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Author Topic: The Holocaust: Homage to a Hoax & Homage to Revisionist Hero

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From Richard Edmonds

"I appreciate this opportunity to present my respects to the late Professor Robert Faurisson."

Prof. Robert Faurisson, Fred Leuchter & Ernst Zundel
Discussing the Genesis of the world famous Leuchter Report

Subject: A tale of two cities: homage to a propaganda-lie in Jerusalem; homage to a Revisionist hero in Vichy

Dear Friends,

Last weekend, the 25th. January 2020, by fate, karma or chance two meetings coincided: one in Jerusalem, the capital of the Zionist entity of Israel (as recognised by US President Trump) and the other in the very pleasant French town of Vichy, formerly the Second World War administrative capital of the Collaborationist government of Marshal Philippe Petain.

In Jerusalem, world leaders of major states lined up to pay homage to the propaganda-lie of the "Holocaust": US Vice-president Pence, Prince Charles of England, Presidents Putin from Russia, Macron from France, Steinmeier from Germany, European Royals, snivelling representatives from Australia, Canada etc., etc.

Meantime in Vichy, in an atmosphere of reconciliation and corroboration, friends and admirers of the late Professor Robert Faurisson met to pay homage to this hero of our Revisionist movement. A film will soon be produced of our tribute to Robert Faurisson. In the meantime, here is the translation from the French of the speech made by Richard Edmonds in Vichy at this occasion.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I appreciate this opportunity to present my respects to the late Professor Robert Faurisson. My name is Richard Edmonds. I am British.

For many decades Professor Faurisson was the leader in the field of Historical Revisionism. I will here concentrate on a key event in the life of this hero of our movement.

I speak of the trial that took place in Canada in 1985: the trial of the German, Ernst Zundel who at this time was living in Canada and who had been accused of denying the allegation that the Germans during the Second World War had murdered millions of Jews in homicidal gas-chambers. That is, Zundel had denied the allegation of the so-called “Holocaust”.

Professor Faurisson, in his capacity as the leading revisionist served as Zundel’s advisor in this trial.

The culminating point of the trial was the presence as a prosecution-witness of the man recognised, world-wide, as the leading expert on the theme of the ”Holocaust”, Professor Raul Hilberg of the University of Vermont, USA. In response to questions put by Robert Faurisson, Hilberg, situated in the witness stand, stated under oath that he possessed no forensic, scientific, objective proofs for the existence of homicidal gas-chambers anywhere in German-occupied Europe. The court then asked Hilberg to produce an autopsy certificate of the death of an individual murdered by the Germans in a homicidal gas-chamber. Hilberg replied: that that was not possible, “I cannot produce such an autopsy certificate.”

Personally, I, Richard Edmonds, can say that the revelations made at this trial in Toronto, Canada of 1985, changed my life forever. Now I know the truth of the so-called “Holocaust”. I owe my education to Professor Faurisson and to his colleagues at this trial, the accused, the German Ernst Zundel and the very brave Canadian lawyer, Douglas Christie.

Professor Faurisson always said that the false “Holocaust” could be the cause of a real Holocaust in the Middle East or even a Third World War. Robert Faurisson said that the only way to thwart the menace of a terrible new war is to expose the truth of the false “Holocaust”.

In the year 2006, Professor Faurisson took part together with colleagues, including Lady Michele Renouf, at the congress organised in Iran by the President of Iran, Mahmud Ahmadi-Nejad, a congress open to the world and which had the purpose of establishing the truth of the “Holocaust”. In this same year of 2006, the very liberal and mouth-piece of the German Establishment, the weekly news-magazine, Der Spiegel, gave an interview to the Iranian president Ahmadi-Nejad in which the President of Iran made very clear his scepticism of the claims of the so-called “Holocaust”.

F I N I S.

Ernst Zundel, Fred Leuchter and Prof. Robert Faurisson Discuss the Genesis of the Leuchter Report
Video Link:

Robert Faurisson (January 25, 1929 — october 21, 2018) was a French Holocaust revisionist who has generated controversy over various articles he has published in the Journal of Historical Review and elsewhere, as well as various letters he has sent to French newspapers (especially Le Monde) over the years which denied the allegations of the existence of homicidal gas chambers in National Socialist concentration camps and question whether there was actually a systematic killing of European Jews using gas during World War II.

Myth of the Gas Chambers
“Who knocked it down?”

Reverend Cailen Cambeul, P.M.E.
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Church of Creativity South Australia
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