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Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton

This message is being brought to you on Monday, 13th of April, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

I recall reading an article in a scientific magazine, discussing how if we designed the human body for maximum effiency and long-life use, what changes we would implement.  It was quite interesting in that the article also showed a picture, cartoonish, of what that human being would look like - more like a cast member from Star Trek, than a normal human - but it does show that there are changes in the system, both within and without the White Race.

On this website, there is an article from my local newspaper that discusses the differences between the number of nephrons in the kidney between a native black of Australia and a non-native black of Australia (i.e. a White person).  The number is quite significant with nearly a third less in an Aboriginal than in a comparable White person.  A short article, yes, but it is significant in that this is an integral part of the human body, something that we would not want to change because of its importance to our ability to excrete waste materials.  It has been suggested that the reason behind this difference is because of the amount of alcohol that the White Race has been participitating in since it was founded anywhere near ten thousand or so years ago.  The native Australian black is the only culture in the world that never developed a form of alcoholic beverage (for whatever reason); islands in the Pacific Ocean, mountains in Peru and the whole sub-Saharan Africa, all of these places had people sitting down, having a drink, for millenia.  In other words, these races evolved to cope with the consumption of alcohol; those who could not handle it, died out or were not allowed to reproduce.  A rather coarse example of evolution within the Homo species but it is accurate and very measurable.  Of course, there are other differences that evolution processes forced onto the many sub-species of humanity and thus cause each species to go forward in a different way.  Such an example is the effect of high latitudes on the ability of the eye to cope with light coming in.  Again, this is something that cannot be forced upon a person with any degree of obvious deformation - except when Nature takes it course.  To begin with, the effect is that light, at the higher latitudes, comes in at an angle that our equatorial beginnings did not evolve with to cope.  As such, with that effect and the lack of light for lengthy periods of time, the human species evolved two separate mechanisms - one was the lighter-colored eye and the other was the epicanthic fold.  The lighter-colored eye (i.e. blue, gray and green colors) are what the White Race evolved with, to cope with the refraction and angle of light within the human body.  On the other hand, the Asian race used the epicanthic fold (i.e., the slanty eye look) to physically cope with the same effect.  So, the question then gets begged to be asked, with, at least, these two examples - why are we afraid of discussing the fact that the human race has evolved into separate species ??

Many people know that there is a difference between the races but have been brain-polluted into thinking that the "racists" are doing so, based purely on skin color.  The same vast majority are repeatedy told that this skin color is wrong and that we should judge people by their other merits.  To a degree, I concur.  It is not just about skin color and, yes, we should look at the other differences between the races.  One can actually use the same information network that is polluting our very own social fabric to see that there is more than meets the eye when it comes in regard to the differences between the races.  The federal government is, at the moment, trying to get everyone to eat healthy, do more exercise and stop becoming the obese slobs that we are heading towards.  A laudable goal and one that I personally look forward to seeing a very positive outcome.  However, in all the glitz and glamour of the advert, there is a small written comment at the bottom of the screen, near the end.  It states that the advice given may not work to the full suggested capability, based on the different ethnicities.  Hang on, "different ethnicities" ??  Why would an Arab, believeing in Allah and eating camel meat and goat's curd, be any different to the stated goals of weight loss than from an Vietnamese who eats rice and raw fish, whilst praying to the numerous Hindu saints ??  After all, isn't that what is implied when people say that you are of a "different ethnicity" ??  If these two people sat down to a meal, say of McDonald hamburgers, and were then told to do the same exercises to loss the weight that they gain, according to the official government advertising, there will be a significant difference in the result between the two of them !!  Significant for the same government to make sure that it is stated on their health promotion so that they are covered by any spurious lawsuit or such negative publicity.  Is it not because that there are physical and biological differences between the races ??  Is it that the Asian metabolism might have difficulty in eating, say a camel burger, because over the many thousands of years, its digestive system has become attuned to eating vegetables, rice and seafood ??  In short, what is being stated here is that there is known differences between the different races out there, beyond the stigma of skin color, and it goes deeper than what the public have been told about.  All these years of saying that "diversity is good" and that "we are all equal" when Nature quite unequivocably states and shows us that all that propaganda is exactly that - propaganda.

