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Black Harvard Graduate


The eloquence of Black Harvard Graduates continues to amaze me ...

Location: Barrie - Ontario, Canada

Name: you guys are ugly
Place of Birth: in ur mums house
Heritage: ur mom
Schooling: harvard

Anything Else: ur mom is fat and u guys are all pretty large like wtf control ur weight first before you make a shitty religion #whitesarestupid #whiteshavedementia

Favorite Book/Author:  basketbal
Favorite Music/Musician:  lizzo
More of My Favorite Things: hating on white people and being a proud black twink

My Awakening: ur flyers are embarrassing kill yourselves like actually take a bullet through ur head or kick the chair you choose

instagram: whitepeoplehatepagelol

Wow how original Monkey Boy. Learn to spell correctly.

This isn't hate mail, it's comedy mail!  =))

These niggers definitely live up to their IQ Level. Warning: Monkey Chimping Out. :monkey

I wonder if he realises that the computer he is using was Created by ... Yep, you guessed it - US WHITES. 23 Rahowa.


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