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Afreakan nogz in Victoria accuse VicPol of "racism"!



uh....."catch a nigger by the toe....if he hollers 'racist', gotta let him go!"

Chief Commisioner Simon Overland regards allegations as "serious"!

uh....yeh.....but....which ones?

the "allegations" of assault?


unlawful arrest?

or (shock! horror!) the allegations of "racist taunts!"

do nogz living in Victoria now get carte blanche to run amok like the WA nogz?


arrest a nog for murder, rape and/or burglary and he gets a "get out of gaol free card!" if he accuses the rozzers of racism?!?

uh.....hang abt!

"cop" the lawyer's name who's launching the "class action" against the cops..."Peter Seidel"

no "prizes" for guessing his "ethnicity"!   





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