This then leads to the next question - why would the government lie to you ??  Okay, once you have finished laughing, let us see about the seriousness of this matter.  If there is no differences, then why is there so many different events, programmes, shows and public holidays about promoting diversity ??  I am pretty sure that if something was so obvious then we would not need constant reassurance that it is normal to be different.  As an example, the American Indian and the pioneer White Folk settlers probably both agreed on that the rattlesnake was a dangerous animal - they did not need the King of Spain to keep giving them both pamphlets on the dangers of reptilian poison.  It was logical and obvious and everyone who was not blind, deaf or dumb could see that.  So, we are constantly told and reassured that having these different races living together is all good, that we should all hold hands and sing songs of praise and love.  What a load of hooey.  First off, these non-Whites are not the same species as us White Folk and, for those who would state that the biological offspring of is viable and thus proving that we are the same, let me talk to you about tigons and ligers.  The tiger and the lion are separate species, right, we all agree ??  Yes ??  Okay then, so, these creatures who are quite separate can produce offspring when forced to, the cubs are viable but are often sickly and do not live anywhere near the same life span as either parent does.  Are we going to lump together all these two animals and say that they are the same because they can produce viable offspring ??  Of course not, and thus we can say the same about the different human races, even though they can produce children.  The other physical differences between the human sub-species are many to list but they include other non-changeable-by-drugs-or-exercise regimes.  Predominant blood types, immune systems, length of the arm to leg bone ratios, hair follicle type and color.  All of these are physical and measurable and repeatable results that can be seen time and time again.  Yet, this all changing and not for the best.  Returning to the question above - why are we afraid to talk about the different races ??  The answer is that I am certainly not afraid because I no longer hold onto the belief that this subject is taboo, so, why should you be afraid to talk about ??  Is it that social stigma that it is not polite to talk about such things ??  Well, it is not polite to see the rampaging hordes turning our once clean streets into a version of jungle law that is applicable to the African savanna ??  Of course not, but if we say that it is the blacks who are doing this to our cities, well, we get hit with a lawsuit and sent to jail for "inciting racial hatred".  That these same blacks are causing such devastation, to continue the example, to make us White Folk "promote/incite racial hatred", then why isn't the lawyers going after these blacks ??  Okay, it is not fair to just pick on the blacks but they are the most overt and obvious examples of non-White violence and destruction of the same culture that we White Folk created and nurtured.  The Mexicans are just as bad - how many times do you hear of people being tortured over a small quantity of drugs, just because these cartels can ??  Oh yes, that's right - along the Mexican border !!  Then there are the Asian gangs of Canada and north-western USA - once more, we cannot discuss this in public because it is bad.  Again, I say, why is it that these non-White's get given a free pass to cause such havoc without anyone saying "Hey, it's the Asians/Arabs/Mexicans/blacks doing this !?!?!?".  As you would not let a untamed tiger into your house nor would you let an infestation of killer bees into your town not only because they are inherently dangerous but also because they are the same as us White Folk.  These creatures have different rules, different agendas and different ways of living to achieve their goals.  What about the lady on the east coast, whose face got torn off by a "tame" chimpanzee ??  I rest my case - non-Whites are not only separate sub-species, they also have different goals to aspire to that are contrary to our own.  We White Folk are creators, we are the ones that move forward and colonized the new lands.  We are the ones who tamed, to a degree, the raw elements of the Earth to our will.  We are the ones that created civilization as it is known today.  The other races have only copied us, and most times only half-heartedly, or envied us for our success.  As such, they try to use "diversity" and "equality" to say that they are the same but they are not - they only want you to think that.  Put a ban or social taboo on a subject and they can then sneak in and ruin our whole lifestyle.  Are you going to let them get away with this ??  Are you going to look around you and see just how much devastation that these sub-humans have caused and say "Oh, its okay because I can't say that it is because they are black, as I will be sent to jail".  Well, the time has come to hardened up before we lose everything that our ancestors have fought for, before we lose what it means to be a member of the White Race today.  Do your bit to help the World Church of the Creator and together we can make this a better world for ourselves and our children.  RaHoWa !!!

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!


Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton

This message is being brought to you on Monday, 20th of April, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

Exactly one hundred and twenty years ago, today, a great person was born.  He is well known in the White Pride movement and did many great things in his life before passing away in 1945 and, yes, I am talking about Adolf Hitler, the former leader of the German Republic, who died whilst defending his land from the encroachment of sub-humans, on one side and Jewish-inspired propaganda, on the other.

To begin with, it must be stated clearly and fully that the World Church of the Creator is not a member of the Nazi Party, nor do we hold up Adolf Hitler as something like the next Messiah ora saint for us to pray to each and every other day.  No, Hitler was a very influential man (he made the cover of Time magazine, as the Man of the Year) and was probably the greatest proponent of White Pride that the world has ever seen, especially in the last century.  PME Klassen, as written in our Holy Books, has stated that Hitler is a person to be admired for what he did but we are not Nazis, nor shall we ever be.  PME Klassen knew that we would be drawn in the same likeness as this political party of Germany and went to a long way in making sure that it was noted that we are not Nazis.  Many times it has been mentioned but despite our protestations contrary, the media keeps on drawing the same conclusions.  So, for the record, we are not Nazis and, yes, we do admire Adolf Hitler as an example of what a person can do when they are proud of their race.  Of course, we know the truth of what he did and do not believe the same lie that has been repeated over and over for the last sixty-five years or more.  Indeed, he did many amazing things that the public do not know about, so, why is it that he has been painted in this negative color ??

