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Author Topic: Jewish Suicide Prevention Counsellor Kills Himself Over HoloHOAX Dreams

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Suicide Prevention Counselor Kills Himself Over Holocaust Dreams  :kike

Daily Mail (Britain)

Life at the Auschwitz holiday retreat
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A long-time mental health counselor and suicide prevention volunteer committed suicide after saying he couldn't take dreams about his parents' horrific experience during the Holocaust anymore. Peter Wollheim, 67, a founder member of the Idaho Suicide Prevention Action Network and a retired communications professor, was found dead in his Boise home July 21 ... He reportedly left a note saying he was 'tired of having Holocaust dreams' and that he was 'done with life,' according to his only sibling ... For the past year, Wollheim had been awakened by nightmares of his parents, Norbert and Frieda, who had suffered at death camps in Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen, although they survived the Nazis. They are now deceased.
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