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Title: Anti-Semitic Incidents On The Rise - #Holocaust! #Holocaust!
Post by: Private on 19 May 2009 at 08:42
The Jewish Supremacist is a paranoid, selfish creature that requires constant reassurance and attention. If you leave it alone and treat it as an ordinary human being, it will feel insulted and be sure to mention the Holohoax and accuse you of anti-Semitism in order to gain attention. Ignore the Jew on a national or global scale, and the Jewish Supremacist organisations will scream about imagined anti-Semitism and Holohoax Denial in order to remind you that it is they that control your world.

Have doubts? Try and ask a legitimate question about any of the strange myths of the Holocaust. Ask your state and federal representatives why they kowtow to the demands of Jewish Supremacist organisations? Ask enough legitimate questions and you too can be an anti-Semite.

http://www.news.com.au/technology/story/0,28348,25486725-5014239,00.html (http://www.news.com.au/technology/story/0,28348,25486725-5014239,00.html)

Hate goes viral on social networking sites

MILITANTS and hate groups are turning to social networking websites like Facebook and MySpace to recruit new members, a report says.

The report by Jewish human rights group the Simon Wiesenthal Centre noted a 25 per cent rise in the number of "problematic" groups on social networking sites in the last year.

"Every aspect of the internet is being used by extremists of every ilk to repackage old hatred, demean the 'enemy', to raise funds and since 9/11, recruit and train Jihadist terrorists," the centre said.

Examples of what the report calls "digital terrorism and hate" range from a Facebook group named "Death to gays" in Croatian to a YouTube video of a Koran being burned and various sites promoting militant groups such as Hezbollah, the Taliban, al Qaeda and Colombia's FARC.

The group, named after the renowned Nazi hunter, has been monitoring use of the internet by extremists for over a decade. It said the rise of social networking sites such as Facebook had accelerated the spread of racist and bigoted views in recent years.

It said Facebook officials had met with its experts and pledged to remove sites that violate its terms of usage, "but with over 200 million users, online bigots have to date outpaced efforts to remove them".

Hard to eradicate

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the centre, said Facebook recently removed several Holocaust denial sites, including one that featured a cartoon of Adolf Hitler in bed with Anne Frank, whose diary written in hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam is among the best known stories of the Holocaust.

"The main social networkers understand they have a problem," Mr Cooper said.

"The company that's tried to do its best so far has been Facebook, yet we've seen that sometimes your best isn't enough to eliminate a problem."

He pointed out a YouTube user whose racist content had caused his postings on the site to be taken down repeatedly, but who simply creates a new user profile, or channel, and posts the material again, boasting that it is his 64th channel.

Extremist groups are also setting up their own social networking sites, the report said, picking out one called New Saxon described as "a social networking site for people of European descent" produced by an American Neo-Nazi group called the National Socialist Movement.

Other groups have created online games such as one created by an Iranian organisation called "Special Operation 85 Ė Hostage Rescue", and one called "Border Patrol" in which the player has to shoot Mexicans, including women and children, as they try to come over the border into the US.

Leena Shehadeh, a 17-year-old who attended a presentation of the report with her class in New York, said such games and racist language are often treated as jokes by her generation.

"We didn't live through the Holocaust, we didn't live through slavery," she said during an audience discussion.

"So people see it as a joke, until something bad happens."

What, no mention of us? LOL

The garbage from the Wiesenthal Center is the standard that comes out every year to two years which the media and politicians are only to happy eat up and regurgitate for a couple of months until the next Abo, Jew or Muslim gets offended over nothing and starts whinging again to attract money and attention.

What offended me were the comments from Australians against freedom of speech. Free speech is no longer recognised unless it has a politically correct bent to it. It's not new, but it is getting worse. If you are in a crowd of people, it takes the normally silent majority to grow some balls and vocalise any beliefs that are not politically correct before the rest will feel safe enough to speak up. Yet, if one politically correct nutter wants to demonize you or I because of his or her delusional  Marxist beliefs, the crowd will follow the nutter and howl for your blood.

Grow some brains and balls, Australia. Learn to speak in a rational tone that everyone can understand. Be staunch in your views and don't hold back - anywhere. Do that and you will find that the politically correct nutters are the minority. We are still the majority.

