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Australia: Opposition leader grovels to Indigenous - blames Whitey ...

LABOR leader Bill Shorten said indigenous people were dispossessed from their land and he understands why they believe Australia was invaded by the British.

He has also signalled a Labor Government could back a treaty with indigenous people in addition to indigenous recognition in the constitution.

Mr Shorten last night declared Australia didn’t “handle Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people well”.

“I actually think that calling out racism in this country isn’t part of the set election script, but it’s true,” Mr Shorten said, adding that he wanted more indigenous Australians in the parliament.... Gee doesn't he learn? More corrupt ATSICS, Nova Peris' and the like!

The declaration came after Mr Shorten was asked by indigenous man Doug on ABC’S Q&A if he believed Australia had been invaded by the British in 1788.

“If I was an Aboriginal or indigenous person, yes, I would,’’ Mr Shorten replied on the program.

Mr Shorten declared reconciliation needed to be both practical and symbolic, reverencing changing the constitution and considering a treaty.

He also said Australia needed to move “beyond” recognition in the constitution.

“Do I think we need to move beyond just constitutional recognition to talking about what a post-constitutional recognition settlement with indigenous people looks like, yes I do.”

When pressed if this could be a treaty, Mr Shorten replied “yes.”

Pressed on whether he believed colonisation constituted an invasion, Mr Turnbull recalled his family’s convict heritage.

“My ancestors came out here as convicts so I don’t feel that the convicts were part of the invading force if that’s any good,” he said.
“They didn’t have any choice coming here either,’’ he said

Mr Shorten was quizzed on the program by several people about how Labor would fund policies such as its proposal to expand the National Broadband Network.

He was also challenged by a small-business owner to support company tax relief.

Mr Shorten said a Labor Government would dump Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s plan to cut the tax rate for large companies and would further restrict negative gearing and capital gains tax concessions.

“It’s about choices. I choose to use scarce taxpayer dollars and find the money through hard decisions to help save Medicare, properly fund our schools and make sure we can back in our kids going to university,’’ he said.

“Mr Turnbull chooses to make his economic plan giving away $50 billion to large corporations.”

The Opposition has come under pressure in recent days after announcing it would slow the reduction in budget deficits over the next three years.

Mr Shorten said many of the savings Mr Turnbull was relying on were “zombie measures’’ which would never be passed by the Senate.

“We will not reduce the deficit as fast as the Government in the first three years because they’re relying on cuts which are fake and bogus,’’ he said.

At the start of the program, Mr Shorten condemned the massacre of 50 people at a gay nightclub in Florida.

“This wasn’t just an attack on our humanity, this was an attack on our right to be proud of who we are, our right to choose who we love,’’ he said

Asked about housing affordability, Mr Shorten said negative gearing should be restricted to new investment properties to make it easier for first-home buyers to compete for properties.

What a turd! I sure hope he doesn't get to power!

Australia - Northern Territory

NT Police deny racism claims after responding to Palmerston assault

A PALMERSTON resident reporting the brutal bashing of a woman says the fact she was asked by police if the attacker was indigenous reveals a racist attitude among police - something police vehemently deny.

Mina Stankovic said around 9.30pm on a recent Wednesday night, she contacted police after witnessing a woman being assaulted across the road from her house in Gray.

“She was lying on the ground crying and yelling for help,” she said. “He was yelling at her, swearing at her and eventually pulling, hitting and kicking her.”

While Ms Stankovic was on the phone, the violence escalated. “I told them ‘he is kicking her in the head right now’ and that he had fallen over while kicking her head and knocked his head on the concrete. I asked them to come help. They asked if the attacker was indigenous. How relevant is that when someone is getting their head kicked in?”

Eventually the couple stumbled off in different directions and Ms Stankovic went to bed.

She thought police did not attend the scene but records show two police cars did attend the job. The first police car arrived 15 minutes after Ms Stankovic’s call was made and the second 21 minutes later - but the attacker had left.

They hurt each other but could have gone on to hurt other people too,” Ms Stankovic said.

She said she was disappointed with police’s response to this situation.

“Because they’re indigenous that means it’s more common so it’s not as big a deal.

“They don’t think this is as important?

“All white women get treated as individuals and family violence is not seen as just a cultural problem.”

Head of the communications division in the Northern Territory Police Force, superintendent Steve Heyworth, said asking whether the attacker was indigenous was about getting information into the system to help police identify individuals once they arrived at a scene.

“There is no way the race of people involved would drive police response,” he said.

Indigenous Territorians make up around 30 per cent of the population.

