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Music to Pair with the Poem:

Longing for meaning, truth and belonging, a nostalgia, a home sickness for a home Id never known lingered like a thick grey cloud. It appeared plainly one day, I was in great danger, not only that, I knew I was member to an endangered species. Before then Id been unaware of belonging to a species at all.  The cloud evaporated and I knew at that moment a purpose, for all time embedded in my heart, it did not belong to me, I belonged to it. I had the very same blood that pulsed through the veins of my ancestors, calling me to duty, it awakened the instinct for survival.

For the first time to my recollection I was certain, I had no doubt and no confusion, Alone stood one question: What now?

I found in the pages of Natures Eternal Religion the answer to this question. There were no secrets to uncover, no mysteries to be solved, it was plain and simple. There was no need to reinvent the wheel, Ben Klassen had engineered the perfect machine to carry our race courageously forward. He ironed out every wrinkle and designed a coat of arms our ancestors would be proud of. He shone a bright white spotlight on the dark creeping threat, as his kinfolk walked sleeping, unaware of the mortal enemy they had sheltered and taken to their bosom.  He dedicated his entire life to building an instrument, fine tuned to sing in absolute clarity a song of survival, expansion and advancement for our species. He recognized an outstanding quality exclusive to the white race alone, Creativity, and that is what he named our religion.


Br. Art

My Poem is dedicated to Prince Andrew - Second son of the current Queen Elizabeth of the British Commonwealth. He's known as the Duke of York. More of which will soon become apparent.

However, whom or what is he to you? That's Randy Andy, the Parasite Prince that hung out with Epstein and Ghislaine. You know them both. :kike

 The Grand Old Duke of York,
 He had 10 year old girls,
 He marched them up to his bedroom at the top of the palace stairs,
 Then he marched them down again.

 When he was up he was up THERE,
 When he was down he WENT DOWN,
 And when he was only halfway up he was forcing LITTLE WHITE GIRLS to 69.

Music to Pair with the Poem:

An MSM example of what you can see ...
UK force leaders want Prince Andrew stripped of military titles

Excerpt: Senior UK military leaders want Prince Andrew to be stripped of his honorary positions in the Royal Army and Navy because he has become such an embarrassment over the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, a report said.

“It’s just not viable. It’s embarrassing to be represented by someone like that,” a source told the UK paper.

Others suggested Andrew’s apparent reluctance to cooperate with US authorities probing Epstein was against military values.

“A soldier would be expected to stand up for what he’s done,” one source reportedly said.

More at the source.

The short explanation: No soldier, no Officer, no NCO nor Other Ranks would ever wish to drink to the health of a pampered Commodore in Chief/Boss that is a paedophile who belongs with Epstein - Hanging in a cell. For the good of the Royal Family, and my personal fun, Randy Andy needs to die in a tunnel in France. Charlie, get to it!

And with that, my White brothers and sisters, I have reached the limitations of my kind of poetry. Consider that my simple effort may not be of the patronymic quality and refinement that is the White Patriot. Nor is it of the lyrically linguistic soliloquy of persuasion barely becoming of the true genius of Creative verse for which Nature has gifted us, the White People's Poetry of @Br.Art; but on the other hand, I do believe in poetic justice. It's time to #DianaTheDukeOfYork.


Just couldn't resist ...

I am the very model of a modern Creator Administrator-General,
Nature's Finest be it vegetable, animal, and mineral,
I know the heroes of the White Race, and I quote the fights historical
From Marathon to DC, in order categorical;
I'm very well acquainted, too, with matters heretical,
I understand Niggers, both the African and Terra Australi',
About critical race theory I'm teeming with a lot o' news,
And if you piss me off I'll kick you with my steel caps in the goulies.

If you piss him off he'll kick you with his steel caps in the goulies!
If you piss him off he'll kick you with his steel caps in the goulies!
If you piss him off he'll kick you with his steel caps in the goulies!
He is the very model of a modern Creator Administrator-General!

Now that's Creativity! hahaha  :ok

Where Are My People?


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