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Author Topic: Australian Politicians Stand For Israel First - Australia Second

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Peter Dutton and Tony Abbott ...

Rising Liberal star confirms support for Israel
From 2008

CANBERRA- Liberal Party up-and-comer Peter Dutton said his resolve to support Israel had been strengthened by his recent trip to the region.

Dutton, who served as assistant treasurer in the Howard government and is now the shadow minister for resources, energy and tourism, travelled as part of the recent Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) Rambam Israel Fellowship.

“Although I have considered myself a friend of Israel for a long time, this was my first visit, and it is only when you get a feel on the ground that you gain a deeper understanding of the people, their country, and their struggle,” Dutton said on his return

“The trip to Israel strengthened my resolve that Australia must continue as a true friend in a hostile region. We must make sure a democratic nation is supported and we must continue to provide our support for the goal of peace in the region.”

The Queenslander said Australians must continue to provide support for the goal of bringing peace to the Middle East.

“I must say my view is that issues in the region will be very difficult to solve in coming years, and that a management of the current relative stability will be hard, but absolutely necessary to maintain,” he said.

Dutton was joined on the trip by his Liberal Party colleagues Tony Abbott, Andrew Robb, Michael Keenan and Senator David Johnston.

They toured widely, going north to the Lebanese border and the Golan Heights, visiting Sderot and Jerusalem and travelling to the Park of the Australian Soldier in Be’er Sheva. The politicians spoke with Knesset members, including Avi Dicter, Isaac HerZOG and Tzachi Hanegbi, and met former Israeli Defence Forces chief General Moshe Ya’alon.

Source: San Diego Jewish World
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