Indigenous women are five times more likely to experience violence and 34 times more likely to be hospitalised as a result of domestic violence than their non-indigenous counterparts.


--- Quote from: MSM on 14 June 2016 at 06:02 ---“There is no way the race of people involved would drive police response,” he said.
--- End quote ---


If the perpetrator is black, the coppers prefer to encourage them to leave the area instead of wasting their time having the courts give a reduced sentence or drop the charges completely. If black women tend to lose their rights as victims or their lives just as White women with black husbands and boyfriends do, then * happens. That's the system that political correctness has created.


--- Quote from: MSM on 14 June 2016 at 06:02 ---Indigenous women are five times more likely to experience violence and 34 times more likely to be hospitalised as a result of domestic violence than their non-indigenous counterparts.
--- End quote ---

Wrong. Non-indigenous women that hook up with indigenous fellas are more likely to be murdered as a result of domestic violence than their indigenous counterparts. In fact, injury resulting in permanent disability or death are the most likely outcome. That information along with its source is also posted in the same link above.



--- Quote from: MSM on 14 June 2016 at 01:19 ---

LABOR leader Bill Shorten said indigenous people were dispossessed from their land and he understands why they believe Australia was invaded by the British.

He has also signalled a Labor Government could back a treaty with indigenous people in addition to indigenous recognition in the constitution.
--- End quote ---

There are three points to a treaty with Abos in Australia that few White Australians understand:

1. Aboriginal people would become the effective foreign overlord of White Australia. The argument is that they are ruled only by their own laws.
2. In an effort to profit, all they need to do is impose road tolls on any road crossing Aboriginal land ... which is pretty much any major road in the country. While on their land, we then become subject to their laws. However, when they are on our land, see point 1.
3. White Australians lose all farming, mineral and oceanic rights, effectively become tenants of sovereign Aboriginal land.

If we don't like any of that, we are free to leave ... but where are we supposed to go? Europe wont accept 20 million White refugees. A treaty means civil war for Australia. To the Marxists that means a black Marxist Republic; to the Muslims, that means a short-cut to Sharia; and to us Creators, that means Racial Holy War. RAHOWA!


Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke's Draft Treaty

At the Barunga sports and cultural festival in 1988 the Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, was presented with a petition framed by bark paintings. Now known as the Barunga Statement, the petition called for recognition of a wide range of Indigenous rights including a negotiated Treaty. The Prime Minister responded with a commitment to a negotiated Treaty with Aboriginal people.

The Draft Treaty was written after consultation with the Sovereign Aboriginal Coalition at Alice Springs. It includes:


1. Recognition of Aboriginal ownership of Australia.

2. The establishment of a seperate Aboriginal nation of states.

3. The immediate restoration of all inalienable crown lands, state and national parks, Aboriginal reserves and travelling stock routes of Australia.

4. Negotiation of Aboriginal state boundaries.

5. Recognition of Aboriginal sovereignty of all Aboriginal lands complete with inalienable title in perpetuity.

6. Agree to the requirement that 40% of the total land mass of each Australian state be transferred to permanent Aboriginal title.

7. Australians to pay the Aboriginal nation compensation for the balance of 60% of Australian land not available to Aborigines to compensate for the social, physical, and psychological ravages that have been made upon the Aboriginal people. Compensation rates to equal not less than 7% of GDP for the first ten years, 5% for the following ten years and 2.5% of GDP in perpetuity.

8. The establishment of a treaty between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians.

9. Aborigines to retain sovereignty over all land and islands presently known as Australia.

10. Aborigines to be given freedom to manage their own internal and external affairs as a seperate nation of people.

11. Aborigines to be given freedom to make Treaties regarding land and sea corridors as would any independent nation.

12. The Aboriginal State to become a self governing state involving seperate economic, social and cultural development combining traditional religions and practice.

13. The Aboriginal nation to operate an independent legal system subject only to international law.

14. All State Governments will be required to return appropriated land unemcumbered to the Aboriginal state.

15. Aboriginal states will impose entry restrictions in classified areas or those areas adjacent to nominated Aboriginal sacred sites.

16. The Aboriginal nation will require the release of all Aboriginal people from prisons and institutions plus the return to the Aboriginal state of all Aboriginal human remains residing in museums plus all Aboriginal artifacts.

17. Together with the total compensation package, the Australian Government will be required to pay a sum direct to $1,000,000,000 within four weeks of the establishment of the Treaty.

18. The Aboriginal nation will require existing State and Federal Governments to provide permanently all the social, political, educational and legal benefits currently enjoyed by other Australians to the Aboriginal people. These benefits will also include welfare payments, the provisions of pensions and health benefits. These benefits are to be in addition to the total compensation package.

