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Author Topic: Universities Selling Out White Australians

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Universities Selling Out White Australians
« on: 30 October 2011 at 09:29 »

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A VICTORIAN ombudsman's report says there are serious problems in international education at Victorian universities, including attempts to bribe academics, plagiarism, passing students who should have failed and admitting students with English skills that are not up to scratch.
In a report tabled in Parliament yesterday, acting ombudsman John Taylor said there were problems with English language proficiency, academic standards and regulatory arrangements and made a series of recommendations to improve standards.

Comment: Any native born, White Australian that has passed their highschool final exams can testify to the stress and difficulty endured to attain the required TER (Tertiary Entrance Rank) score required to be offered a place at an Australian university. However, with each passing year the minimum requirements increase, as universities limit Government funded places for Australian citizens, to increase their intake on international (mostly non-White) students.

The growing number of mostly Indian and Asian students coming to Australia and paying exorbitant fees to universities are literally stealing spots from White Australians, all in the name of university profits. The international student industry in 2007 alone was worth $2.6 Billion to Australian universities, making it the third largest industry in the country. These billions of dollars are not being used to benefit White students, with many struggling to keep up with the rising cost of living. A good illustration of uni profits not helping students is the current protest by Deakin students against management increasing the cost of parking on campus, despite massive profits.

The Governments of the last decade have muttered about "skills shortages" and the necessity of migrant workers to keep the economy afloat. It isn't a difficult concept to grasp that White Australians do want higher education but the increasing competition and unfair practices made by the universities is making this increasingly difficult, if not impossible for some. If the Government spent the required money on making university a viable and affordable option for White Australians, the so-called "skills shortage" wouldn't be an issue. Whilst we still support undesirable and inferior non-White students, we will further isolate White Australians from the education they deserve and become forever dependant on foreign countries to stay afloat.

The report from the Ombudsman is quite revealing of what kind of people these international students are. Many of them have a minimal, if any grasp of the English language and many will offer bribes, even sexual favours, to make up for their lack of ability. Hundreds of Australians, especially the mature age, would love the opportunity to attain a tertiary qualification but are being kept back and ignored in favour of non-Whites that cannot string three words of English together.

What happened to our birthright? What happened to the European value of opportunity for all? Why is our Government selling our students out for inferior, uncivilised non-Whites?

It's time to reclaim our campuses and take back our workplaces - let's make Australia the prosperous, White land that it once was!


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