My comment, if they post it.
In America they have La Raza - an Hispanic group which stands at the side of the road abusing people and telling them to go back to Europe, Black Muslims that say White people are the product of the devil, Black supremacists, Jewish supremacists, Native American supremacists, Rastafarians, to name but a few ... most of which are duplicated in Australia. Do we hear about them? No. They are the politically correct, and the politically correct can hate anyone or any group with impunity.  But have one person who is not part of the politically correct crowd question their own loss of rights or political manipulation of historical events and they are called "Nazis," "racists," "haters" and "anti-Semites." The way politicians and the media push a totalitarian left wing ideology in Australia and with the general gullibility of  Australians, I'm surprised that there's any freedom of speech left in this country at all.

Title: Re: Anti-Semitic Incidents On The Rise - #Holocaust! #Holocaust!
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The question these idiots should ask themselves is why there is anti-semitism; why are so-called hate-groups on the rise; why burn the abdullamite book on u-tube  ??? You non-Whites have never created anything ... we Whites are sick and tired of muds on our back ... without you we could`ve been miles ahead. Is it so hard to understand why we dislike you ?  >:( How long do we still have to take care of you ? Stop whining and get a life or at least try and create one ... on second thougth ... DONT create a life, there`s enough of you around  !!!
Title: Re: Anti-Semitic Incidents On The Rise - #Holocaust! #Holocaust!
Post by: Private on 07 June 2009 at 15:40
Why no? The internet reaches more people, in this day and age than most other medias.
Title: Re: Anti-Semitic Incidents On The Rise - #Holocaust! #Holocaust!
Post by: Private on 26 September 2009 at 19:16
Anti-semitism in Spain is on the rise, according to a recent report from the anti-defamation league.  A statement released Tuesday cited an increase in public expressions of anti-semitism and a "greater acceptance of virulent anti-kike attitudes." The report noted "viciously anti-semitic" cartoons published in major Spanish newspapers such as El Pais and El Mundo, as well as opinion pieces equating israel with the nazi regime. The ADL took care to note that the European
Union's racism watchdog defined such statements as anti-semitic.

Also cited in the report was a 2009 ADL poll, which found that 75 percent of all Spaniards believed Jews possessed "too much power" in financial markets and that more than half thought Jews had "too much power in business," echoing classic anti-semitic sentiments. The report detailed the occurrence of anti-semitic placards at anti-israel demonstrations in Spain, as well as the "all too common" incidence of israeli-flag-burning.

In terms of anti-semitic acts, the report noted three incidents so far this year: "the vandalism of a Chabad House in Barcelona on January 11; a violent attack against an employee of a synagogue in Barcelona on January 30; and the harassment of israel's ambassador to Spain, who was verbally assaulted on the street on May 5 by three men who shouted 'dirty Jew,' 'Jew bastard' and 'Jewish dog.'"

ADL national director Abe Foxman said in a statement that the organization was "deeply concerned about the mainstreaming of anti-semitism in Spain, with more public expressions and greater public acceptance of classic stereotypes. Among the major European countries, only in Spain have we seen viciously anti-semitic cartoons in the mainstream media, and street protests where ssrael is accused of genocide and jews are vilified and compared to nazis," he added.

Foxman noted that while attacks on the Spanish jewish community were rare, "history tells us that incitement by some and indifference by many can create an atmosphere conducive to violence against Jews. Spain is not immune to this phenomenon," he stressed. Tuesday's ADL statement added that the report, entitled "Polluting the Public Square : Anti-semitic Discourse in Spain," had been presented to Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Moratinos on Monday.

http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1253198171497&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull (http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1253198171497&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull)
Title: Re: Anti-Semitic Incidents On The Rise - #Holocaust! #Holocaust!
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Anti-Semitism In Spain On The Rise

Esto es bueno.   8)
Title: Re: Anti-Semitic Incidents On The Rise - #Holocaust! #Holocaust!
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Anti-Semitism is being used to delegitimize the State of Israel, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Wednesday. Speaking at the Foreign Ministry's third annual Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism [we sure need a Global Forum for Combating Anti-Goyemism], Lieberman said "classic anti-Semitism, along with Iranian funding and Islamic anti-Semitism, is being used to incite hatred against Jews, and to delegitimize the State of Israel."

He said that global anti-Semitism had "crossed the line," and that those behind the effort were "seeking to destroy the Jewish state piece by piece ... using academic boycotts and economic sanctions". He also noted "human rights groups' effort to deny Israel legitimacy by pushing the United Nations Security Council to adopt the Goldstone Report,"[what a hoax - Goldstone is a "classic jew"] which accused Israel of war crimes and possible crimes against humanity during Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip.