Born in Austria, Hitler followed the same rules and upbringing as everyone else did at that time.  The rumors of his upbringing have been long shrouded in mystery and we shall probably never know exactly what his family was like in full.  Yes, his father married his cousin (they had to get a papal dispensation to do so) and yes, his father was quite abusive to both his wife and his children.  However, it could be said that this regimental structure was common in German oriented families at this time and, so, nothing more special than anyone else (for example, the great philosopher, Wittgenstein, was brought up in the same manner).  As always, the point is brought up as to whether Hitler had a Jewish ancestor, most likely through his grandmother, being impregnated whilst working as a servant in a Jewish house.  That he tried to not discuss his parentage, whenever it was brought up, and that after the Anschluss, he turned his home town in an artillery range - all of these issues were cited as "proof" of his misgivings of his parentage.  However, he was born a Hitler, legally and legitimately, and his reticence about speaking of family is nothing more sinister than anyone wanting to maintain privacy of their family life.  As to the artillery range, well, so what ??  The records that would have been present would have been transferred to another place and the people there would have moved as well, thus, anyone could have still have access to that information anyway !!  So, let us end this abnormal focus on Hitler's family with another comment from PME Klassen - it doesn't matter what Hitler's parents were, but it is what he did with his life that is more important.  And this is so true.  When we looked at his life, we can see that there are as many mistakes as there are breakthroughs, but as he grew older, he made less mistakes and continued with his goals of the saving of the White Race.  Left as an orphan after the death of his mother, he was penniless and forced to eke out a living as a postcard artist - another "derogatory" point made out by his enemies, but one that we can say shows his initiative and zeal.  He signed up with the army at the outbreak of the First World War and, though he never rose above the rank of private first class, he managed to gain his country's highest military award not only once, but twice, in his role as a runner along the front line.  Afterwards, he managed to get involved with a revolutionary political party, on the behest of his army superiors, and eventually he turned this into what the world now knows as the National Socialist Party.  He then tried to overthrow the government, as it was suspected of being involved in the loss of the war, but was caught, found guilty and sent to prison where he did his time.  Afterwards, everything he did, he did within the laws and legal system of the time and country.  No rigged elections, no stand over tactics - just honest political speeches and talking to the people.  It is one of the great misinterpretations that people do not know that Hitler was actually elected to his leadership by the majority of the people.

So, despite the wherefores and what's-its of the aftermath of his election to power, it must be stated that Adolf Hitler was a very great powerful person who could do whatever he wanted to do.  He learn from his mistakes and then went on to make the best of what he had until he was in a position to change it for the better.  In this manner, he is an inspiration for the White Folk out there to look up to.  The propaganda that has continued for all these many decades since his death (defending his country and race, mind you) has only shown to the rest of the world the sheer impact he has made in history.  The victors write the history books but it must be stated that despite these years of derogatory comments, he is still remembered for his many good things that he did for his country.  You do not know about those as well, do you - ask yourself why is that so ??  Here is a list of some of the great things that he did - he encouraged the growth of the family culture, designed the most popular automobile ever made (the Volkswagen), he built dozens of dams and constructed the largest highway system (the Autobahn) ever in Germany.  He also established the first European group for the protection of animals (equivalent to the ASPCA), promoted healthy living through correct eating and exercise and also oversaw the medical research that confirmed the link between smoking and lung cancer.  Obviously, he was not there personally, doing each and every one of these points but he allowed them to come about.  I suppose that that is one his greatest gifts that he had - that he encouraged people to do what they were good at.  He, to put it in terms of our Faith, fanned that spark of creativity that lays within all of us White Folk, letting it stoke up their innate genius and possessed them to go on and create.  He was a facilitator, letting people do what they were good at.  How many other leaders out there can state that on their curriculum vitae ??  Instead of trying to maintain control over whatever power that he had, Hitler instead made use of his power for the benefit of the German people (and, ultimately the White Race); he took a bare minimum salary as a politician, content to live off his earnings from his authorship of Mein Kampf.  In the end, he gave his life for his country, defending it from the subhumans of the Russian steppes, not laying down in a bunker with a poison tablet.  In short, his aspect has a proud White Man who could do what he could is something that everyone should aspire to.  The constant attempts at painting him in a negative light just shows how much his enemies hated him, both then and now.  If he was so obviously bad, then why the constant hate campaign against him and everything and everyone associated with him ??  I see that this campaign is like trying to pull down a mountain with just ordinary grappling hooks.  Tall and proud, willing to stand the test of time but by constantly wearing at it, bit by bit, inch by inch, the haters of this man-mountain are ripping the shreds off of him, trying to reduce him to a mere pile of rocks.  Given enough time, he will be torn down from the deserved place as one of the most important people in the whole world, not only just for the White Race.  Think about what he did and not the propaganda that is promulgated each and every day.  Look at his capabilities and see how it can work for you to do what you want.  Yes, he was a great man but, in the end, only a man.  However, his ideals and how he accomplished what he did is something that we can all aspire to.

