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Ben Smith - Our Official Stance - What's it to Be?


If I had to give Ben Smith a pleasing label, it would be victim, but not a martyr.

Because of the stain inflicted upon Creativity by Hale's use of Smith as a "First Amendment Martyr" and the obvious glee with which he mounted the media podium at the time, Smith is something that we of the GFC are going to have to address, with the intention of releasing a public statement on where Creativity officially stands re Ben Smith. Outside America, we shrug the actions off both Smith and Hale as nothing to do with us, but for you in America, you will need something more official, well prepared and previously published, otherwise we run the risk of having our people make the error of publicly taking the JOG’s stance on Smith, where in fact, our stance is somewhere between that of the JOG and Hale’s.

Our public stance will probably have to be one of sympathy for all involved in the tragedy (including Smith), with no apology given nor fault acknowledged on our Church or Creativity's behalf – with fault denied if need be – and blame set solely on the JOG with emphasis placed on the fact that Smith was also a law student. His actions were not revenge killings for the refusal to give Hale his law licence as is often said (including by Hale himself), but rather the desperate act of a young man that had reached a breaking point he would have reached all the more sooner had he not discovered Creativity when he did. Smith was a law student and no doubt saw Hale's denial of a law licence in his own future. Pressures of college, cultural and societal expectations, discrimination (racial, religious and political), US gun culture (Canada has the same gun laws but a totally different gun culture), Hollywood's glorification of ..., and whatever else fits our purpose ... all culminated in the tragic events of that fourth of July weekend.

Another point that will have to be decided by the GFC is whether or not it be permitted to speculate publicly if Smith would have been accepted by today's standards. Anyone who knew Smith personally and is a current member of our Church is free to speculate (and if a Church leader, decide) on that. The rest of us honestly have to say that we do not know whether Smith would have passed muster. Six months as a Prospective Church Member is a long time when you are being judged on your personal morals and mental health status. And let's face it, Smith joined a group (as I and other Creators did) that judged an individual on his financial status rather than the potential quality he brought to the group.

So there it is. More than enough information to begin a discussion. There is no hurry or even a time limit, but the moment the US media begin to pay attention to us, something will have to be ready. It would be better to have something already published and buried in our archives on the main website to put the media off and instruct future Ministers of Creativity, than to wait for the inevitable.


I refer to him as August Smith, his Creator name. It was a tragedy and one that could have been prevented. I watched an interview he gave and I was struck by his intellect. He was a student at one of the most competitive high schools for gifted students before he went to college. At least two other Creators graduated from there as well. But he was young and easily influenced. If I had known him I would have advised him to serve the Church by getting his law degree and license. Keep his activism and appearences to a minimum in the meantime. That was said by everyone in retrospect, little good it does then.
August Smith, victim.

I want to add that "First Amendment Martyr" was something that the evola virus pushed at the command of his jog handlers. That t-shirt that was produced was spearheaded by evola and paid for by jog money. I received a shirt from a former Church member and I retain it in my archives. It something I would never display nor advocate bringing back into availability.
August Smith was basically used as a tool by both the WCOTC and the jewsmedia. The WCOTC recognized his great activism, his intelligence, his ability to deal with the media and used that, rightly and wrongly. The jewsmedia used him after the fact as an example of smart White kids going extreme - another bogeyman for the sheeplike consumers. If asked my opinion that is what I would say. I mourn August Smith as a victim, the great loss of a leader and scholar, and I mourn his potential future which probably would have been grand  had he lived to grow up.


--- Quote from: Rev.Pat on 26 April 2012 at 12:56 ---I want to add that "First Amendment Martyr" was something that the evola virus pushed at the command of his jog handlers. That t-shirt that was produced was spearheaded by evola and paid for by jog money. I received a shirt from a former Church member and I retain it in my archives. It something I would never display nor advocate bringing back into availability.
--- End quote ---

Hmm ... Creativity copped and still cops a lot of flack about that shirt. When we publish the August Smith article, we should address that as well. Something like IMAGE of (shocking) SHIRT + Production of this shirt was Authorised and Designed by the FBI, and Funded by the US Tax Payer.

This also raises the question: Was there anything else that Evola personally funded/the tax payer funded/the FBI authorised that has been used against us? If so, compile a list and start a new topic for that.


August Smith was a victim of the Jewish system, one that warps the minds of all White people in one way or another. The degenerate culture of modern society polarises people, forces them in to a sort of post traumatic stress that creeps up on them, rather than being a sudden event as in war zones. The modern Western society may not be Baghdad or Kabul but the effect is the same - it turns intelligent, moral and responsible White men in to unstable figures of confusion and rage.

August Smith indeed was a law student, one that had seen his idol denied the same title that he aspired to. When Hale was denied his law license, an already upset and angry August Smith would have about reached breaking point in his tolerance of the current society. As Smith struggled to accept that injustice, he would have continued to stress about his own potential difficulty in being issued a license to practice law. This, amongst other issues affecting August Smith, would have lead to the events of the July 4th holiday.

Is August Smith a criminal? In the eyes of the JOG, yes he is. In the eyes of Creators he is a victim but one whose actions we cannot and will not condone. What he did was wrong, not because his victims were innocent but because his actions were not in the best interests of the White race. Is August Smith a martyr? A martyr is somebody killed for their beliefs, in that sense, Smith is not a martyr and I don't believe we should declare him one. He was not justified in attacking those muds, just as a soldier is not justified in breaking his rules of engagement.

Would he have been accepted today? I never knew him, so I can't make that judgement. It should be stated though, that our scrutinisation of potential members is much more stringent than it ever was before.

TL;DR: The August Smith affair is one we should look back on as a lesson, not as a propaganda tool.


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