"Modern anti-Semitism," [nothing "modern" about it; anti-semitism is simply exposing the jew for what they are - war criminals, among other things] the foreign minister asserted, "has taken on the form of being anti-Israel ... Instead of saying 'throw the Jews into the sea,' they talk of a world without Zionism, and without Israel".

Referring to the matter of Iran, Lieberman said, "It's scary that 60 years after the horrors of the Holocaust, we see examples of anti-Semitism being funded by Iran." He added that the Islamic republic "denies the Holocaust, calls for the destruction of Israel, and is trying to achieve nuclear capability. These efforts remind us of [the Nazis' rise to power] 70 years ago."

According to the registration list, over 500 participants plan to attend the two-day conference at Jerusalem's Crowne Plaza Hotel. Delegations comprising diplomats, academics, and policy makers from the United States, Germany, France, Hungary, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Venezuela and Argentina were listed on the GFCA roster.

Also speaking at the conference on Wednesday was Diaspora Affairs Minister Yuli Edelstein, who cited anti-Semitic attacks around the world in the past year, noting that they took place "in 2009, not 1937." He too spoke of a change in the nature of anti-Semitism : "No longer permissible to openly proclaim hatred of the Jews ? So the anti-Semite must seek new forms and forums to release his poison. No longer politically correct to openly hate Jews ? So he has repackaged his hate, and in doing so has been able to gain endorsement from academics, media outlets, and even political parties."

Edelstein went on to tell delegates that Israel had become the focus of global anti-Semitism [wonder why ?], saying, "There are no more Jews. Instead there are Israelis. Israeli soldiers kill babies. Israeli soldiers attack pregnant mothers. Israelis started wars in Iraq and Afghanistan."

During his travels abroad, the minister said, he often heard people expressing support for the creation of a Palestinian state, as well as the removal of the Jewish state, which they called "inherently racist." In response to such sentiments, Edelstein said, "I do not know if a more contradictory, irrational, and illogical argument have ever been made in the same sentence. The Palestinians are a people and therefore deserve a state. The Jews are a people, and therefore should not be allowed to have a state." [ ... and the Whites are a people and deserve their state ... ]

He concluded his address by stressing the need for education on tolerance, saying, "It is our moral duty to educate our children about anti-Semitism and the evils of senseless hatred". [when do we start educating the world about the senseless hatred against Whites and the illogics of mud immigration into healthy White states ?]

Source : http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=JPost/JPArticle/ShowFull&cid=1260930878910 (http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=JPost/JPArticle/ShowFull&cid=1260930878910)

Title: Re: Anti-Semitic Incidents On The Rise - #Holocaust! #Holocaust!
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In 2009, the number of anti-Semite incidents in Amsterdam doubled compared to the year before. The Jewish community feels under siege. On an evening during the week-long Jewish holiday of Sukkot, Ber van Halem (22) crossed a street in Amsterdam’s affluent Zuid neigbourhood, only to hear a group of boys invoke a Dutch ethnic slur (“Kankerjood”) involving both a deadly disease and his Jewish heritage. Not once, but several times.

Van Halem confronted the boys and continued on his way. Suddenly, he heard the sound of bicycles behind him. He turned around and an argument developed. Out of nowhere, he felt somebody hit him. He fell to the ground. “I was kicked in my stomach and on my shoulder while prone,” Van Halem recounted.

Van Halem’s beating, which took place in October 2008, remains one of the most infamous manifestations of anti-Semitism in the Netherlands in recent years. The incident led to public outcry, when local police failed to find time to register Van Halem’s formal complaint days later. “We were very busy working a robbery,” a spokesperson for the Amsterdam- police force explained. The Van Halem case has since been closed. Not one perpetrator was caught.

Anti-Semitist incidents doubled
In 2008, 14 anti-Semitic incidents were reported in the Dutch capital, making for relatively calm year in the city that is home to most of the country’s approximately 40,000 Jews. New - as yet unpublished - data collected by a semi-governmental agency that reports on discrimination, have shows that the number of reported incidents grew to 30 in 2009. This development is in line with national trends, said Elise Friedmann of the Centre for Information and Documentation on Israel, a pro-Israel lobby group in the Netherlands. “We estimate the total number of reported incidents doubled in 2009,” she said.

Israel’s military offensive in the Gaza strip in January of that year was the driving force behind the explosive growth, according to Friedmann. “In that month alone we had a hundred or so reports come in, almost the same amount we did over the entire year before,” she said.

When an Israeli military operation dominates the headline, Van Halem is one of the first to notice it on the streets. “The verbal abuse hurled at me on the streets is becoming more severe and more regular,” he said. Experience has taught him that the boys taunting him are almost always of Moroccan descent.

