muslims who are on the anti-terrorist watch list are left alone with their weapons, because it would be a RACIST! violation of their rights, to single them out for gun confiscation based on their religion, their associates, and their vocal enmity of White Australia.

Taking guns away from Jews? Don't be anti-Semitic!

Only White people can be racist - and all racists are Domestic Terrorists. So says the US Federal Government.

It looks like California has gone the same way.

"Red Flag" Law? It's real name is "The Cohen Law." As predicted in 1979's The Turner Diaries by Dr Pierce.

Title: Re: Enemies in the U.S. Government
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California governor pardons 3 convicted immigrants to help block deportations

By Danielle Wallace | Fox News

California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Friday he’s pardoning three immigrants who've been convicted of crimes as part of an effort to protect them from deportation to their home countries.

The three men -- originally from El Salvador, Iran and Cambodia --- broke the law as teens or young adults, served their sentences and have taken steps to rehabilitate themselves, the governor’s office said.

But Newsom’s pardons do not completely shield the men from deportation. The move instead erases the mens' criminal records to prevent past offenses from being considered in their deportation cases. All three men live in Los Angeles County and were brought to the U.S. legally as children, the governor’s office said.

“The Governor regards clemency as an important part of the criminal justice system that can incentivize accountability and rehabilitation, increase public safety by removing counterproductive barriers to successful reentry, and correct unjust results in the legal system,” a news release said.

The governor, a Democrat, pardoned 38-year old Victor Ayala, who in 2001 at age 21 was convicted of felony robbery and sentenced to probation for pushing a security guard while shoplifting from an electronics store, The Sacramento Bee reported. He also had four prior misdemeanor convictions for theft and a hit-and-run in which no one suffered injuries, Los Angeles' KTLA-TV reported.

According to the governor’s office, Ayala’s parents brought him legally into the U.S. from El Salvador when he was 2. He is now a father of three who owns a carpet-cleaning business.

Newsom also pardoned 41-year-old Thear Seam, who at age 18 was convicted of robbing a man’s wallet and backpack. He was convicted as an accessory the next year after leading police on a high-speed chase while helping another man, a car thief whole stole a separate vehicle, evade arrest, KTLA reported.

Seam entered the U.S. legally as a 4-year-old refugee fleeing Cambodia from the Khmer Rouge. His wife and daughter are both U.S. citizens and he’s worked for 17 years at an aviation company.

The third immigrant to be pardoned was Arnou Aghamalian, 42, who as a 22-year-old in 1999 was convicted of helping his cousin set a nightclub owner’s unoccupied car on fire after a dispute. Newson’s office said Aghamalian entered the U.S. with his family at age 15 as a refugee from Iran. He and his wife are the parents to newborns twins. He now owns a solar energy company.

In addition to pardoning the three immigrants, Newsom pardoned a fourth man, 59-year-old Curtis Reynolds of Sacramento Country, who was convicted of six drug felonies including possession for sale between 1998 and 2003, The Bee reported. Newsom said since his convictions, Reynolds has dedicated his life to volunteering to help those struggling with addiction.

Newsom also commuted the sentences for two men previously facing life in prison. Esdvin Flores, 44, has served 20 years behind bars for robbing a woman at gunpoint at age 23. Jensen Ramos, 35, has served 17 years for attempted murder after firing at a car fleeing a brawl at a house party when he was 17. The governor’s office said both men have taken steps to rehabilitate themselves from behind bars. The commutations make both eligible to enter into parole hearings.
Title: Re: Enemies in the U.S. Government
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How stupid can this mud be? It's "job" in Congress is to make laws, not encouraging the breaking of laws.


Watch: Leftist Anarchy in NYC As Hundreds Break the Law With the Blessing of AOC

Posted at 10:30 am on November 04, 2019
by Nick Arama

As we go into 2020, people are considering for whom to cast their votes.

When you get right down to it, it’s about are you more for advancing the move toward socialism and the upending of the rule of law that Democrats and the left offer or for defeating that as much as possible and voting for a strong America?

Leftists showed another example of where they’d like to take us in NYC this week.

Some people in NYC were disturbed by two events involving the police and citizens which had been widely misreported. One incident involved a 19-year-old black man who was taken down by police on a subway train because of a report he had a gun. Witnesses said they had seen him with a gun before he fled into the subway. Reports indicated he was also wanted for a past larceny. The second incident involved a 15-year-old black teen who was allegedly punched by a police officer during a scuffle on a subway platform. Both stories were portrayed as the actions being taken because the people had evaded the subway fare when there appears to have been more to the stories. People were also upset over a proposed crackdown on fare evaders with more cops in the subway.

