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Title: Don't Talk to Cops
Post by: Private on 09 November 2008 at 13:25
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8z7NC5sgik (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8z7NC5sgik)
Part 1

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08fZQWjDVKE (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08fZQWjDVKE)
Part 2

Granted this is for those of us in the US but the same general principle applies wherever you are.

Personally, before looking at the first video I did not know that giving exonerating information to the porkers means that it will simply be prohibited in court when it goes to trial.  Sad but true.



Don't Talk to Cops!    
"I have nothing to say."

"GOOD MORNING! My name is Investigator Holmes. Do you mind answering a few simple questions?" If you go to your door one day and are greeted with these words, STOP AND THINK! Whether it is the local Police or the F.B.I. at your door, you have certain legal rights of which you ought to be aware before you proceed any further.

In the first place, when the law enforcement authorities come to see you, there are NO "simple questions". Unless they are investigating a traffic accident, you can be sure that they want information about somebody. And that somebody may be you!

Rule number one to remember when confronted by the authorities is that there is NO law requiring you to talk to the Police, the F.B.I., or a representative of any other investigative agency. Even the simplest questions may be loaded and the seemingly harmless bits of information which you volunteer may later become vital links in a chain of circumstantial evidence against you or a friend.


Such an invitation not only gives him the opportunity to look around for clues to your lifestyle, friends, reading material, etc; but also tends to prolong the conversation. And the longer the conversation, the more chance there is for a skilled Investigator to find out what he wants to know. Never open your door to an Officer. They can shove their way in. Don't open your door with the chain-lock on, either. Police are known to kick in doors. To reiterate, when you let a Police Officer into your house, it gives him a chance to look around the immediate area for weapons, literature, and other items you may not want him to see, and this can lead to all kinds of problems.

Many times a Police Officer will ask you to accompany him to the Police Station to answer a few questions. Often, the authorities simply want to photograph a person for identification purposes, a procedure which is easily accomplished by placing him in a private room with a two-way mirror, asking him a few simple questions, and then releasing him. NEVER agree to go to the Police Station. Simply say, "I have nothing to say."

If the Investigator becomes angry at your failure to cooperate and threatens you with arrest ... STAND FIRM. He can't legally place you under arrest or enter your home without a warrant signed by a Judge. (There are exceptions to this however, as in instances where he has witnessed you commit a crime, and there are times, too, where he can enter without showing a warrant up front, known as a 'no knock' entry.) However, if he indicates that he has such a warrant, ask to see it. We've heard of Cops waving a piece of paper around, claiming it was a warrant. A person under arrest or located on the premises to be searched, generally must be shown a warrant if he requests it, and must be given a chance to read it. (FYI, a subpoena is different from a warrant, in that you do not have to open your door to be served -- they can slide it under the door or mail it to you.)

Without a warrant, an Officer depends solely upon your helpfulness to obtain the information he wants. So, unless you are quite sure of yourself, don't be helpful. (Note: Don't fool yourself into thinking you can talk or lie your way out of the situation. Don't be smug and think, "All Cops are stupid" and you can pull a 'fast one.' Most Police are smart individuals, they're good at what they do, and the only thing you will do is talk
yourself into jail.)

Remember, talk is cheap. But when it involves law enforcement authorities, it may cost you, or someone close to you, dearly. Remember the 5 words -- "I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY." It has worked for us many, MANY times. And it will work for you.

The 5 Words
P.O.B. # 592
Syracuse, NY
Occupied U.S.A.

E-mail: CNYWP@webtv.net

[Note: We have NO problems with Police that do their jobs -- catching Murderers, Rapists, Drug Dealers, Thieves, Pedophiles, and the like. We DO have problems when they over-step and turn into "Thought Police."]
Title: Re: Don't Talk to Cops
Post by: Private on 10 May 2010 at 11:27
I have had many run in's with the law in my lifetime, mostly for no reason other then my looks.
Over the years I have learned through my experiences how to handle myself.
Theres plenty of people who go to jail or tasered/shot or both for no reason other then they did not know how to deal with cops.

