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Stop Putin me on, Russia is not the White Man's Friend

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I'm done paying mind, energy and attention to these heartless spineless, mainstream media theater marionette sock puppets. They are all actors in the same play with the same jewish directors, if they have your attention you are feeding them, making them stronger, you are promoting them, weather you hate them or love them, they are occupying not only your land but your MIND! By now I'm guessing you know better than most who the puppet masters behind this mess are, what will it take for you to unplug from their game, their virtual-reality play and realize your allowing their * show circus of lies to occupy your homes and your MINDs?
Ben Klassen says as a commandment: Remove all jewish influence form society and your community, so what the blast are you guys still rattling about this garbage for? It's the same old story! Get with the program! I don't give a dang about the newest episode of the JEW WORLD ORDER sitcom! It's all an act! What can we do about this mess is what I wanna know, How can we tap into our Creative talents and come up with new ways to combat this beast? It's called creativity but I see only a few being creative here on the forum, lots of mocking bird *, lots of parroting the news, bitching about the newest news story or the sock puppet theatre act. Wake up! How do you expect to straighten out your thinking if your allowing this sock puppet * show sitcom occupy your mind all the time?  Why do you let this garbage drain your energy and attention?  What are you creating? How have you used your Creative energy?  What have you Created lately Creators???
Br. Art

I had a choice with the previous post: Delete it and respond privately, or accept that the brother has raised some issues that need publicly addressed.

@Br.Art As a relatively new Creator, you have failed to understand that Creator Forum has multiple purposes - as does each and every individual Creator. Purposes which are equally important if we are to reach our goal of Salvation for the White Race.

 * The simple purpose of Creator Forum is as a News Archive. MSM and the JOG do not follow a simple easy to track paradigm. While the truth and honour of a Creator is honest and straight forward, truth and lies are but a tool to be manipulated by our Racial Enemies. What is claimed to be an absolute truth one day, is swept away the next and replaced with a different truth. It's a simple Orwellian concept that began with the dawn of mass communication. As a News Archive, Creator Forum's purpose is to track the truth and the lies - to retain information willingly given by the JOG and its MSM propaganda machine, and use it when we choose. However we choose.

Amongst other things, we track Mud Crime, Election Fraud and War Propaganda. Concentrating solely on the Mud Crime for a moment, when a Creator, or another White Racialist, or even just an angry White Man or Woman is arrested for involving muds, their crime is blown massively out of proportion, and each faces serious prison time. Every Mud Crime post in this forum serves to bring that person's actions back into perspective. Despite their talk of individualism, the law, the government and the media of the system in which we live are each a slave to the precedent. And every precedent is sitting in the Mud Crime sections of Creator Forum waiting to be utilised in your defence.

The same goes for politicians and MSM celebrities, fictional and documentary TV and Movies, Marxist and anti-White Supremacists of all flavours ... Whenever they promote the positives of reading this or that book or film on Revolution and/or Anarchy, we log it. It is our job to log that information, because tomorrow, you may be arrested on Terrorist charges for reading the same freely available book or watching the same video.

Since this topic is about Putin, and how he's Not the White Man's Friend: It is not our job to support Putin, or Trump or whatever other CONservative happens to be the flavour of the month. It is our job to expose their every act of anti-Whiteness. The MSM claims that everything we do today is because we are emboldened by Trump and Putin. This single topic proves otherwise. Furthermore, the current task of the FBI and the rest of the alphabet mobs in the former White Western World is to connect anyone that they label as a White Supremacist to Putin. Think about what that means.

 * News Archiving is only a part of what we do. It is the task of every individual Creator to expand our Creative Community. That is Creativity on the Streets and in  Creator Forum. If it wasn't for our demands of Recruitment and Activism, Creator Forum would be just another Stormfront. However, the Community purpose of Creator Forum is to facilitate Recruitment, Activism and Community on the streets. I personally have nearly three decades of experience as a White Activist. PM Joe has near five decades. There are other Creators and Supporters here with their own considerable length of service to the White Race - however, the point is, we willingly share our experience, our knowledge, our trials, our triumphs and our tribulations as is our duty to our fellow White Man. In short, we pool our strengths and learn from the mistakes of others. There are few White Racial Loyalist organisations of any calibre that are able to do that.