These events prompted leftist marches in Brooklyn on Friday and Saturday. Now, regardless of the facts of the case (because the left never actually cares about the actual facts), the leftist protests went far beyond simply protesting police brutality.

They called for the disarming and the elimination of the NYPD, eliminating arrests for evading the subway fare, as well as eliminating the subway fare altogether. And they encouraged harassment and violence against the police.

Protesters blocked traffic and chanted, “F*ck the police” and “NYPD has got to go.” They carried banners that called cops pigs and another huge banner which urged people to “punch a cop” and “hit ’em.” One person was arrested for writing “pigs” on a cop car, another for spitting on a cop. The subway was also vandalized with anarchy signs and anti-police curses. People also surrounded and vandalized an MTA bus which a passenger said was “scary.”

The SBA (Sergeants Benevolent Association) blamed the failure of Mayor Bill de Blasio to support the police and the rule of law.

And what was the reaction of Democrats to this?

The person the DNC chair called the “future of the Democratic Party,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) endorsed the anti-cop protesters jumping the turnstiles, tweeting this video.

From Fox News:

“Ending mass incarceration means challenging a system that jails the poor to free the rich,” the left-wing freshman congresswoman tweeted, retweeting a video of protesters jumping subway turnstiles in Brooklyn Friday night.

In the video, protesters are shown helping each other jump turnstiles without paying the fare, while others are holding signs with slogans like “No cops, no fares.” One straphanger who did choose to pay the fare can be heard being yelled at by a protester.

“How do you spell racist? N-Y-P-D,” protesters in the video chant. But the anti-cop chants heard in the video didn’t prevent Ocasio-Cortez from lending her support to their actions.

“Arresting people who can’t afford a $2.75 fare makes no-one safer and destabilizes our community,” she said. “New Yorkers know that, they’re not having it and they’re standing up for each other.”

Thanks for endorsing law-breaking and chaos. Not to mention how to further bankrupt the system. The MTA lost $215 million due to evading fares last year. Guess what happens then? Services to people get cut including to people who actually pay because of people unwilling to pay.
Title: Re: Enemies in the U.S. Government
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I haven't really cared one way or the other on the impeachment inquiry of kike lover Trump but I did find this statement interesting.


Title: Re: Enemies in the U.S. Government
Post by: Hidden to Guests on 06 December 2019 at 01:17
I understand each state have their own power and state laws, but they are part of the United States and suppose to be under federal law. So my conclusion which should also be everyone else's is:

For all these states to allow these illegal mud races to be released and call themselves sanctuary states the federal government must also approve of it.


ICE official blasts NY authorities for releasing twice-deported suspect facing manslaughter charge

By Julia Musto | Fox News.

A New York Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official said Wednesday that sanctuary city policies make criminals feel more comfortable.

Appearing on "Fox & Friends First" with host Rob Schmitt, New York Field Office Director Thomas Decker said, "if you were a criminal coming to the United States illegally you would go to a sanctuary city."

Last week, ICE arrested 32-year-old illegal immigrant Feliciano Perez-Bautista in White Plains, New York. Perez-Bautista is a Mexicannational who was arrested by the Yonkers Police Department in July after facing charges of manslaughter and gang assault. He had been previously deported twice --in May 2013 and September 2014. He is now in ICE custody, awaiting his third deportation.

According to the Epoch Times, ICE lodged multiple detainers with Yonkers and Westchester police departments, but the requests were disregarded and Perez-Bautista was released under the county's Immigrant Protection Act. Federal authorities were reportedly not notified.

In a statement, Yonkers Police Department spokesman Dean Politopoulos said, "Perez-Bautista was in Yonkers Police custody from the time of his arrest on the 11th to the time of his arraignment on the 12th...Subsequent to his arraignment, the court and corrections has jurisdiction over his physical custody."

Under federal law, ICE has the authority to lodge immigration detainers with law enforcement partners who have custody of individuals arrested on criminal charges and who ICE has probable cause to believe are removable aliens. The detainer asks other law enforcement to notify the agency in advance of release and to maintain custody of the individual for a brief period of time prior to their release into ICE custody.

Decker explained that Westchester County administration and politicians passed the Immigrant Protection Act a more than a year ago, which "basically put a stop to releasing an honoring detainers."

The measure prevents the county from using any of its resources to assist in federal investigations based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, or national origin.

Decker told Schmitt that county law enforcement is using the law to ignore ICE's detainer requests "by saying they can't meet it because of a judicial warrant."

"Which judicial judges can't issue because it's a civil violation," he added.

"What happens is that you have individual subjects -- who've been arrested by the police and they should be removed from the country -- be released back into the community," said Decker. "So, what that tells other immigrants or citizens of the community is that all of a sudden, if you go and be a witness -- you know, if you're a victim -- going to the police that person's going to be released right back into the community."

