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Latin Terms Frequently Used in the Church of Creativity

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Nom de Guerre: Is French for Name of War (the Latin version can be found below). As a term, it has been frequently used by Revolutionaries on the Right and the Left. Creativity's Founder, Ben Klassen, preferred Creators to use a "Nom de Guerre" in order to enhance the security of the Church. The Creativity Alliance asks the same of you. Only Church Leaders need know whom and where you are.

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Latin Designations Frequently Used by Creators
Ecclesia Creatoris: Church of Creativity (literally, Church of the Creator) - Abbreviation: CoC
Our Church is dedicated to the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race.

Creativitas Alliance: Creativity Alliance
The various regional Churches of Creativity and numerous Individual Creators grouped together under one banner for the propagation of the Church of Creativity.

Signum Album: The White Emblem (literally, the White Sign)
Note: Simulacrum Candidus is not to be used - it is incorrect Latin
Victoria Signum: The Symbol of Victory (literally, the Sign of Victory)
Divinum Signum Victorie: The Divine Symbol of Victory
The Emblem of our Church - The "W" in our insignia stands for the noble White Race. The crown represents our unconditional right to supremacy in Nature's realm. The halo signifies purity of blood, and that we jealously regard our blood lines as the sacred value on the face of the earth.

Pontifex Maximus: Highest Priest (literally, Greatest High Priest) - Abbreviation: PM
Chair of the GFC

Hasta Primus:  Deputy  to the PM (literally, First Spear/First Up) - Abbreviation: HP
Secretary of the GFC
Should the PM ever become incapacitated, the HP immediately takes over as Pontifex Maximus Pro Tempore (literally, ... for the time being). Regional Church Groups also use the term Hasta Primus in a similar capacity.

Fidem Custodum: Guardians of the Faith Committee (literally, Keepers of the Faith) - Abbreviation: GFC
The GFC can be considered the Bishops of the Church of Creativity, and can be compared with the College of Cardinals of the Catholic Church and the College of Pontiffs of classical Rome. It is from their number that the HP and the PM are selected.

Praetorii Album: The White Rangers (literally, the White Guard)
The Church Security Legions of the Creativity Alliance.

Princeps Praetorii: Head of the White Rangers (literally, Captain of the Guard)
Alternatively Princeps Praetorii Albus (literally, Captain of the White Guard)

Festum Album: White Festival
A week long festival of White Pride in the Creator Calendar. December 26 – January 1

Other Terms often used by Creators
Primus Inter Pares: First Among Equals
Sometimes used in relation to Church Leaders, but most often used as a reference the PM.

Delenda est Judaica! The Jew Must Be Destroyed!

Aut Vincere Aut Mori! Either Victory or Death!
Vincere Aut Mori! Victory or Death!/Conquer or Die

Pro Unitas Creatorum Omnium! The Unity of Creativity for All!

Nomen Bellum: Nom de Guerre (French) (literally, Name of War)
An assumed name under which a Creator may choose to conceal their true identity.

Infidelis: Infidel comes from Latin infidelis. Meaning "unfaithful, not to be trusted."
You know it in English, Muslims call us Infidels.

Thank you for posting these. Here's a movie filmed entirely in Latin ...

What is with the dates used??  "AC"does that mean after Kassen died or something?


--- Quote from: The Creator Calendar ---The Creator calendar system is centred around the foundation of the first racial religion for the White race, Creativity. Creativity was founded in 1973 of the old calendar system, when our Founder – Ben Klassen PME – published Nature’s Eternal Religion. This year was the Birth of our racial religion and will represent the year “0,” or Incepto de Creativitat. Although it is uncommon for a calendar to include a year “0,” we feel it important to acknowledge the year that the White race created a living racial religion for its own Survival, Expansion and Advancement.

The years previous to the Inception of Creativity are known as Prius Creativitat, or “Before Creativity.” The year our Beloved Founder was born (1918CE) is known under the Creativity calendar as 55PC. In historical and academic discussion of times before Creativity, Creators should use “PC” to signify the years, rather than the Christian system that has been used in the past.

All the years leading up to the present and in to the future will be known as Anno de Creativitat, or “Year of Creativity.” The year in which this article was written (2010CE) is known under the Creativity calendar as 37AC. The publication of The White Man’s Bible was in 8AC, or the 8th Year of Creativity. These years can be simply converted from the Gregorian calendar to the Creativity calendar, by subtracting the Gregorian year from 1973 [2010 – 1973 = 37AC], or for a PC year we do the same in reverse [1973 – 1918 = 55PC].
--- End quote ---

Another good one would be: Sanguis, Solum Honoremque. My Latin isn't to great, but it should mean Blood, Soil and Honour. The things is, did they have comma's in Classical Latin?

Admin Note: Good work brother. The Latin correction is in the next post/page.


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