“Their reasoning goes something like this : Israelis are Jews, Palestinians are Arabs, so we Moroccan ‘Arabs’ in the Netherlands are going to take on Dutch Jews,” said Menno ten Brink, a rabbi for the liberal Jewish community in Amsterdam.

More and more under siege
At the time when Van Halem was beaten, Israel was relatively quiet however. “They spotted my skullcap and started swearing at me,” he recounted. Van Halem has been wearing the traditional headgear, proscribed by the Jewish faith, since he was six. “Ever since, I have been cursed regularly. When I was 8 I hurt myself after I was pushed against a bicycle stand. My leg needed stitches,” he said.

Many people witnessed his 2008 beating and were able to give the police good descriptions of the assailants. Van Halem was surprised when the police sent him a letter, letting him know that the perpetrators had never been found. Rabbi Ten Brink wonders whether the police had really tried its best. “All these witnesses and the police can’t find the guy who did it. Telling,” he said.

A spokesperson for the Amsterdam police force assured they had done everything within their power. We had plainclothes cops staking out the area for days, looking for the boys. But we couldn’t find anyone,” the spokesperson said. The case was finally closed in May of last year.

Ten Brink’s sceptical attitude towards the police illustrates of the Amsterdam Jewish community at large. Jews here feel more and more under siege as they are exposed to a growing barrage of name-calling, hate mail, firecrackers in their mailboxes, graffiti and – occasionally – physical abuse. They feel the government should do more about it, by coming down harder on perpetrators, for one, but also by investing more in their security financially.

'Hilter let one get away'
The liberal Jewish community in Amsterdam is building a new synagogue. “Security is costing us hundreds of thousands of euros,” Ten Brink said. “In Antwerp and Paris, synagogues were attacked. The same could happen here.” On the shabbat, the Jewish day of rest, security officers guard the synagogues. “Fear has taken hold,” said Max Engelander, chairman of the Amsterdam police force’s Jewish network, which was founded last year. “That is why we do not take lightly to anti-Semitism and other forms of discrimination,” he said.

How big is anti-Semitism really in Amsterdam ? “It is a serious problem, but it doesn’t occur on a daily basis,” Ten Brink said. Rabbi RaphaŽl Evers a rabbi serving Amsterdam’s orthodox community, felt the problem was more serious. “I do not get out much, but when I do I am almost always insulted along the lines of ‘Hitler let one get away’. ;D My mother says it is worse now than it was before the second world war,” he said. [ ... what BS !]

Bloeme Evers-Emden, a 83-year old survivor of the concentration camps, lost most of her family during the Holocaust. “In 1939 I was 13. The NSB [The Dutch fascist party] disseminated a lot of anti-Jewish propaganda back then, but I do not remember Jews getting beaten as they are now”. 

Evers-Emden lives in a part of Amsterdam home to a lot of Moroccans. “I saw a kid about 8 years old yelling something about ‘killing Jews’. I asked him ‘do you know what you’re saying ?’ He said ‘yes’, and went on repeating himself.”  ;D
Van Halem feels uncertain whether anti-Semitism is on the rise. “It goes up and down, mostly following events in Israel,” he said. He and his friends do feel an urge to strike back. “A lot of my friends have been trained in the Israeli army. I have years of martial arts training myself. Occasionally we’ll say : ‘come on, let go get them back’. But in the end, we don’t want to form a militia or anything”.

Source : http://www.nrc.nl/international/article2468489.ece/Anti-Semitism_on_the_rise_in_Amsterdam (http://www.nrc.nl/international/article2468489.ece/Anti-Semitism_on_the_rise_in_Amsterdam)
Title: Re: Anti-Semitic Incidents On The Rise - #Holocaust! #Holocaust!
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Notice that when Whites are targeted for rape and butchering by muds, it is merely a criminal act, hardly worthy of mention in the local news - nevermind the international media! But when a single Jew is insulted and perhaps hit, it is worthy of international news coverage with cries of anti-Semitism worse than anything Adolf could have dreamed of?

