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Net Nazis and Keyboard Commandos


We all know what Net Nazis look and act like; they are the ones that abuse and threaten everyone everywhere for not joining White Internet Jihad. Others go a little further and live life in a type of sub-White culture where they wander the streets proudly wearing their dirty, patch covered jackets, torn jeans, scuffed boots and sometimes even an ill fitting white beret. They claim to take over bars, where they binge on alcohol paid for from the proceeds of crimes and donations acquired through bullying their naive supporters on the internet. Yes, we all know the kind.

Another - a type that is harmless enough IF left alone is the Keyboard Commando. These groups appear on the scene from time to time. Like the Net Nazis, they claim to represent the "White Elite," demand your allegiance and denounce you if you refuse to join. Like the Net Nazis, they are a dime a dozen. Unlike the Net Nazis however, the Keyboard Commandos appear to be rational, well intentioned White Racial Comrades. They may or may not be new to the cause, but because of their knowledge gleaned from reading information freely distributed on our websites, they are able to appear more informed and active than is the case. By appearances alone, we - the older and more established organisations - all want them on our side. However, unlike the usually uncouth, brash Net Nazi, the truth is that more often than not, the Keyboard Commandos are untraceable, faceless nicknames. Whether they are well intentioned individuals, school kids in a social science experiment or Red, Jew or JOG infiltrators, you have no way of knowing ... until it is too late.

The simple answer is to avoid them. If you cannot verify the existence of the leaders of a Keyboard Commando group in the real world, then do not get entangled in their web of anonymity. The best way to avoid both the Keyboard Commandos and the Net Nazis is to do as I do: Act local and think global. Meet and greet and get active with the people in your own region, and liaise with YOUR brothers globally. That is the Creativity Alliance way.

Now, I could be wrong, but - spamming the Pontifex Maximus does not make for a good introduction - WN Thinktank is the latest investment by the Keyboard Commandos. Look it over. Let me know your opinions and as always, feel free to tell me that I am wrong. If they are Keyboard Commandos, then we know to avoid them. If however, they are a legit "White Nationalist" group, then we can wish them all the best and hope for their success as we hope for our own.


Over the years i have come across most of the points put forward But i have to say it has been well written. And put together. I don't know  if it genuine or not but lots of it has merit even if it is only in America. MY thought would be go for the idea that it is genuine and as so keep it friendly and see how it pans out. We cant stop working with others wishing to help there race, just because it might be a ZOG con etc. We keep to the law and keep trying to fight for our people. And this means taking chances at times. 


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