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White People in Third World Countries: Beaten, Raped, Kidnapped & Murdered

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White People Mercilessly Beaten in Thailand

An older British couple in their sixties with their son were targeted and beaten in Thailand because they are White people.

Witnesses reported they overheard a group of Thai men saying they were going to attack “farangs” — a derogatory term for Europeans.

Farang:  Thai for "a person of white race".

Thailand’s reputation as a dangerous destination for White tourists has grown over the past several years, due to incidents including the high-profile murders of two British backpackers on the resort of Koh Tao in 2014 and a bombing at a popular Bangkok tourist site in August that killed 20 people.


Although they should never have been there in the first place, at least the family are spreading the right message by publicly announcing their refusal to ever return. Hopefully they'll be smart enough to realise that is how the entire non-White world is.

Do it Right - Keep it White!

"Take your stinking paws off me! You damn dirty apes."
Rosemary Owen was recovering in hospital when two gooks arrived to finish the job.
We're never going back
Video: Vicious attack on Scottish gran and her husband and son being punched and kicked unconscious in Thailand is caught on camera

Aid worker abducted in Afghanistan identified as 60-year-old Perth woman

Katherine Jane Wilson, kidnapped - probably raped and tortured to death:
That's what happens to White people who try to help niggers.

Aussie left to die in Bali after brutal attack

News Limited (Australia) | 12 May 2016

Extract: AN elderly Aussie man has been left to die in a Bali hospital because he doesn’t have insurance to pay for life saving treatment.

John Burke from Darwin who is believed to have lived in Bali for the past 10 years was reportedly attacked in his villa in Gunung Salak in Kerobokan.

He needs immediate surgery to relieve pressure on his brain from internal bleeding but without insurance he lacks the funds to pay for the surgery himself. [more ...]

It doesn't matter if White people are in third world countries or not. You have to watch these third world people in any place!

It is interesting to see how they live. However you'll soon get homesick.. and damn tired of these "seagulls" from having a feeding frenzy on your wallet and bugging you! All sorts of cunning sales tricks and deceit to rip you off ... or they get upset about not receiving/not getting enough tip off you for a service you initially didn't agree for them to provide you with.

Yeah their places are cheap by our standards but crazy stuff happens to you every day when you are there and it is like playing chess with the universe and a lot of stress when you are there, so you need to ask yourself if you really want a holiday. If you do want a holiday then you'll have to pay more for a tour group and a hotel where prices are included and nobody demands tips for every little thing! If not get some camouflage and dress as the locals do with some sunnies on.

 That's the trade off. You get a cheap holiday but it isn't really cheap when you consider the prices the shonks want to charge foreigners only. Then there is the haggling and stuff lack of price tags, no cab meters, pricks that want to charge you fees in Western currency and not the currency of the country.

Australian woman ‘raped, bound, gagged’ in front of boyfriend in Samoan hotel room

Naomi White | Daily Telegraph (Australia) | 27 May 2016

Extract: “I saw a Samoan man, crouched in the corner. I screamed as loud as I could, and I froze. The man came towards me with a pair of large dress scissors raised high and straight at me. My screams got Tom out of bed and he quickly came to my aid, only to be faced with a very aggressive figure as the scissors were directed towards him,” Ms Jackson wrote.

“Realising the immediate danger, we put our hands out, half trying to calm the man and half to protect ourselves. In fractured English, he told us to be quiet or he would kill us.”

The pair – who had seen their alleged attacker’s face as he forced them to delete their iPad photos, identified him from a series of photos shown to them by local police.

A man NIG-NOG was later arrested and now awaiting trial.

The couple are now trying to gather the funds to travel back to Samoa to testify at the man’s trial, set to start on June 27, as well as to repay the costs of a lawyer hired for them by Ms Jackson’s mum and to pay for their family to accompany them for support. [More ...]
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