This is stuff every white man should know.
1- when pulled over try to get out your drivers license and registration. do not make any fidgety or fast movements. when asked to place your hands on the wheel do so and put your hands on the top of the wheel easily visible, do not move until told to do so. do not argue. if you want to ask why you were pulled over, do so in a calm manner and do not repeat yourself.do not ask any more questions. if asked to get out of the car do so (you will be searched) and be ready to turn around and put your hands behind your head. if asked to get down on the ground, you will have to outstretch your hands or be asked to place them on your head. do exactly what they tell you to do. if you don't do what they tell you, you might catch an ass whipping and you will surely go to jail, even if you did nothing wrong.
they will always ask to search your vehicle, always say no. there's a 75% chance they will do it anyway. they will respond with, "do you have anything to hide?" say no. they will always answer back with "then why won't you let me search the vehicle?" say because I do not want you wasting even more of my time. if you do or do not have something on you, you should still say no.they will always make a mess of your car and if you had something you could've got lucky. try not to talk to the cop. they will ask you stupid questions like "where are you going?", answer there questions but do not say anything else.don't give them attitude but don't kiss ass either, if you kiss ass they'll think you're hiding something.during the search/pat down or anytime they lay hands on you, remain calm and do not move unless told to do so. they might ask you if you've been drinking that day, always say no, even if you're lying, it's better to take a chance of beating their tests then going straight to jail.the goal is to not be pulled out of your car, meaning you go home.
2- anytime a cop comes to your house and wants in, always ask for a warrant and if you do not see one, do not let them in. do not even open the door in case they try to force there way in, you may open the solid door but not the screen , make sure there's something in between you and them.they will ask "why won't you let us in? do you have something to hide?" say no, but I don't want you wasting my time or making a mess. they will say "I'm going to be coming right back with a warrant", call their bluff as they have to get a judge to sign the warrant.they might not come back as the judge might say, they do not have enough evidence for a warrant. I guarantee you if you let them in your house they will turn your house upside down with no respect for your property and break things and you will never be re-imbursed for the damages.never let them in your house.
3- if arrested or taken in for questioning say these 5 words "I have nothing to say", you have the right to remain silent, use it. anything you say can and will be used AGAINST YOU in court. If you are arrested with other people, the first thing they will do is separate everyone and try to get each one of you to talk, don't say anything, use the 5 words. They will tell you that all your friends are blaming it on you/telling on you, this is the oldest trick in the book, do not believe them, they tell this to everyone, you will not know who said what until later on in court.
4- if taken to jail, do not talk to anyone who is not white. try not to be rude to muds as they outnumber us but do not talk to them. always fight if anyone wants something from you or disrespects you, even if you know your going to lose fight anyway. once put in a dorm find the whites immediately and talk to them, learn the current rules of where you are incarcerated before doing anything else and find out who your rep is.
5- always fight your case. never plead guilty or no contest ever. most cases cops do not have much evidence, they bluff and bark but you won't know what they have until court. anything cops tell you is usually lies intended to scare you into a confession. your lawyer will usually ask you to cut a deal to plead guilty for a reduced sentence, never do that, always fight it. they ask you to cut a deal out of sheer laziness as it lessens there workload, once they take the case they have to try their best as it goes on their record of how good a lawyer they are.if they have no evidence it could be dropped in pre-trial. if you have no money for a lawyer the court will give you a public defender, it's rolling the dice but you could get lucky and get a good one.