According to the New York Daily News, from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019 the NYPD has accepted none of the 2,916 detainer requests submitted by ICE. Decker noted that was about 56 people released per week, which is 183 percent higher than just two years before.
Title: Re: Enemies in the U.S. Government
Post by: Hidden to Guests on 06 December 2019 at 02:43
I understand each state have their own power and state laws, but they are part of the United States and suppose to be under federal law. So my conclusion which should also be everyone else's is:

For all these states to allow these illegal mud races to be released and call themselves sanctuary states the federal government must also approve of it.

You are 100% correct, brother.

Australia and America are much the same regarding state vs federal laws. The states have the independent right to make up their own laws, providing they comply with the federal constitution, bill of rights and related federal laws. Federal laws supersede state laws in all matters. The federal authority maintains the right to act with complete disregard to state laws. If federal authority does not to comply with federal law and instead accepts state law, it is because the authority chooses to do so. The question then comes down to, who is at the top of the food chain?

In the USA, that's the POTUS and the Federal Attorney General along with the federal judges. In Australia, it's the Prime Minister and Federal Attorney General alone.

Forget the Senate and the House of Representatives. They are there to debate the enacting of new laws and the dismissal of old laws. It has been the same since the days of the ancient Roman Republic. Responsibility for upholding the law lies within the prerogative of the President of the US and the Prime Minister of Australia. If they want something done, it will be done; if they want something left undone, then that's the way it will be.

US Trump pays lip-service to being tough on crime and illegal entry to the US - the same as the Australian Prime Minister. Meanwhile, both are overseeing the activation of new anti-White laws, along with the mass importation of a third-world slave population with the goal of replacing White Australians and White Americans completely by 2060 at the latest. Even worse than that: Neither country has the economic resources, the natural resources or the infrastructure to support their current population, and things are only going to get worse.

... But that's what Trump and his Australian counterpart want. Cheap third-world labour living and breeding like rats.
Title: Re: Enemies in the U.S. Government
Post by: Hidden to Guests on 13 December 2019 at 13:13
Absolutely Ridiculous. The anti-White agenda is so strong that even when niggers commit violence and crime our enemies still try to accuse the White Race. The propaganda media "acts" like they're confused to why this tweet was generated. We know why, this muslim c*nt was trying to trick the ignorant.


Rashida Tlaib deletes tweet blaming 'white supremacy' for Jersey City shooting

By Sam Dorman | Fox News

Jersey City shooters may be linked to radical Black Hebrew Israelite movement

The two shooters identified in the deadly kosher deli shootout were religious fanatics, according to neighbors; Bryan Llenas reports from the scene.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., received a flurry of attention on Thursday after she tweeted that "white supremacy" was behind the Jersey City shooting that left multiple people dead.

"This is heartbreaking. White supremacy kills," Tlaib said in the since-deleted message that linked to a tweet by progressive Jewish group IfNotNow that memorialized the victims of Tuesday's shooting at a kosher supermarket.

According to the New York Times, one of the suspects had a connection to the Black Hebrew Israelites, many of whom subscribe to an extreme set of anti-Semitic beliefs. Those followers view themselves as the true “chosen people” and believe that blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans are the true descendants of the 12 Tribes of Israel, said Oren Segal, director of the Anti-Defamation League's Center on Extremism.

New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal said Thursday that assailants David Anderson and Francine Graham had expressed interest in the Black Hebrew Israelites, but added that investigators "have not definitively established any formal links to that organization or to any other group."

Many Twitter users poked fun at Tlaib's error.

It's unclear what prompted Tlaib's error. Her office didn't immediately respond to a request for comment but eventually pointed Fox News to a previous tweet in which she lamented the shooting.

Shocked Jersey City struggles with day of violence after shooting left police officer, 5 others dead

Security cameras show that the shooters targeted the Kosher grocery store on MLK Drive, Jersey City's mayor said.

Tuesday's mass shooting was the latest attack on the Jewish community in the United States. Democrats like Tlaib have frequently blamed mass shootings like those on white nationalist ideology and white supremacist groups.
Title: Re: Enemies in the U.S. Government
Post by: Hidden to Guests on 13 December 2019 at 22:19
Claiming that Black crimes are actually "White Supremacist" crimes is new for 2019, but it does have a long history ....