Title: Re: Anti-Semitic Incidents On The Rise - #Holocaust! #Holocaust!
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I agree...
Title: Re: Anti-Semitic Incidents On The Rise - #Holocaust! #Holocaust!
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More Global Anti-semitic Incidents Reported In 2009 Than Any Year Since WWII

Nearly half of Western European believe that Jews exploit the persecution of their past as a method of extorting money, according to an annual Jewish Agency report released on Sunday. A joint report on anti-Semitism conducted by the Agency and the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs found that 42 percent of those polled by the University of Bielefeld in Germany agreed that "Jews exploit the past to extort money." [ ... telling the truth about the jews wil always be anti-semitic] ;D

The countries in which the highest percentage of the population agreed with that statement were Poland and Spain. According to the Jewish Agency, there were more anti-Semitic incidents in 2009 than in any year since the Second World War. In the first three months of 2009 - immediately following Israel's three-week offensive on the Gaza Strip - there were as many anti-Semitic incidents recorded as in the entire year of 2008.

In France, for example, there were 631 anti-Semitic incidents recorded in the first half of 2009, compared to 474 in all of 2008. Worldwide, eight people were killed in attacks last year. [ ... and you call that anti-semitism ?] The report indicates that there were two murders linked with anti-Semitism in the United States in 2009 - one of a female university student in Connecticut and the other of a non-Jewish guard at the Holocaust museum in Washington, D.C. [ ... but the report fails to mention how many Whites were killed in anti-goyism]

This rise in anti-Semitism is stemming from both the political Left and Right, according to the Jewish Agency. At the press conference at which the report was released, officials referred to a film that has been making the rounds in recent days that charges Israel with stealing organs at the IDF hospital in Haiti.

Source : http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1144733.html (http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1144733.html)
Title: Re: Anti-Semitic Incidents On The Rise - #Holocaust! #Holocaust!
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Amsterdam would be a beautiful place without the jews. When the jews go they will take their dope, hookers, and the Anne Frank circus with them. I would then be happy to visit and take in Dutch Masters, architecture, and boating. It would be a wonderful vacation spot sans jews.
Title: Re: Anti-Semitic Incidents On The Rise - #Holocaust! #Holocaust!
Post by: Private on 16 January 2014 at 23:09
Israel is considering a law that would ban the use of references to the Nazis outside of educational institutions. They fear that common use will devalue their anti-White slur amidst "a rising tide of anti-Semitism."
http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/16/world/middleeast/israels-efforts-to-limit-use-of-holocaust-terms-raise-free-speech-questions.html?_r=0 (http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/16/world/middleeast/israels-efforts-to-limit-use-of-holocaust-terms-raise-free-speech-questions.html?_r=0)
Title: Re: Anti-Semitic Incidents On The Rise - #Holocaust! #Holocaust!
Post by: Private on 17 January 2014 at 02:07
Just what don't the kikes try to ban? Who escapes punishment for even the most feeble things said to them? They are active and go to great lengths to silence people who see through the lies!

http://www.smh.com.au/technology/technology-news/man-jailed-for-posting-antisemitic-video-online-20110201-1abm3.html (http://www.smh.com.au/technology/technology-news/man-jailed-for-posting-antisemitic-video-online-20110201-1abm3.html)

The Jewish victim of a verbal racial attack that was posted in a video online says a three-year prison term given to the man who called him a "racist, homicidal maniac" outside a Perth supermarket is not enough.

Brendan Lee O'Connell, 40, was sentenced in the District Court in Perth yesterday after being found guilty on Friday of six racial hatred charges.

Chuckling and smiling as the counts were read out to him, O'Connell appeared unaffected by the sentence handed down by Judge Henry Wisbey.

O'Connell represented himself before a jury after firing the lawyer who had been defending him against an accusation that he posted an anti-semitic video online.

He faced seven charges related to the posting of a verbal altercation he had with Stanley Keyser and Timothy Peach, who are Jewish, and was found guilty on six.

An argument broke out between the three men at an IGA supermarket in South Perth on May 2, 2009, where a Friends of Palestine group was holding a protest against Israeli oranges.

O'Connell was using a video camera at the event and in a video he later posted online, he labelled Mr Keyser a "racist, homicidal maniac".

"You have a religion of racism, hate, homicide and ethnic cleansing," he said in the video.

During the trial, O'Connell refused to acknowledge Judge Wisbey when he entered the court and, instead, rose to bow to the jury.

Judge Wisbey said O'Connell showed no remorse and his behaviour "was that of a bully".

About a dozen supporters in the court cheered when O'Connell labelled the proceedings "a kangaroo court" and gave a long, repetitive rant about the King James Bible and the Constitution.

As he was led out of court, O'Connell shouted: "Don't forget about the Gazans!"

Outside court, Mr Keyser said O'Connell had forced him to "suffer" for 18 months.

"I wish he was in [prison] for longer," he said as he rushed passed reporters.