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!


Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton

This message is being brought to you on Tuesday, 28th of April, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

I am taken back in time, to that wonderful year of 1918, when the First World War was declared over and that the end had come to the barbarity.  It also was the year of the Spanish 'flu, a grand pandemic, spreading towards all parts of the world, from the Arctic to the USA, from Spain to the Pacific Islands.  Once more, we are facing another potential pandemic, the Mexican Swine 'Flu, and with this high level of global transport and travel, it is all too easy to see it spreading to the world in no time flat.

This is no time for despair, as we are more aware of the effects of various viral infections, such as HIV and Ebola.  Indeed, it may well seem that we are nowhere near such a level of activity and destruction, as caused by the most infamous of the pandemic influenzas.  Still, it is interesting in that, yet again, this particular strain has occurred in a place where sanitation and standards of living are not of the highest order.  Much like the SARS outbreak in 2003 (30 A.C.), which was caused by the intermingling of birds with both pigs and humans.  Unfortunately, in this new case, the virus does not need an associated animal stage to migrate from birds to humans - it can go straight from one person to another.  No mass culling of birds will allow us some room for hope and a chance to defeat it.  It seems that all we have to do now is to just wait to see the long term effects of this outbreak.  So, just how did this virus start up and what can we do to stop it from occurring again ??

The first comment to make about this is that it is impossible to stop the influenza virus.  This particular virus, like every and each species that has evolved on this planet, is determined to survive.  Like the fast breeding and quick speed of rabbits help them survive, this virus has that wonderful capability of constant mutation.  By constantly changing itself, the chance that a species has developed an immunity to it slims down.  As well, sometimes it can hide within another species, doing them no harm, yet leaps to another host animal where it causes the infection to occur, much like the SARS virus which went from birds to humans.  Now that we know that we can never rid this planet of this virus, what can we do to keep it at bay, as with all the other nasties out there ??  One has to look at the problems that arise with such an outbreak - again, poor sanitation leads to a breeding ground for the virus to have an opportunity to mutate into something that is fatal.  Again, this is of no great issue if the filth-infested area is isolated - there must have been times in the long distant past where a pool of water trapped several animals, their corpses creating the perfect environment for the viruses to breed.  However, once the self-imposed quarantine has been broken, then it is hell on earth for the rest of the population.  Now, let us look at where this virus originated from - Mexico.  Let me think - would this nation be capable of having such lax sanitary procedures that would allow such an event to have a chance to occur ??  As well, would it have the capability to recognize what was happening ??  Would it have the ability to implement a disaster management program, so as to contain the infection and prevent its spread ??  Well, now that we cases of this same virus popping up in places as diverse as New Zealand and Spain, I guess that the answer to that is a plain and ordinary "No".  Are we really surprised ??  Let us look at the SARS virus outbreak - it occurred in South-east Asia, before spreading around the world.  Again, it was to do with water birds and the associated mixture of their lifestyles with the human beings around them.  I know everyone has heard about the HIV outbreak and its possible connection with monkeys in Africa but I will not discuss that particular pandemic that has now almost become benign in influence and scariness.  Indeed, I shall talk about Ebola, a particularly horrid virus that causes severe bleeding and a relatively quick death - it does, though, come from Africa and it is believed to be transmitted by monkeys, kept deep in the jungles and forests of that dark continent.  It has been surmised that even the grand-daddy of all pandemics, the 1918 'flu, originated in the Far East, attacking the Central Powers, weakening them to the point where that might have been the real reason why the Allies won the First World War.  Are you seeing a common connection here ??

