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Author Topic: Social Media Morons That You Can Have Fun With

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Social Media Morons That You Can Have Fun With
« on: 11 February 2014 at 02:07 »
Go to Google+ or follow the link to the YouTube page in question and see the comments.

Calls himself "nativesupport2" and has been trolling videos for several months now.
His personal page link

Began by attacking the Little White Book as read by Brother Mr Costello: The Little White Book 15 We Are Proud To Be White Racial Loyalists.

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Seeing all non-whites are "enemies" is already ridiculous.

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Offering love and peace to those that otherwise wish to murder you is suicidal.

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That's the conspiracy *. The non-whites killed by terrorist Benjamin Smith were no threat to anybody, but Ben was. Stop lying! You guys are not about "peace and love" at all. Not only do you misrepresent white people, you're fucking terrorists as well and no sugar coating talk is going to change that reality.

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Conspiracy my White arse. That is the way of the world. Ben Smith made a mistake in what he did - we admit that and that it was a tragedy for all, but we also point out that Smith had formally left the Church prior to going on his shooting spree, which ended in his own death. However, race-traitor ignoramuses such as yourself are so blinded by your ideology desperately seek to pin the "terrorist" label on anyone with Proud White Racialist connections because of the actions - justified or not (and Ben's were not) - of a few. Meanwhile, anyone that attempts to hold your dark brethren up to the same standards is denounced as a "RACIST!" "NAZI!" "WHITE SUPREMACIST!" and "TERRORIST!"

Yes, it is only a "terrorist" act when Whites do it, because pathetic apologists like you are always ready drop everything and run to the defence of the Darky. If you love your indigenous friends so much, then put your actions where your mouth is: Buy a ticket to Europe, give everything  else to the local natives and bug off! The Muslim and African invaders of Europe will probably boot you back into the Atlantic ... because they don't want you any more than does any half decent White man.

I've had my fun, it's your turn now. Remember to be smart about it and don't let that arsehole bait you, because he will have your account banned.

BTW if you don't have a Google+ account to reply with, just follow the links to the video and reply with your YouTube account ... which is the same thing anyway.


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Re: Social Media Morons That You Can Have Fun With
« Reply #1 on: 12 February 2014 at 07:12 »
What the heck is that guys problem? If we want to pal around and be happy and proud we are white it doesn't mean it has to apply to him, why is he going to let what we do define how people look at him?

He should be ashamed of telling people to not be proud of something.   :-[
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