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'These children should not be taught hatred.' Racist gesture caught on camera during Mepham, Elmont HS basketball game

Dec 09, 2021, 9:40pm/Updated 20h ago
By: News 12 Staff

An act of racism was caught on camera during a high school basketball game between Mepham and Elmont high schools.

A student at Mepham was accused of using a bunch of bananas to taunt Black players from Elmont during a girls' junior varsity game.

The person who sent the pictures to News 12 says the student was yelling, "Here monkeys, come and get it."

"These children should not be taught hatred," one parent said.

In a message to the Bellmore-Merrick community, the school superintendent wrote, "A district student spectator made inappropriate, racist gestures in the crowd making reference to the other team's players."

Officials say the district took immediate action writing that, "We can assure you that the student responsible for this reprehensible behavior will be disciplined and receive significant consequences in accordance to the district's code of conduct."

Elaine Gross, with the group Erase Racism, says the students' actions show why schools should have frequent and honest conversations about race.

"Unless we are consistent with efforts before there's an incident to have the kind of measured conversations about race and racism, we're never going to get out of this kind of cycle," Gross says.

The superintendent of the Sewanhaka Central High School says they were disappointed by the student's actions but praised the Bellmore-Merrick District for quickly addressing the situation, which included an apology to the entire Elmont community.

Holding Bananas is racist, calling somebody a “monkey” is racist. It’s clear niggers look and behave like monkeys, but if a black man called a White a “monkey”, racist wouldn’t be a term used to describe that.

Yes the hand holding the bananas is black! Probably a media driven “stitch up“.


Brick etched with ‘KKK’ removed from Orlando neighborhood street


If you've ever walked along Eola Drive in Orlando, you may not have even seen it: a message etched into the street.

It is on one street brick amid thousands, but one that packs a punch.

“I’m like, ‘What?!’” said Patty Sheehan when she heard about it.

The Orlando City Commissioner said her friend, Ann Mount, discovered the eyesore and told her about it.

“How many people drove over this and never noticed it?” Sheehan said.

Three letters are etched across the brick: KKK. The brick was smack dab in the middle of the Park Lake-Highland neighborhood. Sheehan and her friend decided to do something about it.

“She and I went with a crowbar,” she said. “And we replaced the brick. Made a repair. You can’t even tell that we did it.”

But some people will notice, like Ray Jenkins who lives nearby. Jenkins is a Black man and has lived in the neighborhood for three decades.

“There was ignorance in the past here. Remember this is the South, so that’s one of the things that you’re living with when you come into the South,” Jenkins said.

Sheehan and her friend are both potters. With their artistic eye, they do not think the etching is new.

“These bricks have to be fired to a really high temperature. And they’ve been there for hundreds of years,” Sheehan said. “You could not carve this into a brick like this. This would have had to have been done when the brick was made.”

Now, Sheehan is offering up the brick to the Orange County Regional History Center.

“We’re a city of diversity and love. We don’t celebrate this kind of thing. I think it’s important to remember the history, but not to celebrate it,” Sheehan said.

Sheehan said if you find a brick like this, contact the city of Orlando.

“Since I’m with the city, I knew how to remove them properly,” she said.

For that, Jenkins is thankful.

“Hopefully with people like Patty Sheehan, we’ll be able to pull that brick out and start again,” Jenkins said.

One brick was removed, paving the way to change.


Australian comedian Vince Sorrenti has been slammed for singing an 'outdated and unacceptable' song about Maori live on the radio - and the shame-faced star agrees

Mr Sorrenti, 60, was being introduced on the 2GB show, Saturday Night With Rob Duckworth, when he launched a string of puns based on the old song, That's Amore

But after a couple of innocent gags about Moray eels and tuna mornay, the humour took a twist with the Sydney stand-up funnyman's final joke.

To the tune of the 1953 Dean Martin hit, Mr Sorrenti sang: 'When you're hit by a thug, in a tough Kiwi pub, that's a Maori.'

The studio can be heard bursting into laughter in the background as Rob Duckworth - standing in for regular host Bill Woods - tries to move quickly on

Mr Sorrenti is a patron of Immigration Place Australia but was previously embroiled in a race row when a 2011 TV advert he did for Tyreright mocked the Chinese accent.

Now fuming Maori have told the Sydney stand-up comedian to bring his act into the 21st century after the gag was branded outdated and unacceptable.

'In today's day and age, that's definitely not acceptable,' said a member of Sydney's Maori Wardens community. 'He needs to reconsider his material in the future.

'Maybe in his day it was acceptable. Back in the dark ages maybe it would have been fine, but nowadays you have to consider things other than people's ethnicity.

'It's not acceptable. It never has been, but it's really not acceptable now
It’s not acceptable to have a joke about what is the truth ! “Make the mon som iggs butch”

Protests over renaming of 'racist' pub name in Scotland, The Black Bitch
It's named after a black female dog ... Just rename it NIGGER!


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