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Author Topic: English Denfence League: Anti-Islam Protest Nov 5 2009

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English Denfence League: Anti-Islam Protest Nov 5 2009
« on: 05 December 2009 at 23:36 »
11 arrests at anti-Islam protest in Nottingham,22606,26447848-5005962,00.html

December 06, 2009 06:58 am

ELEVEN men were arrested and a policewoman was taken to hospital after violence broke out at a far-right group's demonstration against Islamic extremism in England.

The 29-year-old policewoman hurt her arm while policing a cordon at the protest by the English Defence League in the city of Nottingham, but no one else was seriously hurt in the skirmishes, Nottinghamshire police said.

About 500 members of the EDL, a marginal group which has staged a number of demonstrations against radical Islam in recent months, sang the English national anthem and football songs as they gathered in the city.

Many of them had their faces covered with scarves and hooded tops as they chanted "`We want our country back" and held placards saying "Protect Women, No to Sharia (law)'' and "No Surrender''.

A counter-demonstration by Unite Against Fascism [a marginal far-left group], which claims the EDL is a racist organisation, took place nearby, despite police requests that they move.

Concerns about immigration and Islamic extremism in Britain were highlighted by the success of the anti-immigration British National Party in European elections this year, when it secured its first two MEPs.

My guess is that most - if not all - of the arrests were reds, and that is was they who hurt the policewoman's arm, but the media and police will never admit that.

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