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Jews Opposed to an Independent Scotland: It's All About Global Domination


Scottish Independence: Good or Bad for the Jews?

Brian Fink - The Times of Israel

... Historically Jews have not been oppressed in Scotland but there is palpably much animosity to them north of the border. This is sometimes disguised as anti-Zionism but often without even this fig-leaf ... Should the Scots vote for independence and the restraining hand of Westminster be removed, one wonders how long it might be before motions to ban schechita (kosher animal slaughter) and brit milah are debated in the Scottish Parliament ... Would Scottish Jews be required to swear an oath of non-allegiance to Israel? ... Scottish Jews, I'm sure are worried, very worried. As always, and as reaction to this summer's events in Gaza has thrown into sharp relief, prudent Diaspora Jews need to keep a bag packed at all times.

Having lived there I can tell you that the Jew is terrified of the growing numbers of Muslims, an Indy Scotland based upon the universalist cosmopolitanism of the SNP, a party set up and bankrolled by Pakis would be a magnet for third worlders....

As the Jew boards the next flight for Tel Aviv!


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