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Anti-Semitic Incidents On The Rise - #Holocaust! #Holocaust!

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The Jewish Supremacist is a paranoid, selfish creature that requires constant reassurance and attention. If you leave it alone and treat it as an ordinary human being, it will feel insulted and be sure to mention the Holohoax and accuse you of anti-Semitism in order to gain attention. Ignore the Jew on a national or global scale, and the Jewish Supremacist organisations will scream about imagined anti-Semitism and Holohoax Denial in order to remind you that it is they that control your world.

Have doubts? Try and ask a legitimate question about any of the strange myths of the Holocaust. Ask your state and federal representatives why they kowtow to the demands of Jewish Supremacist organisations? Ask enough legitimate questions and you too can be an anti-Semite.,28348,25486725-5014239,00.html

--- Quote ---Hate goes viral on social networking sites

MILITANTS and hate groups are turning to social networking websites like Facebook and MySpace to recruit new members, a report says.

The report by Jewish human rights group the Simon Wiesenthal Centre noted a 25 per cent rise in the number of "problematic" groups on social networking sites in the last year.

"Every aspect of the internet is being used by extremists of every ilk to repackage old hatred, demean the 'enemy', to raise funds and since 9/11, recruit and train Jihadist terrorists," the centre said.

Examples of what the report calls "digital terrorism and hate" range from a Facebook group named "Death to gays" in Croatian to a YouTube video of a Koran being burned and various sites promoting militant groups such as Hezbollah, the Taliban, al Qaeda and Colombia's FARC.

The group, named after the renowned Nazi hunter, has been monitoring use of the internet by extremists for over a decade. It said the rise of social networking sites such as Facebook had accelerated the spread of racist and bigoted views in recent years.

It said Facebook officials had met with its experts and pledged to remove sites that violate its terms of usage, "but with over 200 million users, online bigots have to date outpaced efforts to remove them".

Hard to eradicate

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the centre, said Facebook recently removed several Holocaust denial sites, including one that featured a cartoon of Adolf Hitler in bed with Anne Frank, whose diary written in hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam is among the best known stories of the Holocaust.

"The main social networkers understand they have a problem," Mr Cooper said.

"The company that's tried to do its best so far has been Facebook, yet we've seen that sometimes your best isn't enough to eliminate a problem."

He pointed out a YouTube user whose racist content had caused his postings on the site to be taken down repeatedly, but who simply creates a new user profile, or channel, and posts the material again, boasting that it is his 64th channel.

Extremist groups are also setting up their own social networking sites, the report said, picking out one called New Saxon described as "a social networking site for people of European descent" produced by an American Neo-Nazi group called the National Socialist Movement.

Other groups have created online games such as one created by an Iranian organisation called "Special Operation 85 Hostage Rescue", and one called "Border Patrol" in which the player has to shoot Mexicans, including women and children, as they try to come over the border into the US.

Leena Shehadeh, a 17-year-old who attended a presentation of the report with her class in New York, said such games and racist language are often treated as jokes by her generation.

"We didn't live through the Holocaust, we didn't live through slavery," she said during an audience discussion.

"So people see it as a joke, until something bad happens."
--- End quote ---

What, no mention of us? LOL

The garbage from the Wiesenthal Center is the standard that comes out every year to two years which the media and politicians are only to happy eat up and regurgitate for a couple of months until the next Abo, Jew or Muslim gets offended over nothing and starts whinging again to attract money and attention.

What offended me were the comments from Australians against freedom of speech. Free speech is no longer recognised unless it has a politically correct bent to it. It's not new, but it is getting worse. If you are in a crowd of people, it takes the normally silent majority to grow some balls and vocalise any beliefs that are not politically correct before the rest will feel safe enough to speak up. Yet, if one politically correct nutter wants to demonize you or I because of his or her delusional  Marxist beliefs, the crowd will follow the nutter and howl for your blood.

Grow some brains and balls, Australia. Learn to speak in a rational tone that everyone can understand. Be staunch in your views and don't hold back - anywhere. Do that and you will find that the politically correct nutters are the minority. We are still the majority.

My comment, if they post it.

--- Quote ---In America they have La Raza - an Hispanic group which stands at the side of the road abusing people and telling them to go back to Europe, Black Muslims that say White people are the product of the devil, Black supremacists, Jewish supremacists, Native American supremacists, Rastafarians, to name but a few ... most of which are duplicated in Australia. Do we hear about them? No. They are the politically correct, and the politically correct can hate anyone or any group with impunity.  But have one person who is not part of the politically correct crowd question their own loss of rights or political manipulation of historical events and they are called "Nazis," "racists," "haters" and "anti-Semites." The way politicians and the media push a totalitarian left wing ideology in Australia and with the general gullibility of  Australians, I'm surprised that there's any freedom of speech left in this country at all.
--- End quote ---


The question these idiots should ask themselves is why there is anti-semitism; why are so-called hate-groups on the rise; why burn the abdullamite book on u-tube  ??? You non-Whites have never created anything ... we Whites are sick and tired of muds on our back ... without you we could`ve been miles ahead. Is it so hard to understand why we dislike you ?  >:( How long do we still have to take care of you ? Stop whining and get a life or at least try and create one ... on second thougth ... DONT create a life, there`s enough of you around  !!!

Why no? The internet reaches more people, in this day and age than most other medias.

Anti-semitism in Spain is on the rise, according to a recent report from the anti-defamation league.  A statement released Tuesday cited an increase in public expressions of anti-semitism and a "greater acceptance of virulent anti-kike attitudes." The report noted "viciously anti-semitic" cartoons published in major Spanish newspapers such as El Pais and El Mundo, as well as opinion pieces equating israel with the nazi regime. The ADL took care to note that the European
Union's racism watchdog defined such statements as anti-semitic.

Also cited in the report was a 2009 ADL poll, which found that 75 percent of all Spaniards believed Jews possessed "too much power" in financial markets and that more than half thought Jews had "too much power in business," echoing classic anti-semitic sentiments. The report detailed the occurrence of anti-semitic placards at anti-israel demonstrations in Spain, as well as the "all too common" incidence of israeli-flag-burning.

In terms of anti-semitic acts, the report noted three incidents so far this year: "the vandalism of a Chabad House in Barcelona on January 11; a violent attack against an employee of a synagogue in Barcelona on January 30; and the harassment of israel's ambassador to Spain, who was verbally assaulted on the street on May 5 by three men who shouted 'dirty Jew,' 'Jew bastard' and 'Jewish dog.'"

ADL national director Abe Foxman said in a statement that the organization was "deeply concerned about the mainstreaming of anti-semitism in Spain, with more public expressions and greater public acceptance of classic stereotypes. Among the major European countries, only in Spain have we seen viciously anti-semitic cartoons in the mainstream media, and street protests where ssrael is accused of genocide and jews are vilified and compared to nazis," he added.

Foxman noted that while attacks on the Spanish jewish community were rare, "history tells us that incitement by some and indifference by many can create an atmosphere conducive to violence against Jews. Spain is not immune to this phenomenon," he stressed. Tuesday's ADL statement added that the report, entitled "Polluting the Public Square : Anti-semitic Discourse in Spain," had been presented to Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Moratinos on Monday.

Lupul Daciei:

--- Quote ---    
Anti-Semitism In Spain On The Rise
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Esto es bueno.   8)


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