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Title: Other Places To Collect Material To Share Here
Post by: Private on 26 October 2018 at 20:50
Sometimes...  most times.. I have a hard time thinking about what to post here..  It isn't that I disagree..  but actually because I agree.. haha.. If there were folks who disagreed here I'm sure the believers and scholars on the topic would just like on the facts and rebuttles...  but..  we are pretty well hidden in this book on the web...   

So I'm like.. "WTF should I say?"..

Well..  If I can't think of something..  I can still browse other places and if I see someone, somewhere else, post something that I think you folks would like..  I try to remember to bring it back and post it here..

So where to find additional material to bring here? 

news sites
facebook groups
etc..    Feel free to add links to other places you think would be good to swipe content from and bring it here