If you look up the Wikipedia article about pandemics and such, you will come across a list of all the major epidemics that history has recorded and, yes, there is a larger number of those pandemics that have occurred in both Europe and the USA.  Note that I have stated "history has recorded" and so, naturally, in places where more history is recorded, we will know more of what has happened.  Still, it also shows that the real point is that poor sanitation and lack of comprehension in what to do when you have a pandemic about to start is much more common in non-White controlled areas.  Okay, that might have been fine over a hundred years ago, when the Europeans may have not care one iota about what new cholera outbreak happened in the Oogga-boogga village of central Chad because there was no reason that it would even migrate outside of its immediate area in any great hurry, if at all.  Today, we are not afford the luxury of being to distant in time and distance from outbreaks.  If the same thing occurred today, then that same virus could be transmitted to a tourist or aid worker and back in mainstream White communities in much less than a week.  Along the way, the spreading of this virus continues at the international airports and onto other countries.  Then, it is up to us White Folk to combat this disease that we would never have been exposed to if we didn't associate with the subhumans who allow such accumulation of garbage and filth to occur in the first place.  What are tourists doing in Chad anyway ??  Why are we risking the lives and health of aid workers in Nepal, Ethiopia and the Brazilian rainforest, if they can only do damage to us White Folk ??  Why do we want to have these creatures living amongst us anyway, especially when their "relatives" come from the homeland and continually infect the population surrounding their more affluent family members.  Rare is the community of the subhumans that is clean and pristine for all to live healthy lives - filth and grime, disease and strife-ridden are always adjectives that come to mind when we think of the American ghetto today.  And the skin colour of said ghettos is not white.  Is this racist to say that the non-Whites are causing disease and destruction to the areas that we have built up and developed ??  Apparently, it is and, as such, our propaganda ministers (i.e. Federal government) is actually allowing the high risk of a mass infection, like what has happened in Mexico, to crop up here in our own country.  Are we going to allow this to happen ??  Are you willing to walk around the mess that needs to be cleaned up, thinking that distance alone can keep you alive ??  How far is New Zealand from Mexico ??  Indeed, in a newspaper article I read today, one of the conditions to contain this infection included the American embassy in Mexico to prevent visiting visas to Mexicans; I laughed, as we all know that they just walk into our country on a daily basis anyway, carrying all their diseases and filth with them.  The old saying that good intentions pave the path to ruin is something here that we should be most concerned about.  All those liberal heart bleeders who want to set up drinking posts in the deserts to aid those illegal immigrants (hey, remember that it is ILLEGAL for them to come here, right Mr. Law Abiding Citizen ??) and those same idiots who want to send our doctors, nurses and teachers over to the pathetic nations that seem to produce only more wannabe immigrants and other natural disasters, answer me this - wouldn't you prefer to have all those talented people here, to help our nation, you know, the same nation that gave them to chance to obtain their education and opportunity to become what they are ??  Wouldn't you want all those valuable resources and man-hours that you have put into drinking fountains, to be put into our public schools or hospitals ??  I know that at my local hospital, a working drinking fountain would be a blessing, as I wait for hours to see a doctor that my taxes are paying for.  As well, you could say that if we helped these pathetic countries, we would be helping ourselves, well, would we ??  Of course not !!  Look at we have done and see the results of our kind actions.  Have any of those countries actually any better and moving forward from when we helped them ??  I thought it was ironic that Ethiopia is having yet another famine, especially growing up, watching the Live Aid concert that donated all that money to help them.  Let's face facts and figures here - the sub-humans do not know how to look after themselves and, as a result, are more of a liability than the viruses that they allow to spawn up around them.  They are little better than the average animal circus act - trained animals.  We deserve a better world to live, one when outbreaks occur after a major disaster only (heck, even Hurricane Katrina did nothing because of what us White Folk did to fix the possible problems to begin with !!).  Do you want to live in fear of what is happening over in Mexican, what is happening in your country because of these "immigrants" migrating babies and bacteria, vermin and viruses into our communities ??  Send them back.  Send them all back to where they came from and if they are just as equal as us White Folk then they can look after themselves without our help and benefits.  I don't think that they can do it because it is not in their nature nor their genes.  They chose to live like animals and, as such, there is no need for them to drag us into their gutter because we apparently feel guilty about their patheticness.  We White Folk are, naturally, the best on this planet and it is time for us to wake up and smell the midden heap before we are crushed under its immense weight !!  Do something today to save your Folk now !!

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!


Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton

This message is being brought to you on Tuesday, 5th of May, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

It is sometimes quite difficult to understand the world we are living in at this moment, with the various different breeds and groups of "humans".  Each of these groups are doing what they can do to make the world a better place and yet, instead of the global harmony that is what we are constantly being informed is happening, we are getting the opposite.  Chaos and destruction, not law and order, are what we are getting today - and all thanks to our leaders who are taking advice from our racial enemies.  Let us look at what is happening today.