It doesn't matter whether we are chatting, telling jokes, debating, giving movie reviews, posting the latest fake news from the MSM, sharing White History, sharing past experiences ... it's all about building a community and passing knowledge while we can. The internet will not last forever, but perhaps the Creative Community you build in your region with our knowledge and experience will.

PME Ben Klassen's commandment to Remove all Jewish Influence was not an order to stick our fingers in our ears, close our eyes and shout "RAHOWA! RAHOWA! RAHOWA!" It is an order to fight Jewish influences whenever and however we can. What we do is exactly what Ben Klassen did with his Racial Loyalty Newspaper in his time. However, our readership is in its thousands each day. And if that was all we ever did, then that alone is worthy of high praise.

And what you see on Creator Forum and the main website is only a small portion of what we do.

So, next time you - or anyone gets the urge to lash out, think first of our history, and consider carefully the counter arguments you are likely to raise when you piss somebody off. Remember, even the slowest can win the race.


I stand corrected and apologize for lashing out.  I've got a lot to learn and appreciate the feedback. I get confused as to how all this works.

--- Quote from: Rev.Cambeul on 28 February 2022 at 13:24 ---Furthermore, the current task of the FBI and the rest of the alphabet mobs in the former White Western World is to connect anyone that they label as a White Supremacist to Putin. Think about what that means.
--- End quote ---

I think this means, as the MSM and the JOG say "white supremacism" is the greatest threat and is the worst terror in the world, white man is the cause of all the worlds problems. They also say the American Government is and the american public is "white supremacist" So if they want to connect those they label as "white supremacist" with Putin are they trying to say America and Putin are working together? It seems to me whatever they are saying they are always trying to confuse white people and start more fratricidal wars. To detract our attention while they flood our land with muds of all types.
I don't consider any politician as white man's friend, or any msm data as enriching to our race. However with the stories they spin, and the majority of people believing in them I suppose it makes sense to check how they are programming the general public, analyze it and unravel the mess in order to straighten our white folks thinking if they are drawn to creativity they have lots of good data here to make sense of all the data they have been consuming.
I suppose it's like Aikido, Using the opponents energy against them, Is that it?  Is this what you mean when you say you make the JOG and MSM work for you? I didn't understand that before but it's beginning to make sense i think.

And reporting on mud crime to show the truth of what's really happening on white land? And I suppose finding out who's been attacked by mud crime could lead to recruiting if we could reach those who were victim to the mud crime. is that it?

--- Quote from: Rev.Cambeul on 28 February 2022 at 13:24 ---So, next time you - or anyone gets the urge to lash out, think first of our history, and consider carefully the counter arguments you are likely to raise when you piss somebody off. Remember, even the slowest can win the race.
--- End quote ---

I think I have just been stepping into a realm that is outside my own strengths, I am an artist and am good at art, I think i'm better off just using the skill I have developed as an artist to make art for the benefit of the white race. When I think and look into politics it drives me mad, I for the first time in my life paid any attention to news or politics just a year or two ago. So I think its best I stay at the drawing board.

Also upon rereading my temper tantrum post I see that It should be directed back at myself as I am the one who has been slacking on my creative activities and work in my own realm of skill, and spending hour after hour consuming internet data. I hope you guys don't take my tantrum personal.

I will think more next time I have the urge to lash out. Next time instead of being an asshole about it I'll look at myself and see, what am I really trying to learn here, what am I confused about and I'll try and just ask questions to clear up my thinking than throwing a hissy fit or acting like a little b****. Again I apoligize for my lack of knowledge and will do my best to straighten out my thinking. Thanks again for all the feedback and helping me make sense of this Rev. Cambeul.

If you ever see a bad video or news clip and it frustrates the F out of you as it does us all, use your talent for drawing or painting and draw a picture of something I can't mention on the forum - if you catch my drift. The only thing I can draw is a stick figure. LOL! So use your talent. I like to exercise or take my dog for a walk if I see a bad video that frustrates me.

We do use humour, sarcasm and truth on the forum. And remember worse is better for now; it'll make our jobs easier in the end.

It takes a bigger Man to admit he made a mistake accept it and move on as you've done. We are not like those right-wing fags who attack each other and act like a bunch of high school girls on the telephone. You'll catch on to how we operate in no time.

On the other hand... A comedian and a Jew to boot.


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