Family friend Steve Lieblich told reporters it was a "very distressing" time for the Keyser family who were happy to have it over.

"I think it was a victory for decency and against bigotry and prejudice," he said.

"On this occasion it was the Jewish people who were the target of this bigotry but on future occasions it could be Muslims or Asians or any group, so we we should all be happy about this result."

Mr Lieblich said he hoped O'Connell would have time to reflect on his views during his prison term.

He said the internet made it easy to "spread hatred" and it was important to address the issue.

"This has got nothing to do with free speech," Mr Lieblich said.

"There's clearly a limit to free speech, there's a limit to all freedoms we have in society because we have to consider others.

"Words can hurt and cause a lot of damage and people need to recognise that they have to watch their words."

O'Connell's sentence has been backdated to January 24 and he will be eligible for parole, but a date for that period was not specified in court.
The Video That Led to the Arrest of Brendon O'Connell by Australian ZOG (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5CsmBYuFjg#ws)

Brendon O'Connell part 2 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWf9kz-a_ao#)

Title: Re: Anti-Semitic Incidents On The Rise - #Holocaust! #Holocaust!
Post by: Private on 17 January 2014 at 20:12
I might be a bit slow but apart from the line put them in the camps. i cant see how this man got all that time for saying what he believed in. But thats ZOG's way.

You might not like the idea we cant say anything about the camps, but to do so plays into their hands. You are needed on the outside so take care.

And for ZOG who is reading this, as we all know you are, just look around we are growing day by day. Look around Europe the right is on the march. And you know what will happen when the march reaches your door. I for one will be happy to ring the bell.  ;D

Title: Re: Anti-Semitic Incidents On The Rise - #Holocaust! #Holocaust!
Post by: Private on 18 January 2014 at 02:20
That's two separate issues there, but not totally unrelated.

Brendan O'Connell https://creativityalliance.com/forum/index.php/topic,5797.0.html (https://creativityalliance.com/forum/index.php/topic,5797.0.html) was arrested on bogus charges of calling the kettle black. It's all to do with the power of words and how they can be used to make or break anyone - depending upon your position on the Ladder of Political Correctness. The Jew calling you a "Nazi," "Hater," "Racist," "White Supremacist" is perfectly alright in the eyes of the law. You however, throwing the same terminology back at the Jew is a Hate Crime, because being White, you are part of the so-called majority and must be sensitive to the feelings of declared minority groups. It's total garbage, but it's an order that comes directly from the United Nations International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination http://www.ohchr.org/EN/ProfessionalInterest/Pages/CERD.aspx (http://www.ohchr.org/EN/ProfessionalInterest/Pages/CERD.aspx)

Israel banning the word "Nazi" could be useful for us in the short term, but I expect it to not change anything. The law - which is meant to apply to Israel only - would make it illegal for Jews to refer to other Jews as Nazis without good reason. Jewish culture is a culture that is completely obsessed with Nazis and related topics. As the writers for that cartoon show, Family Guy, pointed out, when you fill a room full of Jews, the topic inadvertently becomes Adolf and the Nazis. The problem the Israeli government has is not that you and I are being called Nazis. The problem is that Jews reach for the N-Word the moment anyone disagrees with them; no matter whether it's a legitimate attack on the Goy, or their fellow Jew.

The other problem is that Jewish academics and career Holoco$t profiteers such as Deborah Lipstadt http://lipstadt.blogspot.com (http://lipstadt.blogspot.com) desperately seek to legitimise themselves in a world rapidly slipping away from their control, see the "Nazi" accusation as being devalued by overuse. Their response is to seek to enact the same prohibitive laws in our countries so that "Nazi" becomes their personal weapon. If that plan was to come to fruition, then lunatic neighbours standing on their balcony shouting "NAZI!" at you and I could be dragged away; but if the screeching lunatic happens to be Jewish, then - as with everything these days - it becomes a cultural matter. And according to the Ladder of Political Correctness, Jewish culture takes precedence over White or Goy culture.

In other words, if the law is enacted only in Israel, it effects Jews only and nothing changes for us. If the law is extended to our countries as the Holoco$t profiteers want, then we remove some of the genuine Hate Speech that is typically thrown our way for simply not bowing to the sentimentality of the White-Hating liberal extremists. You may think that is good - and in a lot of ways it would be - but over the years I have seen the devaluation of words such as "Racist" and "Nazi." People who would once have danced to any tune to avoid even a false accusation now take pride in rejecting that same false accusation - in denouncing the denouncer you could say. Former Reverend and political prisoner George Loeb once wrote an excellent article extolling the virtues of our adopting the word holocaust for our own usage, by claiming everything that goes wrong in our lives is a holocaust! I lost my pen ... it's a holocaust! The cost of fuel has risen again ... oh what a holocaust! The Jew already understands what we are up to there and continually demands apologies from government agencies, private organisations and media for the misappropriation of their word.

