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Bring Back RAC Music!

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They mustíve pulled a lot of evil RAC tracks off Jew tube?

Your request

I do like these ones by BA

Viertes Reich:
Yeah. Jewtube has only like 5 RAC songs now. I go to archive they have tons and tons of RAC

My favorites are No Remorse, Max Resist, Aggravated Assault and Chingford Attack. Can't believe they left this on jewtube haha

Before there was RAC, there was RAK ...

In the Gallery

"Put your Kike in the can Honey!
"Flush the Mexi-CAN
"Can the Jamai-CAN
"Can the Puetori-CAN
"If you can? ... Gotta can the Coon!"

Suzi brought a new CD out this year! About time good music gets released on the charts!


Just gave the new Deaths Head CD a listen , itís a good one ! Itís a 2 x disk CD . ďYou made meĒ is my favourite song on that.


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