For decades now, when a victim is Black, Muslim, Jewish or a Poofter, the MSM media has been White-Washing Black perps. The most obvious example is the Zimmerman/Trayvon case where a Black criminal (Trayvon) that was killed while attacking a Mestizo with a Jewish name and family origins in South America was and still is treated as an act of White Supremacy by the White Supremacist Zimmerman, whom the MSM deliberately White-Washed for publication. Some MSM realised they were caught out with their lie, so they backtracked a bit and declared Zimmerman to be a White Skinned Hispanic. Zimmerman has distinctly BROWN SKIN.

Shortly after the Zimmerman lie, another was released by the MSM declaring a drive-by shooting where a few Blacks died to be the work of White Supremacists. There were two shooters in that case: One was Black and the other was mixed race, but clearly a Black Mulatto. The MSM did not publish pictures of the obvious dark skinned perp, and only showed doctored/White-Washed pictures of the Mulatto. That one was so obvious, that it lasted only a week in the global MSM headlines - just enough to add to the dialogue of anti-White hatred while avoiding the expected backlash of WTF?

2019 however is different: That is the year that MSM declared that whenever a Person of Color commits a crime against another Person of Color, it is a White Supremacist crime caused by the perps' conditioning by a White Supremacist society.

Why? Because that's how Black Privilege/Jewish Privilege/Muslim Privilege/LBGXYZ Privilege/PC Privilege works. In their world, the politically correct are always the victim ... so they Blame Whitey.

No wonder the mentally unstable Lone Wolf types take up the gun and massacre non-Whites. After all, what are they going to do, join us? Not a chance ... because they believe what the MSM tell them: That we are Neo Nazis that must be avoided at all cost. Nah, it's better - these loonies say - to massacre a hundred non-Whites than to ever be labelled a "Nazi."


Read Between the Lies and See Past the MSM Nazi Hype
Join the Church of Creativity Today and Save Civilisation

For a Whiter and Brighter World
Title: Re: Enemies in the U.S. Government
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Blacks who think they are Jews?

How can you tell how many Niggers live in your street?

Roll a coin down the road , count the hands comming out of the drains and subtract one to account for the Jew who winds up with the coin

Title: Re: Enemies in the U.S. Government
Post by: Hidden to Guests on 16 December 2019 at 01:36
This is a perfect example of how a White can cater to these niggers and jews all their life, as race traitor Trump has; and as a White person you will always remain their enemy.


Democratic rep claims President Trump must be impeached 'to deal with slavery'

The constitutional amendment abolishing slavery was ratified in 1865

Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) claimed in an interview Saturday that President Donald Trump must be impeached "to deal with slavery" — despite the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery, being ratified in 1865.

Green, whose articles of impeachment were overwhelmingly rejected by the House, was asked on MSNBC what the outcome of the impeachment proceedings will be "if more evidence is revealed."

In response, Green invoked America's "original sin."

"I believe that the American people understand that this is something that we must do at this point," Green said. "I also think that if we don't include some of the things that are important to people of color then I think that our business won't be finished with."

"I do believe, ma'am, that we have to deal with the original sin," Green continued. "We have to deal with slavery. Slavery was the thing that put all of what President Trump has done lately into motion. It's insidious ... racism. The president has played on racism and he's used that as a weapon to galvanize a base of support to mobilize people."

"We cannot overlook what happened when he came down the escalator and just demeaned people of color when he talked about the s-hole countries," Green went on to say. "He has found a way to use ugly words to his benefit and to the detriment of the people who are the object of his words. Emily Dickinson said, 'A word is dead when it is said, some say, I say, it just begins to live that day. His words take on life and meaning, and they hurt, and I know the people who are being hurt, and I came to Congress to represent them, and I cannot let it go."

"So, I appreciate whatever we will do, but until we deal with the issue of invidious discrimination as a relates to LGBTQ community, the anti-Semitism, the racism, the Islamophobia, the transphobia, and also the misogyny that he has exemplified, I don't think our work is done," Green said.

Green has previously said the House should impeach Trump multiple times if the Senate does not convict him, thereby removing him from office
Title: Re: Enemies in the U.S. Government
Post by: Hidden to Guests on 25 December 2019 at 20:34

Colorado Governor Pardons Undocumented Mom Who Sought Sanctuary At Churches


Colorado Gov. Jared Polis granted pardons to five people on Monday, including a mom-of-three who has spent years seeking sanctuary in local churches to avoid deportation.

Ingrid Encalada Latorre, an undocumented immigrant from Peru who arrived in the U.S. in 2000 at the age of 17, had been living in fear of deportation since being convicted of a felony in 2010 for using a false Social Security number to gain employment.

“I’m so happy,” Latorre told supporters on Monday at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder, where she’s taken refuge since 2017.

“All I wanted was to go home to be with my family and be with my children and now we’ve made it, we’ve triumphed ― but the fight continues,” she added, according to the Boulder Daily Camera.

