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Criminal Mud Terror Against Whites


The white race is targeted for extermination. The muds are whipped up and incited by the Jewish media to commit constant atrocities.
Heres three within two days. Its only going to get worse until the muds realise there is a price to pay for attacking our community.
Admittedly these people were naive, even  race traitors. In a way they deserved it but then so too does 90% of the race. It will take a lot worse yet to wake people up.

well i dont think the guy on the bus should have got what he did im not so sure about the couple that went to the mud country and were helping there economy spending there money there while little white children are going hungry in our lands and look what it got them anyways dead. i think they sould have gone to australia instead i think australia is a beautiful place.


* The British girl that was chopped like beef in Brazil was chopped up by her non-White "British" boyfriend. That it occured in Brazil is of little consequence.
* The newly married couple on their honeymoon made the mistake of believing non-White countries to be exotic and exciting rather than what they really are: A danger to any White person who goes there.
* The one that butchered the bloke on the bus was non-White.
Out of the three examples of attrocities against White people, the death of the honeymooning couple could have been averted by more strident activism on our part. i.e. Getting the message out that White people really are hated and targeted by non-Whites the world over.

Accomplish that goal and we have a chance of accomplishing a second and more important goal, the encouraged, assisted and eventually forced migration of non-Whites to a destination of their choice or failing that, back to where they came from. Only then will we be able to prevent the butchery of Whites by non-Whites. Until then, c'est la guerre.

Another example of anti-White hatred from today's paper:,22606,24232464-5005962,00.html

--- Quote ---Somalian police reported today that two freelance journalists, an Australian man and a Canadian woman, were abducted near Mogadishu...

It is understood the two journalists were planning to visit refugee camps at Afgoye.

DFAT has warned Australian's not to travel to Somalia because "of widespread armed conflict, very high threat of terrorist attack against western interests".

"There is a very high threat of terrorist attack in Somalia," DFAT's travel advice warns.

"Westerners have been targeted and killed in terrorist attacks throughout Somalia, including Mogadishu. Foreigners, including Australians, have been kidnapped."

Canadian media outlet has named the Canadian as Amanda Lindhout, 27, from Alberta. more ...
--- End quote ---



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