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Title: Nazi Doctor's human remains collection found.
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http://www.ntnews.com.au/news/world/nazi-ss-doctors-human-remains-collection-found-forgotten-in-french-university/story-fnjbobed-1227450301697?sv=e4b673cec38baec688911a378b96c4c4 (http://www.ntnews.com.au/news/world/nazi-ss-doctors-human-remains-collection-found-forgotten-in-french-university/story-fnjbobed-1227450301697?sv=e4b673cec38baec688911a378b96c4c4)

IT started with a letter, a brief reference to samples taken from the bodies of Holocaust victims used in Nazi medical research. Decades later, the jars and test tubes found behind a glass cupboard in a locked room testified to history’s horror. 
Raphael Toledano, a researcher from Strasbourg who has spent more than a decade delving into the eastern French city’s Nazi past, stumbled upon the 1952 letter from Camille Simonin, the director of the forensic science school at the University of Strasbourg, detailing the storage of tissue samples taken from some of the 86 Jews gassed for the experiments of August Hirt, a notorious Nazi SS captain and anatomy researcher.