Polis, a Democrat, said that while he didn’t have the authority to change Latorre’s immigration status, he hoped his full and unconditional pardon for the felony conviction would help her gain legal status in the U.S.

“Since your conviction, you completed your probation and paid restitution and taxes,” Polis wrote in a letter to Latorre explaining the pardon, the Colorado Sun reported. “You are a dedicated and caring mother to your three children. You are working to educate others on legal ways to obtain employment and the consequences of using false documents.”

“Not everyone earns the privilege of a second chance,” Polis added. “But you have demonstrated that you deserve one. I hope you will make the most of this opportunity and treat your obligations seriously. It will require hard work and dedication to stay on the right path.”

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have not said how the governor’s pardon will affect deportation proceedings against Latorre, CNN noted. 

She said she intends to continue living at the Boulder church until she knows for certain that ICE will not attempt to detain her if she leaves. 

“I want to make sure I have all of my T’s crossed and I’s dotted and make sure that I follow the process correctly,” Latorre told the Daily Camera. “But I am looking forward to going home one day soon.”

According to the paper, a “small army” of volunteers from several churches in the Boulder area help Latorre with daily tasks, like grocery shopping and taking her kids ― who live nearby with her husband ― to school. 

“I think I’d rather not even call them volunteers and just call them friends,” Latorre told the Boulder Weekly last year of her support team. “Because they are always here for me.”

Polis also pardoned four men who’d pleaded guilty in drug cases: Eric Edelstein John Furniss, Brandon Burke and Jamie Matthews. 

“Clemencies are a tremendous responsibility given to a governor that can change a person’s life,” Polis said in a statement. “These decisions were not taken lightly and were made after careful consideration of each individual case. These are people looking for a second chance and the opportunity to move beyond the mistakes from their past. They have taken important steps to turn their lives around and shown remorse for their actions.”
Title: Re: Enemies in the U.S. Government
Post by: Hidden to Guests on 12 January 2020 at 14:08
Basically a law to eliminate any White space. According to these enemies in our government, White won't be able to make their own safe White areas or retreat when the niggers and muds move into an area to destroy what they have built and developed. This is just another openly f*ck Whites proposal/law.


Non-White Democrats in Virginia Seek to Outlaw White Flight and Creation of White Suburbs

Paul Kersey • December 25, 2019

In a society governed by extreme egalitarianism, freedom of association is but a pipe-dream. Our elite, and those elected to govern and dictate our lives, utilize diversity and multiculturalism (non-white legal immigration/refugees) as a weapon to bludgeon whats left of the Historic America Nation.

And now, non-white Democrats have declared war on the white suburbs. [Democrats Seek To Outlaw Suburban, Single-Family House Zoning, Calling It Racist And Bad For The Environment, Daily Caller, December 23, 2019]:


Democrats in Virginia may override local zoning to bring high-density housing, including public housing, to every neighborhood statewide — whether residents want it or not.

The measure could quickly transform the suburban lifestyle enjoyed by millions, permitting duplexes to be built on suburban lots in neighborhoods previously consisting of quiet streets and open green spaces. Proponents of “upzoning” say the changes are necessary because suburbs are bastions of segregation and elitism, as well as bad for the environment.

The move, which aims to provide “affordable housing,” might be fiercely opposed by local officials throughout the state, who have deliberately created and preserved neighborhoods with particular character — some dense and walkable, others semi-rural and private — to accommodate people’s various preferences.

But Democrats tout a state-level law’s ability to replace “not in my backyard” with “yes, in your backyard.”

House Delegate Ibraheem Samirah, a Democrat, introduced six housing measures Dec. 19, coinciding with Democrats’ takeover of the state legislature in November.

“Single-family housing zones would become two-zoned,” Samirah told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Areas that would be impacted most would be the suburbs that have not done their part in helping out.”

“The real issues are the areas in between very dense areas which are single-family zoned. Those are the areas that the state is having significant trouble dealing with. They’re living in a bubble,” he said.

He said suburbs were “mostly white and wealthy” and that their local officials — who have historically been in charge of zoning — were ignoring the desires of poor people, who did not have time to lobby them to increase suburban density.

In response to a question about whether people who bought homes in spacious suburbs have valid reasons, not based on discrimination, for preferring to live that way — including a love for nature and desire to preserve woods and streams — he said: “Caring about nature is very important, but the more dense a neighborhood is, the more energy efficient it is.”

He said if local officials seek to change requirements like setbacks to make it impossible to build dense housing in areas zoned to preserve a nature feel, “if they make setbacks to block duplexes, there’d have to be a lawsuit to resolve whether those zoning provisions were necessary.”