Today, it was noted in my local newspaper that China is being told that it has committed yet another human rights violation.  I almost skipped over it, as there have been so many of late that just one more seemed to be not necessary to learn about.  Except that it made mention, in the headline, about Mexicans.  Okay, now you have piqued my interest.  It appears that the Chinese government has quarantined approximately 70 Mexicans, as a preventative measure for the influx of the swine 'flu virus into the country.  Mexican diplomats say that this is not proper, as the people have no signs nor symptoms of the virus, and demand that they be released now.  So, the Chinese government is doing something that sounds quite logical and fair for its citizens; a similar quarantine occurs in Australia, but for horses, because of the potential risks of viruses and such.  Do the Chinese people, over one billion of them, want to be suffering from the 'flu virus of Mexico ??  Of course not and just because the people traveling there were from Mexico does not mean that the government is phobic towards these sub-humans but that they are looking out for their own kind.  I would suspect that if the same virus outbreak started in either Finland, Nigeria or Tonga, then the same response would have been meted out.  Yet, the Mexican diplomats are jumping up and down, demanding that the police/custom officials let their people go.  Sure, and potential spread the virus throughout the largest populated country in the world ??  Think about the consequences, you idiots, and see that this government is actually trying to ensure that their people exist in the long term and without any major epidemics.  And what did your government do to protect you ??

Still, it is not all bad, is it ??  Our government is out to help us and make us feel better, right ??  Of course not !!  They are out to make a name for themselves, as well as pamper their own nests.  Short term goals over long term interests, that is what is going to stuff up your land and the future of our race.  In Australia, the latest influx of illegal immigrants are coming along, with the idiots who, apparently, pay the people smugglers many thousands of dollars, to let them live in the Great Southern Land.  This is how sophisticated the scheme has now become - by the time the illegal immigrants have entered Indonesia, they have already arranged the boat needed for the voyage.  So, instead of going to a travel agent or going into a refugee camp and seeking proper permission, they illegally set up a way to enter this White Folk land.  Despite the fact that these "people" are over 90% Muslim, despite crossing at least two countries that are proudly Muslim in nature and tolerance, they do not stay with their co-religionists but desire our non-Islamic ways !!  How is this possible, if they do not like our non-Muslim way ??  Perhaps it is because both Malaysia and Indonesia are not exactly the greatest countries to live in, especially with the soft cushions that are available just across the waters.  So, the people smugglers, flattering them with the wonders and joys, pull out their modern boats (which they bought from all the previous trips), drag out an old fishing trawler and tow them across the Arafura Sea, towards Australia.  They use sonar, GPS and have codes for approaching Australia officials; when they come in sight of Australian land, they unhook them and send them on their merry way.  Much like a tourist on a Kontiki trip.  Instead of wanting to be helped, the illegal immigrants destroy documents (it takes longer to confirm their identity, thus, they are more likely to get permission to stay), have women about ready to give birth (wow, that tactic works just about everywhere!!) or, if that fails, they throw their children overboard or set themselves on fire, in sight of the Australian officials, so that they will be helped right now, without question or hesitation.  So, these criminals are given a helping hand out, money, food and resources that are better placed for our White Folk, are handed over to them because the Australian government has been told that it is the right thing to do.  Is it right for those Aussies to have taken off of them all the benefits that they and their ancestors have created, just for criminals ??

Now, we have mentioned two governments here and we can see which one is looking out for their citizens and fellow same race peoples.  If China is so backward, why aren't we doing the same for our own White Folk as they are doing for their own Chinese people ??  Because our government has been brain-polluted into thinking that the scum that floats across the sea is just as good as the people already here.  Well, a rude shock for some but, guess what, they are not the same nor are they better.  They are different.  Just as different as the swan is from the goose as from the duck.  All birds of a feather but they rarely congregate together, let alone, interbreed.  Each has their own lifestyle, their own particular food choice, their own social mating calls and such behavior which allows their species to continue on.  Despite all of them being on the same lake or pond, you do not see goose/duck hybrids - goslings or ducklings or cygnets.  If a bunch of water birds can do that to maintain its own racial integrity, why can't we White Folk do the same ??  Simply put - you are being told by our governments that it is not right and that it is bad to think like that.  Yes, it is okay to be teaching primary school children about the consequences of gay marriage but not that we can't say that homosexuality is a crime against nature ??   Yes, it is okay to teach Jewish theology in the form of Christ-insanity but if you want to teach them the lessons of Darwin's evolution or the physics behind the atom, then you are attacked by the left-wing liberals.  All up and against each other and all because they have been cultivated by our governments to act as "public interest groups" when they are really tools, to keep us White Folk split and divided.  No united front, no common direction, no sense of true community, unlike what we had over a mere century ago.  Today, our governments have betrayed us, to make us the scapegoats for the world's failures when the White Folk are less than 6% of the world's population !!  If the world is in such a messed up way, then why not look at the other 94% of the population and get them to pull their act together.  No, instead, like the blacks, the Asians, the Jews and the Arabs have of old, they always fall back on the same strategy as before - blame Whitey !!  Zimbabwe is not in the gutter because of poor judgment from the black leaders but because the former White colonists did not set it up properly before leaving, as an example.  And the worst part is that our government is letting them get away with it, by fear and guilt, they feel that we are to blame for their failures.  How can we White Folk be blamed for the subhumans' errors ??  It is a non sequitor and as such, we should tell ourselves it is not our fault that we White Folk are better than the scum of the world are.  We White Folk are the ones that got this planet moving in the direction that it is - towards the stars and a better life for us White Folk.  Instead of doing the same, the pathetic tribes are blaming us for their inability to do what we do.  Then the bleeding heart liberals want us to stop, even go backwards, our forward momentum to let them catch up.  No other species on this planet puts its future and progeny at risk to aid a competitive species a chance to win.  So, why do we need to do this for the White Race ??  In short, we do not and if our governments does not shake up and look towards our common good, then they will fall and be replaced with those who do think like their populace does.  It is time, friends, for us to shake people awake, show them what is happening to our people and our way of life and cleanse our society of the ills that is infesting it.  Only together can we create a Whiter Brighter World !!