19. The Aboriginal Bureau of Aboriginal State Affairs will be established to take over the existing Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Aboriginal Development Corporation structures."

Numbers 20 to 25
In October 2009 Selwyn Johnston stated on his website (now unavailable) that The following is also part of a 68 page document that the Australian Government has not released. He stated that the Department of Aboriginal Affairs is fully aware of the entire contents of this document, which he said was widely circulated throughout Aboriginal communities in Australia, however, the majority of Australian people have not been advised of its existence or its potential ramifications, let alone the effects under the Native Title Act - 1993.

20. All towns and cities in the 60% of the land mass ceded by aboriginals to the Federal and State Governments shall, at municipal expense, provide and maintain for aboriginal use special parklands of not less than 20acres in areas with appropriate sea and river frontages. These parklands will be utilised by aborigines as centres for religious activities and camping. They will be available for general public use at other times.

21. In urban areas where crown land is not available, suitable land is to be returned to aborigines on compensation and needs basis. The aboriginal families will occupy this land, rate free.

22. Certain urban sections will become new aboriginal domains involving their own aboriginal administration with funding and political control.

23. All existing aboriginal housing Australia wide shall be transferred complete with deed title by the Australian government to the new aboriginal state as an integral part of the compensation package.

24. 3% of the revenue derived from all mineral and natural resources will be paid to the new aboriginal nation.

25. Toll gates will be established and erected on all national freeways and highways interconnecting cities and States. One third of 1% of the total annual toll collected will be payable to the new aboriginal nation. Toll rates for consideration will equal $2 per car, $3 per vehicle with towing capacity, and 50 cents per motor bike. These tolls are all subject to variations in consumer price index.

It is believed that the above key points have been taken from a 68 page Government document that has not been officially released to the public.


I’VE been alarmed for some time over the rampant nostalgia for all things ‘90s: Doc Martens and floral prints are back, the bare midriff has returned, and some idiot decided to reboot the chronically unfunny sitcom Full House.

But honestly, couldn’t we have drawn the line at Pauline Hanson?

Last Saturday night I went to bed in 2016 and woke up to 1997, an unexpected time travel incident that delivered One Nation into the Senate, but failed to make me 16 and thin again. Worst flashback ever.

Of course this development comes courtesy of Queensland which, it could be argued, has never really left 1997. They still have Sizzler there, for goodness sake.

Hanson’s support has always come from a groundswell of fear and racism. The last time she was this popular, it was down to a fear of “Asians”. Actually, of “being swamped by Asians”, as she declared in her maiden speech as an independent MP in 1996.
Two decades later and racists seem to have largely gotten over this idea, what with Chinese, Indian, Philippino, Vietnamese and Malaysian-born immigrants making up less than seven per cent of the population; which you’d have to admit is rather less “swamping” than forming a shallow puddle.

With no racist cause to support, One Nation all but disappeared, and Hanson tried to reinvent herself as a loveable reality TV personality, appearing on Celebrity Apprentice and Dancing with the Stars, and seemingly hoping we’d all forgotten the time she said indigenous Australians had it better than the rest of the country.

But in recent years the xenophobes have moved on to another easily identifiable group of people to be fearful of: Muslims. And just like a scene from a 1950s pulp fiction horror, their chanting and braying has resurrected Hanson from the dead to lead them into a new dawn of stupidity.

“Australia is now seeing big changes in the suburbs which are predominantly Muslim,” One Nation’s policy platform states. We’re being “swamped” all over again, you see.

Back in 1996, Hanson told Parliament: “I do not believe that the colour of one’s skin determines whether you are disadvantaged”, which was another way of saying “Aboriginal people should just try harder”.

If Hanson gets her way in the Senate, Muslim immigrants, including refugees, will be banned from entering the country. Muslim women will no longer be allowed to wear the burqa or niqab in public. Mosques will have surveillance cameras installed, although who will actually monitor them is unclear. Halal certification will be banned. Kosher certification is still apparently fine, for the record.

She’s also opposing the introduction of sharia law which has never actually been proposed by anyone in Australia, ever. This is rather like opposing the introduction of the pants-free work week, or rainstorms made of soup. It’s not ever going to happen.

Hanson is also calling for a royal commission into what Islam actually is, which is quite funny because, given all her other policies that are so vehemently against it, you’d like to think she has some idea already.

Hanson and her supporters are hell bent on subjugating Muslim people, because they don’t understand them.

The latest tripe from the lefty journo's!


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