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Author Topic: Private Messages and Public Thank You's......

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Private Messages and Public Thank You's......
« on: 13 December 2013 at 23:14 »
Fellow Creators,

It seems my opinion on the Church of Creativity establishing a stronghold within 3 to 5 years has brought feisty opinions private and public out. I love it! Some say, 'thats realistically not enough time' others say, 'hell yeah, we can do that with hard work and attention to detail'. The best was from Rev Paul W who reached me privately, and I will keep our conversation as such. But I will thank him publicly for being so honest and a rising friend to me as I continue to find my voice and place here.

I believe it can be done. I use movies alot to illustrate my points because most people have seem them and its easily relate-able. This argument is the exact scene from Braveheart as William Wallace announces he will invade England. Now the Scottish Nobles claim he's crazy and it's impossible. He yells back, 'why? why is it impossible?' And tells them they have missed their natural place and right to a better life because they can't stop the inner bickering. Of course, he goes on to sack York with his army of determined Scottish commoners.

Why can't we sack the jewish lie machine? Why can't we swell our numbers with quality White individuals, thirsty for more than what the typical political fountain is allowing them to sip? We have strong leadership, believe me, that's undeniable. We have a clear and pure message. If this were a fight, we'd have the perfect 2 punch combo.

I am open to further debate. But for me, we need to start hammering away. Hammer. Hammer. Hammer. And hammer some more. Everything is in place. This world is a ripe apple dangling from a tree - we just need to have the resolve to grab it. And devour it!


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