It quoted Alex Baca, a Washington, D.C., urbanist with the site Greater Greater Washington, saying that single-family zoning is a tool for wealthy whites to maintain segregated neighborhoods and that the abolition of low-density neighborhoods is necessary for equity.

CityLab acknowledged that “residents might reasonably desire to keep the neighborhoods they love the way they are,” but said that implementing the law at the state level makes sure that those concerns can be more easily ignored.

“By preempting the ability of local governments to set their own restrictive zoning policies, the state policy would circumnavigate the complaints of local NIMBY homeowners who want to block denser housing,” it wrote.

The restoration of restrictive covenants would bring back sanity to the USA overnight (which is why the NAACP spent 30+ years waging legal war on them, culminating in Shelley vs. Kraemer decision in 1948), but this would require individual white people to admit they have collective interests worth fighting for and defending. We once did this, in a nation long forgotten: it was called the United States of America.


Black Students Demand Segregated Spaces from White Students ...
Black college students across the country have demanded that they be segregated from White peers, calling for "safe spaces" on campuses meant only for so-called students of color. Black students allege their campuses are oppressive, discriminatory, and represent institutionalized racism. At UCLA, the Afrikan Student Union is insisting upon an “Afrikan Diaspora floor” as well as an “Afro-house.”

Ethnic Minorities Deserve Safe Spaces Without White People ...
Last week The Ryersonian reported on an incident that involved students who were turned away from an event because they are White. This group and these sort of events allow people of colour to lay bare their experiences and to collectively combat this societal ailment. These spaces are rare places in the world not controlled by White individuals who have power, who have White privilege. These spaces, which are forums where minority groups are protected from mainstream stereotypes and marginalization, are crucial to resistance of oppression and we, as a school and as a society, need to respect them.

More with Duck Search: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=safe+zone+away+from+whites

Libtard questions segregation against Whites
Admin Note (https://creativityalliance.com/forum/index.php?action=staff): Whites are banned from Aboriginal areas in Australian Universities

(North East Australia) Queensland University of Technology Segregates White Students - Maintains Special Learning Facilities for Blacks - White Students Not Permitted

Abo woman who accuses university students in Queensland of racial hatred (because they walked into an Abo only area) under the Racial Discrim­in­ation Act is taking her costly legal fight for $250,000 in damag­es to Facebook’s corporate headquarters in Ireland

Note that the mainstream media and the Left-Wing institutionalised education system completely denounce this as either RACIST or a HOAX - and commonly as a RACIST HOAX! While the attitude of the education system and mainstream media maintain their decades old anti-White All-White-people-are-Racist mantra, the overwhelming support for the White Student Unions from the average person commenting on the article shows that the work we Creators have been doing is being noticed. People may be too cowardly to stand up and join with us, but they are at least sitting up and letting it be known that they are aware.

Behind the ‘white student unions’ springing up at Australian universities

Australia | December 2, 2015

The following article shows that no matter how liberal, how anti-racist you claim to be, when it comes down to it, you are WHITE and you are automatically guilty of anything and everything of which any darky, Semite or slant-eyes may accuse you.

Harden the f*ck up! Get active and fight back, or castrate and remove yourself from the gene pool - or better yet, hang yourself and get out of our way. We are at war and we do not intend to lose.

Aut Vincere Aut Mori


Plight unmasks the injustice of 18C

http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/nation/plight-unmasks-the-injustice-of-18c/news-story/c996e4c63d49a13b0a2cc0192bbb7eba (https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=0ahUKEwiL9LDO3qHQAhXGI5QKHUTFCekQqQIIHDAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.theaustralian.com.au%2Fnews%2Fnation%2Fplight-unmasks-the-injustice-of-18c%2Fnews-story%2Fc996e4c63d49a13b0a2cc0192bbb7eba&usg=AFQjCNFz1EYHbWZ6qBEVe9frPrvZcVT-KQ&sig2=8BYTnGQbUxDt0GQ_xhtECw)

Wood and his friends — who had visited QUT’s unsigned computer lab, called the Oodgeroo Unit, to access its unused computers for study — are white. They did not know that made the lab off-limits to them. Prior, who worked there in an administrative role, is indigenous. She asked their race and told them to leave because of their non-Aboriginality.

Findlater’s Facebook post that offended Prior, after her ejection of Wood, an engineering student, on May 28, 2013, stated: “My Student and Amenity fees are going to furbish rooms in the university where inequality reigns supreme? I believe if we have to pay to support these sorts of places, there should at least be more created for general purpose use, but again, how do these sorts of facilities support interaction­ and community within QUT? All this does is ­encourage separation and ­inequality.”

