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New World Order Confusion


Sometimes confusing how this New World Order operates. Take a look at Obama. Although being half Muslim, the Jewish population in the States all voted for him - and I thought Jews hated Muslims ! Then when he gets elected, he elects a Jew to be his top advisor ... inspite of his "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction" Audacity Speech ! Is Obama playing along with the NWO or could this Muslim cause havoc for the Jews ? Just wondering.

On another note - glad to hear that David Duke have been released after telling the truth about the hoaxacast. It pisses me off that people still believe this Jewish lie. What pisses me off even worse is that you can be imprisoned for exposing this lie ! This lie have been scientifically exposed by a few people, including a Jew-boy that went to Auschwitch himself and came back a changed Semite !

An excellent book on the subject is "The Hoax Of The Twentieth Century", and for those who dont like reading, the movie "One Third Of The Holocaust". It is scientifically proved that no more than 600 thousand Jews died during that period; the Semites conveniently forget that 7 million Germans died in the same period, being persecuted by the rest of the world !!! Till this day, German money is still being paid to the bandit state of Israel. The international Jews today openly claim that the holocaust was indeed an hoaxacaust to create the guilt-complex, and that they added an extra "0" to the final death toll !!!

Obongo might not be a Mudslum at race, but definitely one at religion - his name and his fathers` spells it out clearly. His father was Barack Hussein Obama and was a radical Muslim. Obama even went to a Muslim school, but because seeing that you have to be a Christian in order to reach political office in the States, he joined the United Church of Christ to help purge any notion that he is still a Muslim.


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