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Author Topic: Australian Import Mud Crime

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Re: Australian Import Mud Crime
« Reply #490 on: 22 May 2020 at 21:27 »

An Uber driver accused of sexually assaulting women inside his car had 'ritualistic sexual fantasies' about sleeping and drunken women, a court has heard

Sharjeel Mirza, 37, of Bundoora - 16kms north of Melbourne - remained caged on Friday after an unsuccessful attempt at bail in the Melbourne Magistrates' Court.

His barrister, Lucien Richter, had argued the DNA extracted from two victims could have got there because of the short skirts they wore while sitting in his car

I find it difficult to believe,' Detective Senior Constable Erin Clark said.

Mr Richter is the son of prominent queen's counsel, Robert Richter, who represented Cardinal George Pell during his fight against child rape allegations.

His client faces charges of rape and attempted rape and assorted sexual assault charges. 

Earlier, the court heard Mirza had been dumped from Uber and its rival Ola over complaints he was a sex pest long before he was eventually charged

Still displaying an Uber sign on his car a year after he was stood down, the court heard Mirza allegedly trawled the streets at night looking for vulnerable prey.

The 37-year old Pakistani-born father of two had come to Australia on a student visa, which had expired in August 2017.

Senior Constable Clark told the court Mirza targetted a woman he saw drunk and vomiting outside a CBD nightclub early last year and offered to drive her home.

She later told police he lured her into his 2016 Corolla with an offer of a bottle of water and to clean up her vomit.

The court heard Mirza asked for $70 cash supposedly because she was too drunk and no-one else would collect her.

Once alone, the woman claimed Mirza pounced, raping her inside his locked vehicle.

When he was done, he dropped her off at home, the woman told police.

She called the police and forensic swabs were taken to collect DNA, which would later indicate Mirza was the culprit, the court heard.

He denied the allegations and police were forced to cut him loose while they awaited test results.

Months later, police claim Mirza struck again, this time against another drunk woman he had picked-up on trendy Brunswick Street.

The court heard CCTV from a nearby pub showed his victim stumbling over as she hopelessly tried to call for a ride

Again, Mirza showed up in his Corolla and again the woman claimed she was sexually assaulted inside of it, the court heard

When she woke the next day she too went to police where DNA was taken from the inside of her underwear.

The results were a near perfect match, police alleged.

This time Mirza was arrested and his computer forensically searched.

Senior Constable Clark described a disturbing cache of pornography, which revolved around sleeping and drunk women.

The court heard Mirza's previous bosses had been warned about his alleged bad behaviour, with several complaints made against him in 2018 by various women

Police had feared that if Mirza was released on bail there was a chance he could be granted a bridging visa that would allow him back into the community

Mr Richter said his client hoped to remain in Australia with his family.

He told the court Mirza's wife, who supported him in court, could put up a $10,000 surety if he was released. 

Senior Constable Clark warned nothing would stop Mirza from re-offending other than jail. 

Mr Richter argued the police case against his client was not 'overly strong' and questioned the method of DNA testing done on the victims' samples.

He said previous complaints made to ride sharing companies could not be used in any trial against his client and suggested his alleged victims could struggle to convince a jury because they were so drunk.

'That's no criticism either,' he said of one of Mirza's alleged victim's.

'She was very, very drunk

Mirza, who appeared in court via video link, was remanded in custody until his next appearance

 >:(illegal, dirty, curry muncher cab driver! How many times have we heard this story before about these “Indian Myna birds”?!
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Re: Australian Import Mud Crime
« Reply #491 on: 23 May 2020 at 09:09 »
The man who crashed his car into a western Sydney hijab shop will remain behind bars after police raised concerns about a "very similar" incident earlier in the year.

Sydney Morning Herald | 23 May 2020

Excerpt: Sabry Moustafa Nassar, 51, was denied bail when he appeared at Parramatta Bail Court on Saturday morning after prosecutors raised fears for the community and the risk of a repeat incident.

The court heard that the crash had similar hallmarks to an incident at Lakemba in January this year for which Nassar has also now been charged.

The details of the earlier incident were not voiced in court but magistrate Holly Kemp denied Mr Nassar's bail application because of what she described as "elements of predatory or deliberate behaviour" on that occasion.

Mr Nassar has been charged with a string of offences, including driving furiously in a motor vehicle causing bodily harm and reckless driving, and is facing a maximum possible jail term of two years.
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Re: Australian Import Mud Crime
« Reply #492 on: 28 May 2020 at 21:51 »

A taekwondo instructor raped his 15-year-old student after plying her with MDMA at a party then assaulting her in his bedroom, a Sydney court has heard

Christopher Palmares Sy, 35, a martial arts teacher from north Sydney, is accused of assaulting the young girl, who he met when she was 12, in February.

Sy is alleged to have sent the girl a pink rose on Valentine's Day along with a card, before sending her a WhatsApp message asking if she liked the gifts.

At a meeting the next weekend, the Seaforth man sexually assaulted the girl at a birthday party, police told Parramatta Local Court on Thursday.

He is accused of inviting the girl and two friends, also from a martial arts school, to his house and giving them MDMA, washed down with iced tea

The 15-year-old girl saw the 'room spinning' and fell to the floor, before Sy allegedly picked her up, took her to his room, locked the door and sexually assaulted her, police facts allege.

Friends who came to check on her were told by Sy that she was OK, the facts stated.

Sy allegedly met the girl while he was volunteering as a taekwondo instructor and picked her up from her house on at least one occasion.

He's accused of sexually assaulting the 15-year-old on another occasion at Freshwater on March 9 and grabbing the girl's breasts at Seaforth six days later.

They are alleged to have met at Spirit Taekwondo at Brookvale in Sydney's north.

'There's a strong prosecution case,' police prosecutor John Fraser said.

But his lawyer said it was a 'he said, she said' case and there were good prospects of acquittal on most charges.

'A custodial sentence is not a foregone conclusion or even likely,' Michael Adamo said

He is accused of aggravated sexual assault with a child, sexual touching, child grooming and drug supply, and was granted bail on strict conditions.

Magistrate Rodney Brender granted Sy bail on 'very strict conditions' after hearing concerns his seven employees could lose their jobs if he remained in custody.

He is a health practitioner and runs a practice.
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