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Author Topic: Australian Creator meeting

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Re: Australian Creator meeting
« Reply #5 on: 29 September 2011 at 12:22 »
I intend to make next year a Balkan tour. I would like to come visit one day.
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Re: Australian Creator meeting
« Reply #6 on: 30 September 2011 at 09:56 »
All are welcome  8)
On the road ... travelling from the UK to the Black Sea. Then after a little rest, back across Europe all the way to the Arctic Circle through Sweden and Norway. The trip will last until around October. I am not well off or getting any sponsor, but if you would like a visit while I am on the road feel free to drop me a line. And I will do my best to stop in and see you.  I will be doing my best to get the word out about our Church. There are lots of so-called Right-Wing groups throughout Europe and whenever possible I will be meeting up and putting the good word forward.

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Re: Australian Creator meeting
« Reply #7 on: 30 September 2011 at 11:14 »
Ok, a more detailed report on the events of the last few days...

I arrived on Tuesday and we went out to dinner and discussed various things, mostly getting to know each other. Some here may not realise that Rev. Cambeul and I had not met in person previous to this meeting, despite having known each other for nearly 6 years. All our communication was by internet and telephone. Australia is a big place and long distance travel was much harder for me when I was younger.

Wednesday we took a trip to Glenelg, which is the "tourist" area of Adelaide, although one wouldn't think much of it. I've noticed Adelaide is a small, quiet place, not much different to the city of Geelong, where I live. Glenelg appeared to be almost entirely White, with a couple of Asians and at least one person that looked like he may have been a kike. I am told inner Adelaide is much muddier. Later that day we caught up with a couple of other racialists, with whom we had dinner and then had drinks with until late in to the night.

Thursday was time for myself and my girlfriend (Sister J.) to leave Adelaide and head back home. We decided to take a longer but more scenic route home, which ended up taking us a whole 13 hours before we finally made it back and could finally relax.

So, having finally met our Pontifex Maximus, I can attest to his honesty and honourable nature, he is just a normal White person with the determination and selflessness required of a true Creator. I am honoured to call him Brother and Pontifex!


Reverend Maygar.

P.S. For those not used to it, avoid drinking South Australian tap water... It gave me terrible intestinal issues, if you get my drift...


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