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Hatecrime Hoax Alert

Started by Rev.Cambeul, Sun 24 Mar 2019

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The negros have learned well from the jews how to play the perpetual victim.  :'(

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Nevertheless, three thumbs up for you!


For the guests here who haven't seen this yet.  The FBI (Federal Bureau of Instigation) is NOT there working for you.  They have been taken over by the Jew globalist Deep State.

"Let's Go Brandon ... I agree!" :ok


It's taken a long time but we are finally seeing some improvement in their noose tying. It's not great but after all these years and all these hoaxes we finally have the makings of a noose. Someone deserves a banana.

Aleister Adams

One in Miss was banging his own sister and got caught by his brother in law and ran into a clothes line. He claimed 3 Aryans tried to lynch him.88

Aryan Aliens anybody?
Uncle Adolf is not dead. He returned home to his people.


As is typical, it's a Darky!!! :monkey

Leftist Politician Fined for Faking Neo-Nazi Hate Crimes Against Himself

Peter Caddle | Breitbart (USA) | 17 March 2023

A politician for Germany's left-wing Green party has been fined $3,800 for faking neo-nazi hate crimes against himself.

Manoj Jansen, a former councillor for the German Greens, was handed a €3,600 (~$3,814) fine by a court in Germany on Wednesday after it was found that he had faked a number of neo-nazi hate crimes against himself.

Jansen had claimed that he was the victim of repeated far-right attacks and hate crimes, with the politician reportedly having his property vandalised and emblazoned with swastikas and SS runes by suspected neo-nazis.

However, authorities came to the conclusion that the immigration-heritage leftist politician had likely faked the alleged hate incidents last September, with some local publications have since reported that at least one of the swastikas said to have been painted onto Jansen's car were the wrong way around.

Although the Green politician eventually did admit to faking at least some of the crimes, he and his legal council reportedly rejected attempts by authorities to fine him.

During a court hearing on Wednesday however, Bild reports that this fine has now been upheld, with Jansen reportedly dropping their objection to the punishment after a private conversation between his lawyer and the presiding judge.

Jansen is said to have made a "big show" during the hearing, however, breaking down crying during the hearing while shielding his face with printed-out newspaper articles.

The former councillor was said to have eventually been handed a handkerchief by his lawyer.
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