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Author Topic: In Memoriam: Ernst Zundel

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In Memoriam: Ernst Zundel
« on: 07 Aug 2017 at 03:50 »

It is with GREAT, GREAT sorrow., that I bring the VERY tragic news., of the TRULY heroic German "Hollow-Caust" investigator, Ernst Zundel (with 2 major court-trials in Canada, back in 1985 & 88)., as I just got off the phone with his sister in Germany, that he is in fact., and had VERY unfortunately., just past-away yesterday, Saturday, August 5th...

Ernst was born in 1939 in Wildbad in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Since his release from prison in Germany on March 1, 2010, after a decades long persecution for telling the truth, Ernst had been living (under restrictions) back in his Black Forest homeland in Baden-Wurttemberg, banned from re-entering the USA, where his wife, Ingrid, is a citizen.

78-years old with weakened heart, it appears Ernst died peacefully in his sleep.

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Re: In Memoriam: Ernst Zundel
« Reply #1 on: 07 Aug 2017 at 20:50 »
He was truly a courageous man!
I remember buying a VHS recording of him being interviewed by two grammar school students years ago.
Rest well, brother...
Reverend Dr Lloyd - Life long Creator!

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