The post made Findlater a ­defendant, along with six other students, in Prior’s Federal Circuit Court proceedings in November last year with a claim for $250,000 in damages.

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Federal judge blocks Trump order allowing local governments to refuse refugees

The decision comes less than a week after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said his state would not accept new refugees, making it the first in the nation to do so.

Jan. 15, 2020, 11:34 AM CST / Updated Jan. 15, 2020, 5:56 PM CST
By Daniella Silva and Laura Strickler


A federal judge on Wednesday temporarily blocked a Trump administration order that allowed state and local governments to refuse the resettling of refugees, finding the policy likely “unlawful.”

U.S. District Judge Peter J. Messitte, of Maryland, ordered the preliminary injunction on the Trump administration’s executive order, which requires state and local governments to affirmatively consent to the receiving of refugees.

The decision comes less than a week after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said his state would not accept new refugees, making it the first in the nation to do so.

Messitte wrote in a 31-page decision that if the order were implemented, “many refugees may find themselves at least in limbo, denied services congressionally intended to help them effectively integrate into new homes.”

“Lest there be any doubt, giving State and Local Governments the power to consent to the resettlement of refugees — which is to say veto power to determine whether refugees will be received in their midst — flies in the face of clear Congressional intent,” he wrote.

Messitte wore that the court was persuaded that the plaintiffs in the case would likely be able to demonstrate the order was “arbitrary and capricious” as well as “inherently susceptible to hidden bias.”

The White House blasted the decision in a statement Wednesday as "preposterous" and an example of district courts "run amok."

"Another lawless district court has asserted its own preferred immigration policy in place of the laws of the United States," the statement said "And, in so doing, robbed millions of American citizens of their voice and their say in a vital issue directly affecting their communities."

The Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, which filed a challenge to the order in November along with two other refugee resettlement agencies, praised the judge’s decision.

"We're grateful to Judge Messitte for upholding the rule of law and ensuring that the United States remains a place of welcome for the world's most vulnerable," Krish O'Mara Vignarajah, president and CEO of the refugee service, said in a statement.

"This injunction provides critical relief," she said. "Those who have been waiting for years to reunite with their families and friends will no longer have to choose between their loved ones and the resettlement services that are so critical in their first months as new Americans."

Last week, Abbott wrote in a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that Texas “cannot consent to initial refugee resettlement” for fiscal year 2020.

Since fiscal year 2010, “more refugees have been received in Texas than in any other state,” he wrote.

The Department of Justice declined to comment and the Texas governor's office did not immediately respond to request for comment on the judge's decision.

Governors in 42 other states have said they will consent to allow more refugees, according to the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service.

On Monday, Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, a Republican, defended his decision to continue accepting refugees to a legislative committee after he was questioned by fellow GOP lawmakers.

“Each of you are leaders in your community. You've got a choice to make: You can create fear or you can help resolve fear," Hutchinson told lawmakers, according to The Associated Press. “I challenge you to help resolve fear, have the facts, and to talk about those."

Republican state Sen. Trent Garner, who had requested the meeting with the governor, told NBC News on Wednesday he was "disappointed" in the judge's decision.

"I am disappointed that a federal judge has taken this decision out of the hands of the citizens of Arkansas," he said in an email. "I appreciate President Trump’s leadership in giving local control back to the people so they could have a voice in this process. I hope that this will be overturned on appeal."

In September, Trump announced the U.S. would receive only 18,000 refugees in fiscal year 2020, a historic low since the program began in 1980.

The president also ordered that refugees would be resettled in jurisdictions where state and local governments consented to receive them.

“State and local governments are best positioned to know the resources and capacities they may or may not have available to devote to sustainable resettlement, which maximizes the likelihood refugees placed in the area will become self-sufficient and free from long-term dependence on public assistance,” Trump said in the executive order.
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Rep. Ayanna Pressley, the american born nigger of the "Squad" takes time to show us that it's a hairless ape.


Rep. Ayanna Pressley reveals she has alopecia, debuts bald head

"My twists have become such a synonymous and a conflated part of not only my personal identity and how I show up in the world, but my political brand," she said.

Jan. 16, 2020, 5:26 PM CST
By Janelle Griffith

Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., disclosed Thursday that she has alopecia areata, a condition that results in the loss of hair on the scalp and elsewhere.

Pressley, who is known for sporting natural hairstyles, particularly Senegalese twists, also revealed her bald head for the first time in an interview with The Root.

Pressley said she has been bald only in the privacy of her home and in the company of close friends.

She said she experimented with different hairstyles, including weaves and wigs. (She nicknamed one wig "FLOTUS" because to her "it feels very Michelle Obama," and she calls another of her wigs "Trace," after the actress Tracee Ellis Ross.)