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!


Racial greetings to my fellow White brothers and sisters. My name is Bro. Michael and this is the Internet Hotline message of the Church of Creativity in Rockhampton

This message is being brought to you on Tuesday, 12th of May, in the 36th year of our beloved White racial religion, Creativity. For more information on becoming a member of The Church, or some general information, please view the "What We Believe" section of this website at "What We Believe". Obtain a copy of the true Bible for the White Race, "The White Man's Bible".

In this world today, we are all faced with the various difficulties that make our struggle for recognition as a legitimate religious force.  Most of these forces are deceptive and misleading, making our job even more harder than what it should be.  Still, even though we are told that we are a "true" religion, it must said that we are - each and every day.  Another step forward is to practise what we preach and stay steadfast with our Faith, despite the odds that are against us.  Remember, it is through the strength of our will and our character that we shall win the day.

Some of you maybe wondering - what difficulties could we be facing ??  The short answer is that there are many and not just our racial enemies, as defined by PME Ben Klassen in our Holy Books.  Sure, they are the ultimate super villain but they are not the only target of our ire and desire to remove them from our lives.  No, our greatest enemy is probably the one that is called apathy.  The sheer lack of wanting to put in the effort to achieve a goal - one of the better descriptions of that term that I have read.  We need to realize that if we just sit back and let others do the job then the job will not get done - whether you are building a shed or wakening the sleeping racial giant that is the White Race about their imminent destruction, each and every day you must do something to help push that job through.  If you think that, well, organizing street marchs is hard work and I can't do one every day of the week, then you are correct - it is hard work and not a good idea to have one every day.  Several marchs per year are the better option, as it gives you time to do the preparation correctly and proper.  No, each day you can do something that will help to push forth our creed with no real hot and sweaty labor.  Do not eat at the restaurant that we all "know" employs illegal immigrants.  Support your local White Folk in their businesses, even if it means traveling an extra ten minutes or spending an extra 10% on the same product.  These White Folk are striving towards a better place for our Kind, even if they are not aware of it, by doing what the White Folk have done for centuries - create and nurture, both business and pleasure.  If you are one of those that work in a mundane office job for a multi-national corporation then, yes, it is worth your efforts to do this for these people.  Whilst we all have a need to earn money for our material aspects of life, the greater need is to help our White Folk build their own piece of creativity.

Another difficulty that is not-so-obvious is the one that seems to be that we are ignoring the threat around us.  Whilst I am not suggesting that we should be jumping at shadows, I am saying something more dangerous than just the apathy that is mentioned above.  We all want to reach the ticker tape at the end of the race, preferably in the lead - that is a normal everyday feeling we White Folk have had built into our genes for millenia.  It is the same driving force that allowed us to create civilization, arts and science.  Unfortunately, as it has taken us years to lose the lead that we once had, so it shall most probably years to gain back our natural position on top of the pyramid.  Yet, if we do not do something with the dangers around us, it will make life even more difficult.  I have had the experience of living in my hometown for the majority of thirty years and I can certainly see the changes that have happened - and not all of it is good.  No, it is not a story about an old fellow who muses about days past.  No, it is a story about the reality of the situation that we are now facing.  It is only in the last nine years, since I became a proud member of the World Church of the Creator, that I can see the massive changes that are occurring in my hometown and, most defiantly, in yours.  Looking at my old primary school photographs, there was the few native black in the line up but the rest were young White Folk, with shining blond and light brown hair (just like mine, before it has turned to grey).  Today, driving past the same school, I find it hard to see any blond haired children but a lot more blacks, all the new Asians and the rest of the mud races that are proliferating our town.  The fast food industry, once a strong staple of Italian and Greek descendant families, all are now dominated by Chinese and Indians - I once made the point of not only having to listen to these people on the phone call center, now they are serving myself burgers ??  Seeing a mixed race couple was something that was, literally, pointed out to us and being told that it is wrong to see that happening in our day and age.  Now, not only are there mixed race couples walking around without a care in the world, but those same older examples, their offspring are polluting the next generation of White Folk children - not quite dark, not quite White.

