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Author Topic: The last boxing tent is banned... due to drunk abbos making a mess of the place

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TWO Territory show stalwarts will go head to head before this weekend's Tennant Creek Show.
Roy Bell's Touring Tent, which was started in 1924, has been banned from attending the show, much to the chagrin of Bell's direct descendant Michael Karaitiana.

According to Mr Karaitiana, the secretary and site manager told him it was because his event "attracted too many drunk Aboriginal people" and it was "earning too much money" that was then taken out of town.
But Tennant Creek Show president Greg Marlowe refuted those claims, saying it was expected that an attraction like the boxing tent would entice quite a few Aboriginal people considering 50 per cent of the Tennant Creek population was indigenous.

Mr Marlowe said the banning of the boxing tent was related to the alleged verbal abuse of show staff, Mr Karaitiana's inability to disclose whether he was a member of the Showman's Guild, an alleged attack by one of his dogs and claims of under-age patronage of the attraction.
The show president claims Mr Karaitiana was involved in an argument with the secretary and site manager before last year's Tennant Creek Show. "They didn't want the boxing tent back there last year and they called the police on me," Mr Karaitiana said.
"The police came down and tried to remove me from the showgrounds, but I spelt it out to them that I actually had an appointment with the president, so he just let it go.
"The president arrived and there was no problems with him. I told him what his secretary and assistant said."

Mr Marlowe claimed that when he arrived Mr Karaitiana was swearing.
It was eventually agreed to let Mr Karaitiana set up his tent in the location of his choice to stop the situation getting out of hand.
But the situation quickly went from bad to worse when a visitor was allegedly attacked by one of Mr Karaitiana's unleashed dogs.

"When he reported the incident to us on the Friday at the secretary's office, I was absolutely gob-smacked," Mr Marlowe said. "He showed me the bite marks.
"I immediately went to the Barkly Shire Council, where the CEO and two councillors were on the stand (at the show). I said that I wanted the dog destroyed.
"The CEO contacted the animal control officer, who came out to have a chat with the victim, who for whatever reason didn't proceed in identifying the dog.
"I'm assuming he didn't want to identify the dog because of Mr Karaitiana. "I'm pretty sure he knows which dog attacked him."

In response to the attack, the Barkly Shire Council put in an official complaint that led the council to introduce dog by-laws.
The NT Show Council, of which Mr Marlowe is the chairman, also introduced new terms and conditions on the control of animals at all Northern Territory shows.
"I raised in my report from the Tennant Creek Show that this is an issue that happened, and it might be an idea that we have the rules for our show. We decided rather than have one rule, we might as well have the same rule for everyone," Mr Marlowe said.
A Tennant Creek Show committee member who is also a high school teacher saw some of her students participating in the event.

"It's not a practice that should be accepted," Mr Marlowe said.
The banning has been called unfair by Mr Karaitiana because his family has played a pivotal part in the Tennant Creek Show.

"My family started the Tennant Creek Show, the Bell family and my grandfather started 'carnivalling' in that town long before the show ever came to light," he said.
"We have been supporting that show for many years."
Mr Marlowe said although the tent has been at the Tennant Creek Show for the past two years, it hadn't been around for 10-15 years prior to that time.

Despite Mr Karaitiana's banning, Mr Marlowe said the rest of the Bell's Amusement rides were more than welcome to attend this weekend's show.
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