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Author Topic: 12 Months Prison For Wearing Fancy Dress Outfit - Welcome to Anti-White Britain

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Judge Warner said:

 'Parliament has passed laws like this one, under which you have offended, not to prevent or inhibit dissemination of those views but to prevent the dissemination of material which is threatening or offensive and likely to stir up racial hatred.

'By your guilty plea you admit that was your intention. "

Does this imply that if his plea had been "not guilty" they couldn't have prosecuted him?,,1017620,00.html

British tabloid the Sun, which splashed the photo on its front page Thursday, is now claiming that Harry's father, Prince Charles, has ordered the 20-year-old son to visit the Auschwitz concentration camp in southwest Poland to be made aware of what the Nazi uniform symbolized. But the Sun story is being viewed as pure speculation, and no plans have been announced for Harry to make such a trip – though Buckingham Palace is not ruling out a special visit in the future.

It seems like they didn't like Prince Harry doing it 10 years ago, so they made rules about anyone dressing up "offensively" now?

here's some other clothing that people have been put under legal scruitiny for in the UK.

There have been arrests in Britain of people wearing T-shirts bearing the phrase Bollocks to Blair. This has provoked much debate on whether Britain's freedom of speech is being eroded.[1]

In September 2005, 20-year-old Charlotte Dennis was arrested at a Gloucestershire event for wearing this item.[2]

In April 2006, a Conservative Party worker was threatened with arrest for wearing a "Bollocks to Blair" T-shirt.[3]

In a non-political case in August 2007, a man was warned he could be fined for wearing a T-shirt with the slogan "Don't p1ss me off! I'm running out of places to hide the bodies."[4]

The band Cradle of Filth produced a T-shirt which included the phrase "Jesus is a c*nt," which has been the cause of prosecutions from the late 1990s.

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Soon I will send an email to the British High Commission to Australia telling them precisely where they can stick their dual citizenship. And I'll be doing it in such a way that should - in the future - I ever be dumb enough to voluntarily *return to the UK, the Queen's NKVD will drag me off and throw me in one of their prisons to rot (although I expect they'd already do that now - I'm responsible for far more than the so-called "Cambridge Extremist").

Australia's far from perfect, but this Aussie * stirrer determines once great Britain to be right around the S-bend and well on its way up * Creek.

Abandon the islands to King Sadiq Khan and his followers ... and Nuke the fucking place into the depths of the ocean.

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