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I have decided to do a new calendar for January 36 AC to December 36 AC (2009) and need your help with the pictures. If you have any images you would like put in this year's Creativity calendar, send them to

When completed, calendars will be available for purchase online at 0% profit - but that doesn't stop you buying a hundred to distribute and/or sell and make a profit for your own Primary Group.


The Creativity Calendar for 2009 2010 2011 is ready to buy. US$15.99

Admin Edit 2024: Calendars are still available
Creator Holidays marked on the calendar
Full bleed colorful printing
Each page measures approx 11" x 8.5"
Measures approx 11" x 17" when hung on wall
Wire-o bound
250 gsm heavy weight premium thick Paper

I don't do the shipping, that company handles everything. All I did was use their online software to put together the calendar and make sure the cost was kept as low as possible. When you order, it is delivered straight from their factory to the address you provide.

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