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Title: Life After White People
Post by: Private on 04 August 2010 at 08:16
http://www.history.com/shows/life-after-people (http://www.history.com/shows/life-after-people)

Life After (White) People is a television documentary series where scientists and other experts speculate about what the Earth might be like if people no longer existed, as well as the impact humanity's disappearance might have on the environment and the artificial aspects of civilization. The program premiered as a two hour special on January 21, 2008 on the History Channel which served as a de facto pilot for the series that premiered April 21, 2009.

The program does not speculate on how humanity may disappear, only that it has, and that it has done so suddenly, leaving everything behind including (niggers,) household pets and livestock that have to fend for themselves. The rest of the speculation is based upon documented results of the sudden removal of humans from a geographical area and the possible results that would occur if humanity discontinues its maintenance of buildings and urban infrastructure.
Title: Re: Life After White People
Post by: Private on 04 August 2010 at 12:06
I'm looking forward to watching this.
Title: Re: Life After White People
Post by: Private on 05 September 2010 at 05:40
I finally found the time to sit and watch this documentary.

It's definitely interesting and worthwhile watching. One of the thoughts it definitely left me with is that we must ensure that we maintain our environment, we musn't allow civilisation and the pursuit of progress to destroy our natural environment - Planet Earth - the only habitat man has ever called home. As White people with the ability to make such a massive impact on our environment, we must take responsibility to ensure that our environment will remain hospitable for future generations. We must find the balance between ecological sustainability and technological advancement.

This documentary also reminds me of why I am a Creator. Humanity, Nature's greatest experiment and the White race, Nature's greatest success is something that I want to remain on this Planet Earth. I want to not only see the White race and it's many creations remain on the Earth but I want to see us evolve, improve and advance in to the future - creating more and reaching heights we can not yet imagine possible. Humanity without the White race may remain, the niggers may go back to their primitive existence prior to White colonisation but they will never achieve the progress that Whites have made possible. Without the White race, the future depicted in this documentary is most likely the case.

Keep up the fight comrades!
Title: Re: Life After White People
Post by: Private on 05 September 2010 at 23:45
Asians have a desire to maintain but without the Creative Ability of the White Man, technology will stagnate and go into retardation.

Where there is is Islam, the culture of Creativity will be destroyed along with achievements and civilisation that comes with it.

Blacks have no desire to maintain anything at all, so within one-hundred years of the end of the White Race, civilisation will end probably taking the Asiatic remnants of civilisation with it.
Title: Re: Life After White People
Post by: Private on 22 February 2018 at 13:21
Life After White People ...


Watch them all ...