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Islam and chrstianity as retarders of civilisation.


Heres a good mini documentary against intolerance.

Actually I think I misrepresented that video. I am certainly intolerant of racial treason and partisan in favour of Creativity and my own kind.
The documentary is flawed in ascribing the Success of the "West" to liberal democracy rather than White racial quality.
Islam also is not as backward as is described. It is a good religion in expanding the numbers and living space of the muds that cling to it. It is successful in replacing the Europeans on their own soil. In 18 years Europe will be 30% muslim. In 50 years it will be Islamic and nuclear armed. So much for the greatness of Western culture. Western culture is a Jewish cloak for cultural and biological degeneracy. The White race is failing to reproduce and is being replaced. Once it is gone Europe will be as squalid and miserable as any african mud failure of a state.
The only solution is a new religion and culture for the White Race- Creativity.

That video was good. It explained how yes.. people are going crazy with these mystical/science stunting religions and it showed the importance of free speech and free press. It seems very important to remove all roadblocks from science or else you are not a military competitor and eventually fall into the realm of the spear chucker.   


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