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Anti-Semitic Incidents On The Rise - #Holocaust! #Holocaust!

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Jewish hoaxer's motives are clear attempt to gain attention to Jews across the world. It has worked. Jewish Supremacist organisations, government and MSM will denounce any talk of Jewish hoaxes as anti-Semitic ...

U.S.-Israeli Teen Arrested for Role in Jewish Center Bomb Threats
A teenager with dual Israeli-U.S. citizenship was arrested in Israel on Thursday on suspicion of making dozens of hoax bomb threats against Jewish community centers in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. The suspect, whose identity {Juan Thompson} remains sealed pursuant to a court order, is 18, Jewish and a dual U.S.-Israeli national, a police spokesman said. The teenager's alleged motives were not immediately clear ... U.S. federal authorities have been investigating a surge of threats against Jewish organizations, including more than 100 bomb threats in separate waves over the past three months targeting Jewish community centers (JCCs) in dozens of states. The threats prompted criticism of U.S. President Donald Trump for what some Jewish groups saw as an inadequate response from his administration.

Jewish Bomb Threat Suspect Undermines Groups' Narrative on Anti-Semitism
Ben Sales - JTA

Many Jewish groups blamed white supremacists, emboldened by Donald Trump's campaign, for the bomb threats that have plagued Jewish institutions since the beginning of this year. It appears the groups were wrong. The news that one Jewish teen - an Israeli, no less - was behind most of the approximately 150 bomb threats that have hit Jewish community centers since the start of 2017 is a shocking twist in light of months in which the Anti-Defamation League and other groups pointed their collective finger at the far right ... Jonathan Sarna, a professor of American Jewish history at Brandeis University, noted that this isn't the first time that Jews have committed anti-Semitic acts ... "It is a reminder that we have to be very careful before we talk about a whole wave of anti-Semitism," Sarna said.


--- Quote from: Rev.Maritz on 26 September 2009 at 19:16 ---Anti-semitism in Spain is on the rise, according to a recent report from the anti-defamation league.
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Serves them right!

But it is not enough, they should capture these Jews and shatter their skulls with captive bolt pistols before throwing their bodies into garbage trucks, with hydraulic trash compactors, and then dumping the compacted waste into waste-to-electricity power plants to use their bodies as fuel for electricity generation, ash fertilizer, and fly ash concrete strengthener.

During the Islamic invasions of Europe in the 1500s, the Spanish Navy shelled the Ottoman fleet with their ironclad ships like the Santa Anna, but they should have also sailed those ships to the Ottoman coastline and shelled the Jewish cities of Jerusalem and Bethlehem.


White Power!

--- Quote from: Rev.Cambeul on 29 January 2010 at 21:08 ---Notice that when Whites are targeted for rape and butchering by muds, it is merely a criminal act, hardly worthy of mention in the local news - never mind the international media! But when a single Jew is insulted and perhaps hit, it is worthy of international news coverage with cries of anti-Semitism worse than anything Adolf could have dreamed of?

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This is why the Jews should be exterminated!


White Power!


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