Stoning: He said "Holocaust!" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIaORknS1Dk#)

To call you or I a "Nazi" may be a holocaust in itself, but it's a holocaust I'm prepared to live with so that the average Joe Blow in the street doesn't feel the need to scrape and bow whenever some conniving Jew points the finger and screeches "NAZI!"

Title: Re: Anti-Semitic Incidents On The Rise - #Holocaust! #Holocaust!
Post by: Private on 20 January 2014 at 00:14
The essence of Talmudic Law is that only a jew is a human being, therefore the law is only for jews. Since none jews are mere  livestock and anaimals -nothing the none jew says is of any value. The jew is above all laws and is god, criticism of jews is forbidden so that if they are corrupt politicians, corrupt judges, mafia, drug dealers and people trafickers they are beyond rebuke. What is good for the Jews is good, what is bad for jews is evil. This is in fact the message of the old testament. No matter what evil the jews do god blesses them.
All I can say is blessings on the Palestinians that retaliate against evil.
Title: Re: Anti-Semitic Incidents On The Rise - #Holocaust! #Holocaust!
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No matter what evil the jews do god blesses them.
All I can say is blessings on the Palestinians that retaliate against evil.

Man! "F" the Palestinians! So many of them got pushed out of I$rahell by the terrorist kikes and they ended up going to Lebanon to push the Christians around up there, they had a civil war.. and before you know it.. the JEW "Malcom Fraser"  allows the Palestinians /Lebs dis-settled by the Jews to live in Australia and they are among the biggest street pest we got next to the Abo!
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No matter what evil the jews do god blesses them.
All I can say is blessings on the Palestinians that retaliate against evil.

Man! "F" the Palestinians! So many of them got pushed out of I$rahell by the terrorist kikes and they ended up going to Lebanon to push the Christians around up there, they had a civil war.. and before you know it.. the JEW "Malcom Fraser"  allows the Palestinians /Lebs dis-settled by the Jews to live in Australia and they are among the biggest street pest we got next to the Abo!

What can I say? The enemy of my enemy is not my friend.

The Sand Nigger and his hatred for White people is proof of that. If anyone needs to know how contrary and conniving the Sand Nigger is, consider than whenever a Jew hating Sand Nigger discovers a White man that possesses the same degree of hatred for the manipulating Jew that he has, the Sand Nigger doesn't think he's found a friend. Instead, the Sand Nigger seizes the chance to denounce another "White Supremacist" for his own benefit. Once the land aspect is removed from the equation, the cultural and racial ties between the Sand Nigger and the Jew become apparent, and both put their hatred of the White man to good use for their common benefit.

That's the way it's been for nearly two thousand years now ... but I do hope that for the Palestinians sake, that they or others of that ilk, one day nuke Israel and turn it into a mass of uninhabitable radioactive rubble. And for our sakes, I hope the Jew retaliates in kind so that the Jewish/Islamic double edged sword broken forever.


European Agency Unable to Define 'Anti-Semitism,' Official Says
http://www.jta.org/2013/12/04/news-opinion/world/eu-anti-racism-agency-unable-to-define-anti-semitism-official-says (http://www.jta.org/2013/12/04/news-opinion/world/eu-anti-racism-agency-unable-to-define-anti-semitism-official-says)
The European Union's agency for combating racism dropped its definition for anti-Semitism and now is unable to define the term, an agency spokeswoman said. "We are not aware of any official definition [of anti-Semitism]," Blanca Tapia of the EU's Fundamental Rights Agency told JTA on Tuesday. Tapia was answering a query on the recent removal from the agency's website of a "working definition" of anti-Semitism that was adopted in 2005 by the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia - the EU entity that her organization has replaced.

German 'Hate Mail' to Jews Comes From Surprisingly Well Educated Sources
Forward (New York)
http://forward.com/articles/188764/german-hate-mail-comes-from-surprisingly-well-educ (http://forward.com/articles/188764/german-hate-mail-comes-from-surprisingly-well-educ)
Over the course of a decade, the letters poured into the Central Council of Jews in Germany like a river. "Is it possible that the excessive violence in Israel, including the murder of innocent children, corresponds to the long tradition of your people?" asked one. "For the last two thousand years, you have been robbing land and killing people!" exclaimed another. "... More than 60% of the hate mail came from well-educated Germans, including university professors, according to their study, "The Language of Hostility Towards Jews in the 21st Century," released earlier this year. Only 3% came from right-wing extremists.