this set of rules is not intended for criminals, it is intended for you white man because you never know what the future holds.just in case you fall into a bad situation you should know how to handle yourself.
Title: Re: Don't Talk to Cops
Post by: Private on 10 May 2010 at 17:51
https://www.youtube.com/v/yqMjMPlXzdA&hl (https://www.youtube.com/v/yqMjMPlXzdA&hl)
Title: Re: Don't Talk to Cops
Post by: Private on 11 May 2010 at 07:26
this is one of the reasons why I made this post for you all, watch this guy who did nothing wrong be tasered and taken to jail for being just plain stupid, it has nothing to do with him not signing the ticket and everything to do with how he handles himself, like an idiot, he is lucky the same did not happen to his wife who makes the same stupid mistake of running up on the cop twice. This is not police brutality, perfectly legal, a cop will not compromise his safety because you are stupid. Had this guy followed the rules I posted above none of that would have happened.
Utah Highway Patrol camera, shows jared massey being taser (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NH_qVJfaYZA&feature=related#)
Title: Re: Don't Talk to Cops
Post by: Private on 23 May 2010 at 04:17
This was a very helpful post. Thank you, Brother! I have myself crossed very close paths with law enforcement on FACTS runs or other literature drops. If you are engaging in a literature drop try very hard NOT to encounter John Q. Law. Though it is our right (in the US) to spread news, information, and speech, the political climate here is very opposed to what we might have to say. If pulled over, obey instructions, address the officer politely, give some domestic oriented excuse (getting diapers, wife is pregnant, etc.) for being where you are, when you are, usually works. They'll shine a flashlight in the vehicle if anything. If you are cited, take the ticket (usually a motor vehicle infraction), be polite - wish the officer a good day/night, and you WILL leave. Generally, they want to head out as much as you do. Don't give them a reason to escalate. The roadside is no place to argue. Chances are the officer never shows up for the court date, you pay a fraction of the fine, and you are free to leave. The US States just want to make a little money off of you. Pay your $70 and then THINK how you can go about your business better in the future.
Title: Re: Don't Talk to Cops
Post by: Private on 01 June 2010 at 08:25
Thanks for  the post,  good info to know.   Is it required by law that you sign the ticket? 
Title: Re: Don't Talk to Cops
Post by: Private on 01 January 2011 at 08:33
I have been in trouble with the police on several different occasions. I suppose it depends in what country and what state you are in. I must admit I have a problem with a lot of the paranoid advice.. like staying silent, being uncooperative etc. Most cops are sympathetic to racial ideas because it is they who are on the front line. Many cops are ex military and have a disdain for civilians.
I have always acted courteously to the police calling them Sir. Talk in a miltary fashion, yes sir, no sir. make plausible deniable statements. "I'm really sorry sir, I didin't see the speed limit sign, I've never been in this area before, I was just passing through etc etc, apologise.. I'm really sorry". The last thing a cop wants is an arrogant smart ass or nigger like response. They know people make mistakes and if you are just a confused citizen the last thing they want to do is take you in.
Times I have been taken in I have been uber cooperative and calm. These men are just doing their job. I remember one time we had books and literature seized..but all the evidence disappeard. I think they liked my attitude. Later we sent a skinhead round to get our stuff back but the cops had taken it all for their own use and distribution.. so we just let them have it.
"Another time I was done for assault and kicking someone on the ground and I just used the plausible deniability rule.. that I had just tripped over the individual as I was walking away and i was really sorry if my actions were confused. or misinterpreted." I don't beleive in any physical violence and was trying to move out the way and go home.." is a very easy statement to make if it keeps you out of jail.
Title: Re: Don't Talk to Cops
Post by: Private on 01 January 2011 at 15:57

Most cops are sympathetic to racial ideas because it is they who are on the front line. Many cops are ex military and have a disdain for civilians

ha ha ha


short of "locking 'n' loading" there is no "correct" way to deal with cops....they are, almost to a cop, your enemy!

20-or-so years ago, it might have been a bit of a different story....NOT now!....they are almost all ZOG-bot scum!

take it as a "given": NONE of them are "sympathetic" to white racial ideas!....OTW...they wouldn't be "gofers" for ZOG, now would they?

as for many cops being "ex-mil": BULL*n-SH*Te.....i'm ex-mil (Australian Army) and i know of NO squaddies who became cops....sure...some ended up working for the security industry...but.....most squaddies wouldn't "lower" them-selves to become ZOG-bots!

as for the military in the US, most of the stuff that white people do is "high-tech"/"skilled"....they got plenty of mud pies to do "grunt" garbage for them!

so: after they leave the military, they would, obviously, be in a position to apply for skilled employment in the private sector!...whereas the muds would go back to wtf they do best....gang-banging, "drive-bys" and "crack houses"!

every serious white activist should be formulating plans to "take out" as many cops and feds as possible when the SHTF....OTW....these mud-grubbers will take YOU out, white man!

i make it my business  to AVOID ZOG-bot *n cops....that's why i live in a remote, rural area....i NEVER talk to them!....if i am arrested, it is "the five words" (i have nothing to say!)....in fact: i refuse to even give them my name, DoB and/or address......they're supposed to be "cops"....let the worthless *n maggots find out for them-selves!.....if i am ever "pulled up", i ask the cop(s) in question if i am under arrest...if they answer "no", then, i just drive away!

* them!

http://tinyurl.com/*-cops (http://tinyurl.com/*-cops)


Title: Re: Don't Talk to Cops
Post by: Private on 21 April 2011 at 22:15
Like I said it depends on what country you live in. From where I stand i think all your advice is pretty much  bad. It is harmful  and misleading and I am surprised you are not actually in jail permanently.