And that leads us to the final point - between apathy and ignorance, we are losing the war for our own racial survival.  Having been told for over thirty years all the things that our ancestors once avoided like the plague is now good, we are losing our sense of community and well-being.  "Who cares if she dates a black ??" and  "Hey, he is banging some Asian  - lucky him !!" - these attitudes are nothing but the simulated responses that we have been force fed during our childhood years, especially in my day, when multi-CULTuralism was being exploited as the new religion for all.  Nowadays, we are seeing the results of those same attitudes.  She dates a black, maybe not settle in a relationship but falls pregnant and has a little mongrel - who is neither black, nor White.  What does this offspring do - which world does it live in ??  The same with the Asian female, again, what are its options in this world ??  Since we are told that these are normal people, that they can do no wrong and that if you say anything else then you are a bad bad person, we let them proliferate into our society.  Suddenly, a black-White mud has the intelligence gained from their White parent but with the viciousness of their black parent.  Slum areas are set up in where they use their intelligence to avoid doing anything meaningful in live (but still manage to live off social welfare) and their innate viciousness to enforce their new beliefs on the rest of us.  "How dare you invade our areas and tell us how to live !!!" - a common catchphrase, as the mixed-race mongrel is saying that they want to be separate but are using the genius to make sure that they are allowed to maintain that separation at the cost of the greater White Folk community.  Our racial enemies are also contributing, as they are often the main stayers in the legal, finance and governmental bodies that create, operate and maintain the same institutions that allow this disorder to begin, continue and now defend against by us, after seeing what the results of the years of apathetic ignorance have given us.  These mongrels then get into positions of power themselves and allow even more of their own kind to come along and be part of their new world, not just on a global scale, but always starting on the local small scale.  Slowly but surely, they will outnumber us, then outrank us and then usurp the power that we unwillingly gave away without raising a hand in anger - because we were told not to by our racial enemies, believed their lies (as smiled to us on the cameras from the racial traitors) and gave up any fight because, well, it was just too hard to do something about it.  Sorry to burst your bubble but guess what ??  The job needs to be done and, yes, it will be hard work and, yes, it will take a very long time.  Reconstruction of our society, our environment, our bodies and our minds are something that will take the years to bring forth to fruition.  These new sub-humans will fight back with tooth and claw (literally, in some cases), using the very same institutional models that we built for ourselves against us, despite our best efforts to work within the same laws that we created for ourselves.  The time has come where we must stand up and fight for our racial survival - it is not a choice we have to make, as it was made for us years ago by those who allowed Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Filipino brides to enter our country.  By those who allowed our borders to go undefended whilst the brown tide surged across into our lands.  By those who believed that the almighty dollar is more important that family, community and racial unity.  Our decision to decide whether we should fight or die has been made.  In the next two decades, I feel will become the most important for our racial survival.  There are 1.2 billion Chinese in China alone; 1.1 billion Indians in India alone; there are over a billion blacks in Africa - over half of the world population is against us !!  Yes, they will take away your jobs and your children's jobs.  Yes, they will demand more of the very limited resources that we already have left.  Yes, they will goto war to obtain the arable land to feed their massive population, just like a locust or rabbit plague does after a healthy productive season and a long harsh drought.  They will come after us, because we have what they do not have - the willpower to create and unite ourselves - and we must be ready for them.  Splintered, as we have been, now is the time for us to join up and formed a defensive wall, pick our little skirmishes to fight the war that is coming to us and then, once we have regained our White Folk racial soul we can defend our Kind from the savages that threaten to destroy it.  Let them wither on the vine, as the sour fruit of poor husbandry, while we continue to grow and thrive without their poison amongst us.  Together, through our Creed, through our Faith, we can turn the tide and make this a Whiter Brighter World to live in !!

That shall do it for this week's message. Call in again next week and let us win this RAcial  HOly WAr !!!!


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