Jewish Defenses Against Criticism
Kevin MacDonald
http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2013/12/jewish-defenses-against-criticism/ (http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2013/12/jewish-defenses-against-criticism/)
... A "siege mentality" goes a long way to explain Jewish political behavior ... - their fear and loathing toward an America dominated by White [people] ... When you feel you are under siege, anything is justified, and it is impossible to think critically about your behavior ... This is intense ethnocentrism with a peculiarly Jewish twist - ethnic paranoia might be a better term. Even when things seem really good, death and destruction are only moments away, and that justifies taking any and all measures to ensure the safety of the group. Every event is seen through the eyes of the group ...
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Anti-Semitism Spikes in Poland - Stoked by Populist Surge Against Refugees
D. Snyder - Forward (http://forward.com/)

Extract: Anti-semitism is on the rise in Poland, a country with almost no Jews. A new national study conducted by the Center for Research on Prejudice at the University of Warsaw finds a significant increase in negative attitudes toward Jews since 2014. The research, covering the years 2014-2016, shows that anti-Semitic hate speech is becoming increasingly acceptable and enjoys a growing popularity on the Internet and on Polish television. The study took actual examples of anti-Semitic statements found in different media and asked respondents if they found these statements offensive. In all cases, the statements were found to be less offensive in 2016 than in 2014. The difference was most pronounced among young people ... Poles are increasingly unwilling to accept Jews as co-workers, neighbors, or a member of their family.

New Research Finds Anti-Jewish Sentiment in Australia Public Schools
Ynet (http://antisemitism.org.il/) (Israel)

Extract: Prof. Zahavit Gross, head of research of the Van Gelder Institute for Holocaust Studies at Bar Ilan University, discovered quite by accident the phenomenon of "antisemitism in the playground" in Australia, when she came to Australia as part of a large study  ... Gross says that the Jewish children in public schools hear "classic antisemitic expressions as we can find in literature" she says, "the Jew who has a long nose, Jews pursuers of money, and who want to dominate the world". Modern antisemitism is also part of it, Gross adds. "They are being persecuted because of Israel, because of the occupation, and because of the way Israel treats Palestinians." Gross indicates that the data were a real shock for her ... Gross says that the majority of students in elementary and high schools prefer to hide their Jewishness in order to avoid incidents of this type.

Note: They are talking about Rumpelstiltskin,  Gargamel from the Smurfs and other non-Jew related characters that are apparently to Jewish for Jews to tolerate.
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Anti-Semitism is directly related to the amount of government funding obtained.
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Jewish hoaxer's motives are clear attempt to gain attention to Jews across the world. It has worked. Jewish Supremacist organisations, government and MSM will denounce any talk of Jewish hoaxes as anti-Semitic ...

U.S.-Israeli Teen Arrested for Role in Jewish Center Bomb Threats
A teenager with dual Israeli-U.S. citizenship was arrested in Israel on Thursday on suspicion of making dozens of hoax bomb threats against Jewish community centers in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. The suspect, whose identity {Juan Thompson} remains sealed pursuant to a court order, is 18, Jewish and a dual U.S.-Israeli national, a police spokesman said. The teenager's alleged motives were not immediately clear ... U.S. federal authorities have been investigating a surge of threats against Jewish organizations, including more than 100 bomb threats in separate waves over the past three months targeting Jewish community centers (JCCs) in dozens of states. The threats prompted criticism of U.S. President Donald Trump for what some Jewish groups saw as an inadequate response from his administration.

Jewish Bomb Threat Suspect Undermines Groups' Narrative on Anti-Semitism
Ben Sales - JTA

Many Jewish groups blamed white supremacists, emboldened by Donald Trump's campaign, for the bomb threats that have plagued Jewish institutions since the beginning of this year. It appears the groups were wrong. The news that one Jewish teen - an Israeli, no less - was behind most of the approximately 150 bomb threats that have hit Jewish community centers since the start of 2017 is a shocking twist in light of months in which the Anti-Defamation League and other groups pointed their collective finger at the far right ... Jonathan Sarna, a professor of American Jewish history at Brandeis University, noted that this isn't the first time that Jews have committed anti-Semitic acts ... "It is a reminder that we have to be very careful before we talk about a whole wave of anti-Semitism," Sarna said.