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Author Topic: Australian Defence Force to Remove White Politically Incorrect Servicemen

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Black soldiers can shout BLACK POWER all the like, same again with Muslims and their PC Jihad, and Jews making up all sorts of crap about fictional "Nazi's" in order to bring about shame and public abuse of anyone that they happen to dislike ... but be White and say This or that's OK :ok and watch the screeching shite hit the fan.

Image source is an abandoned website shut down by Antis by removing their income

White Soldiers warned they have 'no place in our Army' if displaying white supremacy hand gestures

Andrew Greene | ABC (Australia) | 19 February 2020

Australian soldiers are being warned they will be immediately suspended from active duty, and possibly kicked out of the Army, if caught making white supremacist hand gestures.

The Army has issued an extraordinary directive to all unit commanders instructing them on how to deal with officers or soldiers found to be displaying racist "hand symbology" in photos.

It follows the increasing global usage of the so-called "white power" hand sign, in which the thumb and index finger touch, while the other fingers of the hand are held outstretched to roughly resemble a "W" and a "P".

According to the Anti-Defamation League, the overwhelming purpose of the hand gesture is still to signify "OK" but is now also widely used by white supremacists.

The ABC has obtained a document sent by Defence Forces Command last year warning any individual who engages in such behaviour has "no place in our Army".

That warning came in the same month that the man charged over the Christchurch massacre made the white power symbol while being led into the dock of a New Zealand court.

"To date, two soldiers in the last week have made a white supremacy symbol in photographs," the directive sent in March 2019 reveals.

Unit commanders and "subordinate commanders" are instructed to initiate "suspension from duty action" if they have "sufficient material" to suspect an Army member has engaged in the activity.

Commanders are advised that "if, after considering evidence collected by investigation or fact finding" they're satisfied that a gesture "associated with racial hatred or extremist hate groups" has been made, "termination action is to be initiated".

Despite the crackdown, the Defence Department has told the ABC to date "no Army member has been terminated as a result of displaying a white supremacy symbol in public".

"An ADF member found to be associated with extremist ideologies will be investigated and potentially face administrative action," Defence said in a statement.

"Administrative action ranges from counselling through to termination of employment."

The Department has, however, confirmed one Army member has been disciplined "for contravening Defence values by making inappropriate hand gestures".

Several Army sources have told the ABC the disciplined member was a Lieutenant Colonel at the time, although Defence has declined to comment due to "privacy reasons".

One soldier, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, claimed the Army's directive was considered very problematic because the "okay" gesture was too easily mistaken as a "white power" symbol.


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The only way to prevent 1984 is 2323

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