Senegalese twists started out as a transitional hairstyle, she said. And it became a statement.

"I was very aware that this hairstyle could be, would be, filtered and interpreted by some as a political statement that was militant," she said. "People said, 'People will think you're angry.' And I said, 'Well, they already think that.'"

Rep. Ayanna Pressley in a video posted on Jan. 16, 2020, announcing that she has gone bald due to alopecia.Courtesy of The Root / G/O Media via AP

Pressley said she was not prepared for the acceptance, community and affirmation that resulted from her wearing the twists, including letters of support from women from around the world.

A study published last year in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatologyfound racial disparities in alopecia areata in the United States, with African Americans experiencing it at a higher rate than other racial groups.

Pressley said she learned that she had bald patches last fall while she was getting her hair retwisted. Not long after, she said, she was waking up every morning to "sinks full of hair."

The hair loss presented new challenges as she tried to conceal her growing baldness while juggling her responsibilities on Capitol Hill, she said.

Pressley told The Root that she lost her final piece of hair at a pivotal time, both politically and personally: the night before the vote to impeach President Donald Trump in the House, which was also the anniversary of her mother's death.

"I was completely bald. And in a matter of hours, was going to have to walk into the floor [of] the House Chamber ... and cast a vote in support of articles of impeachment," she recalled. "And so I didn't have the luxury of mourning what felt like the loss of a limb. It was a moment of transformation, not of my choosing."

She said that she was missing her mother and that she was mourning the loss of her hair, the state of U.S. democracy and her mentor, Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., who died in October.

She wore a custom wig to the vote and said she left the floor as soon as she could to hide in a bathroom stall.

"I felt naked, exposed, vulnerable. I felt embarrassed. I felt ashamed. I felt betrayed," she said.

Feeling as though she was participating in a cultural betrayal, she immediately knew that she would go public when she was ready.

She said her husband reassured her that she did not owe her supporters an explanation and that "everything doesn't have to be political."

"The reality is that I'm black and I'm a black woman and I'm a black woman in politics and everything I do is political," she said. "I think you might overly intellectualize it and say it's just hair."

Pressley said she is very early in her alopecia journey but is making progress every day.


"And that's why I'm doing this today. It's about self-agency. It's about power. It's about acceptance," she said. "Right now on this journey, when I feel the most unlike myself is when I am wearing a wig. So I think that means I'm on my way."
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Virginia GOP Leader: 'White Supremacist Garbage' Isn't Welcome At Pro-Gun Rally


Virginia House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert said white supremacists and other extremists planning to attend a pro-gun rally in Richmond on Monday are “not welcome” as tensions mount ahead of the controversial event.

Thousands of activists are expected to descend upon the Virginia State Capitol for Lobby Day, a rally officially billed as a peaceful event to protest gun control measures pushed by the state’s Democratically-controlled legislature.

But the event has drawn interest and threats of violence from some far-right extremist groups, prompting Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) to declare a state of emergency and temporarily ban weapons on Capitol grounds.

“Lobby Day is a time for people to peacefully assemble and petition their government,” Gilbert said Saturday in a statement. “It is not a place for hate or violence.”

“Any group that comes to Richmond to spread white supremacist garbage, or any other form of hate, violence, or civil unrest isn’t welcome here,” he added.

Law enforcement agencies have uncovered credible threats of violence surrounding the rally, Northam said Wednesday.

“This includes extremist rhetoric similar to what has been seen before major incidents, such as Charlottesville in 2017,” he wrote in a statement, referring to the violent white supremacist rally in the state that left one counterprotester dead.

Authorities have arrested six suspected neo-Nazis who were potentially planning to commit violence at the rally on Monday. Several of them believed a race war might ensue, reported The New York Times, citing the FBI.

Gilbert said Virginia House Republicans “reject any attempt by any group to infuse any kind of twisted or extreme worldview” into the rally.

“So there’s no mistake, this is my message to any group that would subvert this event: you are not welcome here,” he said in his statement. “While we and our Democratic colleagues may have differences, we are all Virginians and we will stand united in opposition to any threats of violence or civil unrest from any quarter.”

Although Virginia lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have issued statements seeking to quell any potential acts of violence, President Donald Trump on Saturday stoked fears of Second Amendment rights activists who say Democrats are out to snatch away their guns.

“Your 2nd Amendment is under very serious attack in the Great Commonwealth of Virginia,” the president tweeted. “That’s what happens when you vote for Democrats, they will take your guns away.”

The three gun control measures facing approval in Virginia’s House of Delegates as early as next week seek to limit purchases of handguns to one each month, require universal background checks for gun buyers and allow the government to ban guns in parks and public buildings.